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Adobe Spark Basics

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Class Introduction


Adobe Spark Basics

Lesson 1 of 4

Class Introduction


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Class Introduction

Welcome, everybody, and so glad you can join me for this class on the Spark tool set. So the three components to the Spark tool set we'll be looking at today, we'll be starting off in SparkPost, and then we're gonna move across into SparkVideo and then into SparkPage and bring some things together there. On your screen at the moment, you're probably seeing something from the Spark page on the website, and it gives you an idea of what Spark is visually while I'm talking about it, because it's a tool set for communicators. It's designed to be for anyone that needs to communicate. You can make social posts with it, you can make short explainer videos with it, and then you can bring those together into a web page, and I guarantee you need no prior skills to use it and you'll be able to create great results. It really is made to actually help everybody to tell their story, no matter what that story is. It was developed originally with the help of American high school children, and the aim o...

f the thing is always to consider ease of use and how, and slick content from that, right, without any need to know any code or imaging technologies or anything like that.

Class Description

You've got stories to tell, but no clue how to get them out there—you don't know how to make social images, or videos, or web pages—or do you? In Adobe® Spark® Basics Tony Harmer will take you through the entire Spark workflow so you’ll be able to create amazing online assets. Use Spark Post to create amazing graphics. Use Spark Page to combine text and images to create beautiful web pages. And, use Spark Video to take and share inspiring, compelling videos in minutes.

You’ll Learn How to:

  • Make and Edit a Post
  • Choose a Post Theme
  • Publish your Post
  • Add Cards and Graphics in Spark Video
  • Put it all together in Spark Page

There is No Experience Necessary in Adobe Spark Basics! Tony will show you how to take over the online world with this multifaceted, multimedia design tool to wow your social followers! 


Adobe Spark 2018



Clear, concise fun examples of graphics, sites and video content created all on a mobile device with Spark... Great job, Tony!


Great class. Very clear, concise and informative. I was able to use Spark immediately!

Denis Chernousov