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Lesson 10 from: Abstract Drawing: Getting Started with 7 Abstract Art Ideas

Amy Wynne

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10. Outro

Summarize the new discoveries and skills we’ve unlocked during our course. It’s your turn to give it a try and teach someone new!

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(upbeat music) (upbeat music) So in this Abstract Drawing class, we've done many things, we've used many different materials, we've worked with ink, we've worked with charcoal, we've worked with pencil, we've worked with paint, we've worked with arranging and rearranging, building and erasing in a very active, very connected process. We've used sound as inspiration, we've used possibilities of tracing, we've used many, many different techniques in order to liberate and free up what might be maybe habitual ways of working, and it's very experimental. I really wanted to provide you opportunities, for fun exercises, things that you might not have ever considered before, because when you work in that way, you really start to address sort of eroding any obstacles that you might have between yourself and breaking through to your more authentic way of making. So all of these things are things that I've worked with in the studio over time, being so classically trained, that there was a right...

way and kind of a wrong way to draw, I have completely dispelled that, and I've really been fascinated in exploring new ways to make images, to layer images, to abstract things, and to really create my own reality in terms of my work, whether it's from my memory or whether it's from drawing objects, I find from myself, it really keeps my process alive, keeps it exciting, and keeps me coming back for more. So I highly recommend getting a few different kinds of surfaces, maybe some colored pencils, maybe some ink, beachcomb, walk in your neighborhood, look in your garden, look for things that might act as muses to inspire you to try abstract drawing, and most of all, have fun with it and keep challenging yourself in ways that might reveal a really true way of working.

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I recently became interested in abstract drawing and painting. This is a great course for beginners. I filled my art journal with several new creative and thought provoking techniques. The “drawing to music” with eyes closed was just the first of several cool ideas. The course will jumpstart your own creativity! Thank you for your experience and knowledge, Amy.

Rachel Franklin

Yes- relaxes your creative efforts! Love her

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