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Advanced Editing Techniques in Adobe Premiere Pro

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Class Introduction


Advanced Editing Techniques in Adobe Premiere Pro

Lesson 1 of 13

Class Introduction


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Class Introduction

This is gonna be kind of a fast and furious class. It's a lot of the tricks and techniques I've learned over the years using Premier. Little things that you can do to modify your preferences, or the interface or keyboard shortcuts that'll help you edit smarter and faster. That should increase your workflow. And it'll be a hodge-podge of stuff, it'll be everything from different ways you can set up your timeline to preferences you can change and what they actually mean. So I do have keynotes that I'll be jumping back and forth between because you'll wanna remember the keyboard shortcut. We'll ultimately make this available to the people who buy the class as a PDF document, probably cleaned up a little bit. 'Cause what I did is I took actually several of the courses I teach and I said I'm gonna put them together and create a super course, which is what this is to get you to the next level really, really fast. So without further ado, let's start talking about preferences. And of course, y...

ou're saying, "Preferences? "God, could it be any more dull than that?" Yes it could be more dull than that, but hopefully it won't be dull at all. OK, so this is just an important thing. If you wanna reset your preferences, these are important keyboard shortcuts. Why would you wanna do that? Well, one reason is your system might keep crashing and you go, "Well, maybe I have a corrupt preference." Or you've changed things and you don't know where something went. "I suddenly lost one of my windows," or "This keyboard shortcut is not working. "Every time I hit this keyboard shortcut, it deletes all my clips." So you say, "Well I need to reset my preferences." So there's two ways to do that. It you hold down the Alt key or the Option key when you launch, it will clean all of your preferences, but it will not throw away any of your caches. And I'll explain what that is. So this is great. You know, you start up the system. Just launch from your hold down option or the Alt key. You will know that you've done that if the following happen, I'm go again and actually quit out of my application and we're gonna be popping back and forth between the computer and between Premier, so it's gonna drive the people in the booth absolutely crazy. But when you launch Premier, first thing you see all this stuff loading. And it's just loading from the cache all the plugins you may have put in and any of those additional pieces. Plus, you see all the previous programs you worked on. If you've reset your preferences the way you know that your preferences are reset, that will come up as a completely blank slate. So you know you have been successful. I'm gonna go ahead and go back into the, video that we're working with and now we're gonna be jumping back to the slide. You should have a clicker adjust because this will drive everybody nuts. They didn't realize in the booth that when they asked for a PowerPoint, I gave them a Power, actually a keynote with probably 100 little switches. So if you hear a large crash, that's probably the director throwing something against the wall. Probably a small voodoo doll of me. OK. But there's another option here, if you hold down Shift+Alt or Shift+Option when it's launching, it also deletes the plugin cache. So all those third-party elements that you added, and sometimes you'll notice when Premier is loading, it gets so far and all the sudden it blows up, sometimes you might have a corrupt plugin, a third-party plugin in an effect or a transition. So if you do this, it's gonna wipe that out, but the next time you start Premier, it will take forever to launch if you have a lot of plugins because it is literally cycling through each one. So be prepared for that. So most of the time, if I'm having a problem, if I just wanna make sure everything goes back to scratch, I hold down the Option key or the Alt key. And the reason I started with this, because it is the most fascinating part of the presentation. I know you're all at the edge of your seats knowing this, it's because I'm about to jump into and talk to you about a lot of the different preferences that you can modify to improve your workflow. So let's jump ahead to the first thing. If you are secretly desiring to know exactly where, hidden in your operating system, those preferences live, there they are. Again, something you can bring to a party and really impress the people that you're with.

Class Description

Want to know how to edit smarter and faster? In this rapid-fire course, Abba Shapiro will show you techniques that will take your current skills to the next level. You will learn the value of the various default workspaces, as well as how to create custom workspaces to suit your specific needs. He’ll cover how to change the layout of your timeline for different editing strategies and how to jump quickly between those custom layouts.

You’ll learn:

  • Best hidden keyboard shortcuts
  • Faster, more efficient workflows for mastering clips
  • How to fix problems with filters and effects
  • Advanced audio editing techniques
  • Compression and exporting for best video performance

With this course, you will be flying through your editing with keystrokes and keyboard shortcuts making amazing videos.

Software Used: Adobe Premiere Pro CC 2017


carla valencia

great class! easy to follow and very good tips.


A lot of new information on a color correction and color grading for me. Abba's shortcuts are very useful. This class will speed my workflow. Highly recommend this class. I am very thankful to Abba for answering all my questions!

Olivia Preston

Abba packs in a lot of information, but in a way that it's easily absorbed and leaves you eager to look deeper into the concepts after class. He took the time to answer my questions, and makes things easy to understand. He takes the intimidation out of advanced editing!