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The Art of Nature Photography


The Art of Nature Photography


Class Description


  • Improve your composition in landscape photography
  • Develop an eye for better nature photography
  • Find --and grow -- your inspiration
  • Go from nature lover to nature photographer
  • Spot creative shots even in popular places
  • Fine-tune composition with the unpredictability of wildlife photography
  • Tell a story through fine art nature photography


Spend a day gleaning insight from a nature photographer with five decades of experience shooting on every continent, Art Wolfe. This special one-day class includes two 90-minute discussions, 90 minutes of student critiques, and three episodes of Art's documentary series Travels to the Edge.

Go beyond basic nature photography tips and dig into the psychology of nature photography and what takes an image from a snapshot to fine art. Learn to find your inspiration, break the rules and see the story inside grand landscapes. This is not a class for taking textbook plain nature photography from a boring list of landscape photography tips -- it's a class designed to help you find your own unique voice to capture your own fine art prints of landscapes, wildlife, and culture.

After this class, you'll have the confidence to experiment, to work for the shot, and to capture the story in nature photography.


  • Beginning photographers shooting landscape, wildlife and nature
  • Intermediate photographers ready to refine their eye
  • Advanced photographers looking for insight from a top nature photographer


Art Wolfe is a nature and conservation photographer with a background in fine art and painting, a start which continues to influence his work to this day. Often described as a "prolific" nature and wildlife photographer, Art has published more than 80 books of photographs, along with images appearing in major publications such as National Geographic Magazine, Smithsonian, Audubon, and more. Art has received numerous awards, including Nature's Best Photographer of the Year. He also leads a documentary television series Travel to the Edge. When he's not traveling nine months out of the year (including leading photography tours), he's teaching and working with his stock agency and production company in Seattle.


  1. Introduction and Background

    Meet instructor Art Wolfe in the first lesson. Follow his story of how he started, from growing up in a family of photographers to studying as a painting major to climbing Mount Everest. Learn where Art finds inspiration in the natural world -- and how to find what inspires you.

  2. An Integrated Life

    While painters have more freedom in what they create, Art shares surprising photographs that take inspiration from painters, from pointillism and impressionism to even cubism and surrealism. Discover how your background and what inspires you can influence your photography. Learn how style and inspiration evolve over time -- and why sometimes you may want to shoot slow instead of using a fast shutter speed for wildlife photography. Find inspiration from Art's fine art landscape work.

  3. The Human Canvas (artistic adult nude content)

    Continue exploring inspiration, style, and art with human and cultural subjects. See how Art mixed artistic inspiration with an interest in the human form. Look at Art's series with hand-painted backgrounds.

  4. Favorite Lenses and Composition

    What type of gear do you need for landscape photography? In this lesson, Art discusses his favorite lenses and focal lengths as an outdoor photographer. Learn how gear influences nature photography, including wildlife photography and landscapes. Mix focal lengths with composition to create great shots with depth and interest.

  5. Finding the Subject

    Sometimes, the landscape offers plenty of possibilities for great photos. But often, the best images are the ones that come from working to find the subject. Dive into the process of working to find the subject, from the first atmospheric shots to the images that really impress. Work through the process of determining the different possibilities to shoot a single subject.

  6. Ten Deadly Sins of Composition

    Photography composition is full of rules -- that are sometimes meant to be broken. In this lesson, learn common compositional rules and when you should break them. For example, try out the rule of thirds -- then learn when to center the subject instead. Work with techniques like learning where to place the horizon and getting sharply focused images.

  7. Online Audience Critique Part 1

    See work from students and landscape photographers like you and dive into making each image better. Find photo tips like using a small aperture (for a deep depth of field) to create a starburst of light from the sun. Gain insight into improving different landscape photography shots, as well as building a variety into your work.

  8. Online Audience Critique Part 2

    Continue the audience critique portion of the class. Learn pitfalls to avoid and working with accessories like filters to draw the eye and tell a better story. Look for the details that really make the shot matter and consider telling the story with a close-up or using natural elements to lead the eye.

  9. Online Audience Critique Part 3

    Work with landscape photography and wildlife photography while continuing the audience critique. Gain insight into composition, lighting, and more through critiques of work from students like you.

  10. Travels To The Edge: Japan

    Finish off the class with three episodes of Art's photography show, Travels to the Edge. Travel (virtually) to Japan and go behind the scenes as Art works to capture the peace of nature from the Japanese temples to the mountains and wildlife.

  11. Travels To The Edge: Bhutan

    Explore both the nature and culture of Bhutan. Watch as Art captures the colors and culture of the small Buddhist county in the Himalayas. Wander through ornate temples and go behind the scenes of the country's national sport.

  12. Travels To The Edge: South Georgia

    Follow Art to the rugged South Georgia island through arctic seas and Antarctic-like conditions. Explore what Art calls a primordial location that's among his favorites to return to every year. Go behind the scenes photographing penguins, elephant seals, wandering albatross, and more in their natural habitats.



What a fantastic use of time! My photos improved dramatically since this course. I found it so useful, I recommended it to 3 people, and am coming back to purchase. My favorite segment was about composition, which is where I really needed the most help. I'd previously subscribed to the take a hundred shots and hope one turns out well. Now I think much more carefully prior to the shot, and the quality of the photos is on a completely different level from what I'd taken before. Then entire course was excellent, and I really appreciated the segment on audience submission critiques. It helped me to internalize the concepts he'd taught, and to develop a keener eye. Art Wolfe truly is a master. His photographs have the ability to stir the emotion deeply and soothe the ailing heart. Mr. Wolfe is a great instructor too. Concepts were presented clearly, and illustrated well. I am so thankful to have participated in this course. Thank you, to Art Wolfe, for sharing insights into your talent, and also thank you to everyone involved in making this course widely available. I cannot recommend this course highly enough!


I have always loved you CreativeLive, for being there in so many ways to teach me how to do better what I love to do. And, so I doubly thank you for re-featuring this and, thus. allowing me to buy this at a no-brainer price. I live in New Mexico. I have struggled to discern how to photograph New Mexico in a way that it hasn't already been photographed. It's like the Eiffel Tower. This class has SO helped me think about how to do that. I LOVED how Art Wolfe talked about how he started as a painter and how that has influenced how he captures his photography. I'm going to really start thinking about that and experimenting with this. New Mexico has had MANY painters, besides Georgia O'Keefe, whose work I love. I'm committed to studying them more and being influenced by their work. I haven't been photographing landscapes here very much, because of how much New Mexico has already been photographed. But this class has helped me think about how to do that more powerfully.and uniquely. And also, total kudos to the videographers of the last three segments of this class. Just watching these videos and Art Wolfe narrating this is worth the price of admission. So, in short, being a New Mexican who aspires to photograph her beloved New Mexico in a way that is different and more powerful, I think this class will inspire and focus me going forward. Thank you!

a Creativelive Student

I enjoyed your presentation and critiques so very much. I was able to watch it all but decided I would love to watch it again. I bought the class. Art's sense of humor was enjoyable. I loved his time working with his models and oh my what he was able to do with them artistically was so incredible. I learned so much through his critique. I went to our local Barnes &Noble; and was shocked they didn't have any of his books. I will continue looking for them as I would enjoy having some of them for inspiration. I also want to thank creative live as I have enjoyed your programs so much and I continue to spread the word about your classes. Thank you. Frances