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Class Introduction and Animation

Well I'd like tio talk talk a little bit about the day how the day is going to go we're going to start with some really basic design elements uh get you familiar with the interface get you familiar with the tools and kind of bring that comfort level up of getting into after effects throughout the day we're going to, uh work on just going from from still graphics and text in trying to get them to move getting some motion, getting some animation going and then later on in the afternoon we're going to get a little more advanced we'll talk about three d space and will ramp up to that and then later in the day I'm going to show you one of the new features from our cc next release that just came out yesterday and that's dealing with green screen and of course I am a green screen guy I've written the green screen handbook which is which is coming out again the next edition on dh it is also for photography as well as video so if you're not not a videographer or filmmaker but you do studio phot...

ography and need to shoot some green screen even at low levels I'm going to show you how did you get a great composite just very quickly though only a few little steps we're also going to do a couple of fun things uh gopro has come out with their new dual mt camera case for two twin gopro hero three pluses, and this will allow you to shoot stereo stereo three d and I went out I walked over to the space needle last night and took a couple videos and took some still images with this, I'm going to show you how to quickly take those images and after effects and just with one simple plug in be able to make three d and a gl if, uh, stereo images and so you're going to want to get some of these. If you have some of these laying around from a cereal box or a tv show, get your red and green, red and blue shades out for later on this afternoon, we're going to be using those and, uh, also, we're going to get into some stabilisation techniques, and that means sounds like a big word, but it's really just stabilizing that handheld video? I've got an I aa gra for handle here for an ipad mini and people using filmic pro to go out there and shoot you know their own movies or people are just taken a quick, quick, quick movies of family and friends and whatnot with with these and most of it, even though you can hold it fairly stable, you're still going to get a little bit of shaking us between this or using your iphone. Um I've got an iphone movie that will be stabilizing quickly with the warp stabilizer in here. It's a matter of just bringing in the video footage, applying it, making a couple of adjustments rendering it out you've got nice, stable footage it looks like you shot it with a with a jib or you know, with a steadicam. So we're gonna get into that later this afternoon, but first I'd like to just get into, um, uh showing you some some examples here behind aftereffects. Cyril quick now, after effects, it is really an animation, uh, animation device. You can do some special effects with it as well. And of course, I've covered a lot of that some of my earlier broadcast some of my earlier workshops so here's one that was actually for a commercial uh that is just a real quick scene for a financial company is a little infomercial type commercial woodbridge financial they wanted a bridge to appear. This genie makes this bridge appear and so I just did it all and after effects I had to do some doctoring up of the footage itself and then I had to create this three d bridge, which I created in cinema forty using that workflow, we're not going to get into anything that heavy today, I just wanted to show you what you can do and well with some particle effects and some smoke were able to make this little magic bridge appear so well uh um so that's that's the higher end of things that you can do special effects hollywood stuff you khun dio with after effects so the bulk of my work on the day to day basis is animation and some of it's boring some of it is fun some of it is just tedious and it depends on the project but a lot of people out there they have to work in a marketing communications group for a corporation or you're a freelancer and some of your clients are you're very corporate or technical you've still got to make things you know, fun and you've got to make them uh you either believable or you've got to just add some life to them so sometimes it's a matter of just making some opening animations for a video like motion graphics? So let this one ron so this is like for a biotech company that I do a lot of work with, uh every week and so you work with art directors that come up with concepts and it's just a matter of taking what they're doing in print and then bringing it to life and that's what I really want to address today a lot of people have that kind of work, flo hey, I've got this brochure that we've done and we've got this project that we've had to do in print. How do I now take those same graphic elements and now bring them tow life either for a video intro or for the web and that's that's ninety percent of that kind of work out there is done this way. Uh, here's another one is probably a little ah little trickier, but this is just a little piece that was stuck inside a video, the head voiceover going, and this was a kind of a scientific drawing that we had to animate quickly to match the voiceover that existed, so it goes pretty quick, but it was a matter of just tracking what he was doing and that taking the graphic and then bring it into kind of a three d environment. And so this all follows the voice over of the scientist talking about thiss particular process so it's just to support a graphic soup port of an existing video or talk that somebody has so that's, that type of thing, and then we've got, you know, full blown animation that is just, uh, kind of a typical typical corporate e type of things, so either animating like your intros, animating this type of element where he is showing a flow chart flow system going through. And believe it or not, this looks really simple but it's a fairly complicated process to get all these masks and everything to work just right to make all of that happen so that's real world use of after effects and is exciting as it is or is boring because it is um it it's it's work and if you're already doing that for print you're already doing illustrations. Those all stars started with illustrator files basically all those animation pieces start with illustrator I convert in photo shops I could make a nice clean layer dock and then I bring all of that into aftereffects I'm going to show you that this morning as well ah couple other applications this too started as a illustrator file and is pulled apart and animated and actually I have sound with that one too and I forgot to a knute it so we'll play it again so I've covered that in one of my previous workshops on matching sound matching the time in and everything to sound and we may be able to get into some of that today as well later on but another project that it will be showing this afternoon a little more a little more advanced in some of the animation aspects and this was a quick little music video I did my wife is a jazz singer and this is off her one of her last albums and um this uses some stock imagery from my stock photo it uses some masks in elements that I just created in photo shop and in after effects and I kind of combined the whole thing to help tell the story so it kind of goes with the lyrics of the story that's his hard core jazz for for all the iraq and rollers out there just sit back, chill out uh and enjoy this two and a half minute little animation feature here. No, no, what a night! Even lightning books helped him, then lights stars have decided here from site has no nadal don't make it so, doc even final was afraid to mark what a perfect chance to back and there's no moon at all. Should we want atmosphere for inspiration, dear? One kiss is going to make it clear that tonight is right and brighten like my hand in a fee. No, this is nothing like they told us just to think we fell in love in this noon at all. Wait a day both way want I must beer for inspiration. One kiss is going to make it clear that tonight is right in brighton. Might my fee no this's, nothing like they told us just a thing with love but there's no morning, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no oh okay, so that I'm going to get into a little bit of that this afternoon and show how that was assembled again. It was started with all just still graphic elements. Graphic layers and use the puppet tool and after effects to kind of give some fluid motion to some of those characters. Use three d space and a lot of different elements for animating, but the concepts are all fairly the same. We start with very simple elements. Graphic elements, whether that is an illustrator, file or photoshopped layers.

Class Description

Adobe® After Effects® is not only the broadcast industry’s motion graphics and animation standard, but it’s now more accessible than ever as part of your Creative Cloud® membership. In this intensive 6-hour course, renowned author, video producer, and Adobe Community Professional Jeff Foster will show you how to use the many functions of Adobe® After Effects®  to enhance your projects with animated titling and 3D motion graphics.

You’ll learn how simple it is to:

  • Create motion from your Adobe® Illustrator® and Adobe® Photoshop® files
  • Animate title text and designs in 3D space

While Adobe® After Effects® can be intimidating at first glance, Jeff will teach you just what you need to get started in this amazing program without overwhelming you.

Software Used: Adobe After Effects CC 2014


Brandon D

Excellent class! Makes After Effects much less daunting to tackle and explains it in clear way. The bright purple background was distracting and annoying though.

wu kiben