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Beginning Stamping - Playing with Ink

Lesson 4 of 5

Stamping on Fabric


Beginning Stamping - Playing with Ink

Lesson 4 of 5

Stamping on Fabric


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Stamping on Fabric

Wait go so it's a little patchy but that's okay you can add a little bit more ink you like in this case it looks like you're you know you only made a small amount of what happens if you run out in the middle of it but you still want to have that same color how do you yeah how do you get that same hue back? Yeah, I just kind of wing it you know it's kind of like cooking you know, if you run out of a sauce and you need to make a little more sausages like another candid tomatoes and this and that you just kind of wing it and go for it and try and match asbestos possible I kind of knew that I was going to be printing a ton at one time here with this particular color so I was you know, um I didn't overmix because I know I can't really say this either unless I were to get like a little container which you can from art stores empty containers and save your ink if you want um but yeah, just the best that you can really yeah okay now I want to kind of create like I don't want this to all be the...

same so I'm going to rotate my stamp and stamp next to it there we go that's a little more solid but is at a little more in that time on the left hand side of it there's a little bit of excess ink on the fabric on the fabric at what happens with that so I can let that drive um that would probably sink in and dry air dry and that would be fine I'm going to rotate this one more time let's see gonna flip it completely or what I conduce you don't have a paint brush on me you know that's okay yeah well let's see here oh, I know what I can do I can take like, a little bit of paper towel kind of like bring it into a point and brush into the design same thing same idea with this like triangle that is kind of patchy right there you can get like a like a chisel paintbrush and kind of go in there and fill it in um sometimes I just kind of like I'll use my finger and just kind of fill it in I wouldn't I mean you technically could try and reese stamp it if you want to do like pick up one of those pieces if it was really bad and it was really bugging you you could you could pick up one of those little stamp scrap pieces and go over it but I wouldn't recommend like re stamping it completely because just the chances of you getting it right overlapped perfectly or not very good so um so yeah let's see her and this is just kind of one of those things where you can just keep going you could just do a band you can print the whole thing it's really up to you you know um this once you get comfortable with printing on fabric and you can kind of see how much thank you need and and how easy it is you can really start stamping anything like curtains pillowcases is um t shirts backpacks, tote bags um anything so much fun and I've also kind of have everything all the designs the stamps in set into the fabric right here if I want to go off of the fabric that's kind of a fun look so I will put a piece of scrap paper underneath here and I'm going to go back teo and remember in the last kostmayer print printing the gift wrap and we're having a hard time with the getting to the paper because of that almost unevenness in the in the table the same thing goes with the fabric sometimes because this fabric has a seem to it and I know that it's thicker there and I don't want the stamp to kind of not cover that completely so I put a little felt under there and uh some scrap paper you hear that that might be too much you might have to rock it just a little bit but there I was able to create a nice edge don't look at that.

Class Description

Express your unique style through stamping! In Beginning Stamping – Playing with Ink, Meagan Lewis will teach you the basics behind block printing and color mixing.

Meagan’s inspired stamp designs are found on everything from tea towels to totes. In this beginner-friendly class she’ll demonstrate basic block printing techniques by making a personalized set of fabric napkins. You’ll learn:

  • Printing with fabric ink
  • Mixing your own colors
  • How to print with a DIY ink pad
  • How to make a stamp with repurposed rubber

Meagan will discuss the components of a good design and tell you which materials will make your stamping process easy, permanent, and professional-looking.

Check the bonus materials below for a complete product list of the tools and supplies you need to finish this project.



Overall, I learned some fun techniques and enjoyed Megan's voice and informal speaking style. I am also, a 'design/learn as you do' crafter, so I found this style relatable, however, as a craft teacher I do know that for others this can be frustrating. I agree with some of the other reviewers that she lacked sufficient knowledge about textiles for this presentation. This is a great place to start learning about creating your own stamps.

Joyce Carter

Great Class very informative about stamp making.

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