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Advanced Bass Production

Andrew Glover

Advanced Bass Production

Andrew Glover

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Class Description

Everyone knows that bass guitar is the foundation of a great modern rock mix. It’s the unsung hero that holds the entire track together. Join Winds of Plague bassist and Soundtemple Studios founder Andrew Glover for a course dedicated to providing you with everything you need to know to record, edit and mix great modern bass tones.

Drawing on his 10+ years in the music industry, Andrew will guide you through tracking and getting tones using real amps and amp simulators. Plus, you’ll learn the secrets of editing and mixing bass that will take your tones from good to great including tone layering, eq/compression, and much more.

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Vasily Sizov

Overall the course is nice. Andrew is good at explaining things, and covers various aspects of bass tracking and mixing. I would not say that I found too many things I didn't know before, but I definitely reconfirmed some of the knowledge I got from Eyal Levi's courses and others', and grasped a few more new techniques, especially on using hardware (SVT, Sansamp, etc.). On the negative side, I would state that the demo tracks used for mixing had too dry and thin sounding drums: they were claimed as mixed, but they obviously were not, or mixed poorly; mixing bass when you drums are not ready is not good, as drums-bass interactions is essential for bass mixing. Another problem during the mixing sessions is that the bass was way too loud! Probably, Andrew was focused on tweaking the bass sound or maybe monitoring situation in CreativeLive studio was not that good, but in the mix context it was just dominating over everything else, which is not helping to get the full picture. Other than that the course is nice and is worth watching. Things I found lacking, and which I would prefer to get covered in the course are as follows: - Using loadboxes and IRs for bass reamping and creating tones (it was promised to be covered during the mixing session, but it was not) - Slightly deeper coverage on differences between basses (e.g. Fender P & J, Musicman Stinger, Warwics, etc.), passive and active, how to pick the proper bass for different styles of music - Quick overview of other popular equipment, like DarkGlass B7K and etc., which is super popular this days: it was not even mentioned during the course