Alternate Letterforms & Flourishes in Calligraphy

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Alternate Letterforms & Flourishes in Calligraphy


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Modern Calligraphy

For the lower case letters, you have a few opportunities understands there any papers morsi's need part civil letters that you can play with? I'm just going to actually start with a pen for now so you have again you're a senders and your d centers that you can play with um so you know you're l obviously you have this zone appear that you can play around with the g you have this zone down here that you can experiment with, um if you're ending a letter there's a lot of opportunity pretty much with every letter so like with the are you know you have this whole area it's like, well, it's not going to run into anything so you can get a little crazy with it um and then if you're starting a letter or excuse me a word with a lower case letter, you can play around with this part too, but you're not going to really want to do that if you're actually starting it with an uppercase letter because ledge ability so just keep that in mind as you're you know where this letter is actually being used, bu...

t let's just start with the sender's so basically anything that's going to reach up into this zone here? Um one of the simplest things to do with an l for example on this is gonna plied lake be in the d e and k um all those letters that kind of have this loop up top is you can basically just do a super simple loop or you can do well looks like that you khun dio a little more elaborate come back around um in that case, if you're doing the double l for example of writing hello you can probably and you would obviously not do in this order, but just so you khun see where I would place this it be just a little like I would start one of letters higher than the other and I would d'oh basically something like that and just pretend that those connect well, which I don't obviously you're not going backwards so that's that will happen a little bit more smoothly, so those air like very basic ways or that's a little bit less basic, but those air like nice, simple ways to do with this particular way is great if you're doing a double letter, if you have, like a d and l together, I'm sure there are words like that so that's where you'd want to maybe like bringing this part is this that nice, simple crossing as long as it didn't come across as for example, like a capital h you know? So just you want to keep some of those things in mind as you're going along with like the intersect in your letters because when you flourish you are going to intersect um the lower case excuse me that yes, the lower case with the d senders those khun b a little bit more fun going to go through the g here and you could do like a loop like that um again just to point out that circular shape again and I know I'm sounding like a broken record it is because basically you want to keep that in mind as you're creating all sorts of your all of your letter forms so you want to really like, this is all just circle shapes you come back around here that's a statistical shaped like an ovular shape that's just you know, the whole time I'm doing this, I'm focusing on the oval shapes so on and you're gonna want to put that into your flourishes and even if it's not like a whole oval shape or you know if it's not meeting at least like in here, you get the nice roundness um let's see here so again for like another d sender option, you know, you don't even have to do it like that really? You could just tio something a lot more simple you could d'oh get really crazy depending on what you're using this for snagging a little bit there so you know, just depending on where you are with your word or what words you using, how you're using it, you could do something a little bit more ornamental like this. And then when you do these sorts of things, just keep in mind again, like the parallel lines. This is obviously off a little bit, but you want them, tio basically sort of line up with each other here, and these will want to line up with each other. Then you have your oval shapes so that's just a little bit about flourishing. I know there's, like so much you can do here is just like that's, just the tip of the iceberg. But just to give you a sense, like when you're doing it again, just to recap it, um, circular shapes keep your lines, you know, parallel to each other. Make sure that, like, that relationship doesn't get all wonky, as you're actually, you know, doing the flourishing and adding on, you know, those extensions.

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Do you want to add special, personalized touches to your calligraphy and lettering? This class will show you how to create customized treatments of each letter with a variety of flourishes and finishing touches.

In Alternate Letterforms and Flourishes in Calligraphy, Bianca Mascorro will teach you how to add variations to classic calligraphy letters. You’ll learn how to add unique touches and get insights on modernizing the ancient art for today’s projects.

If you’ve already mastered the basics and are eager to continue your work, Alternate Letterforms and Flourishes in Calligraphy will show you exactly how to add custom touches.

This class was produced in partnership with Fullosophie, an experiential and workshop-based business for creatives.


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