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Beginning Stamping - Playing with Ink

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Using Fabric Paint


Beginning Stamping - Playing with Ink

Lesson 5 of 5

Using Fabric Paint


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Using Fabric Paint

We just used the textile screen printing ink if you are using fabric paint it's pretty much the same concept I'll just show that to you guys real quick let's see don't let me sit down in that okay um so a lot of times people are like I want to print light on dark which can be kind of hard it's it's almost kind of impossible with the ink pads to print the light on the dark is it just doesn't hold up as well it's not it's not a thick enough paint that comes from the pads to be able to print light on dark so this is where it gets really fun because with the fabric paint because it is paint like and think you can print those light colors on dark fabrics um so I'll show you with the fabric paint so this isn't screen printing ink this's fabric paint which comes in a ton of colors so many colors fluorescents and lots lots lots thiss I just want to use straight white for this one so I'm just gonna squeeze it right out on the meeting pad and remember we wantto smooth it out into the felt becaus...

e I don't want it just be gloppy all over my stamp and I need if I need to add more I can I use this other stamp that I made to it took a little more time on this one the starburst patterns so and again see that that's the first time I tanked it and it's really not I'm sufficiently eat I'm gonna I'm rotating it teo the stamps so that I can make sure that it's getting sufficiently eat you tried putting that felt underneath this paint this fabric too because that seemed to really work well okay and there's the white might need a little more ink but also kind of like that it's faded um the thing is like, you know, sometimes people ask me why wouldn't why wouldn't you just screen print you know? Because if you screen printed when you screen print you know you're pressing all this ink through the screen and it gets really saturated and it would be a really nice solid white um which is a different look, you know, if I saw something side by side stamped on screen printed, I'd be able to tell the difference but um the fact of the matter is this is so easy, you know, this is I don't have to have an exposure unit and you know, a big industrial stink to wash up my screen I could just like I did this all right here, you know, so embrace the fact that it looks a little bit different, you know, this is stand this's block printed this is ah, a slightly different look on dh it's really easy to achieve so um you know have fun with it and you can definitely do multiple colors on dh ifyou're you notice I switched to a different stamp you can clean that other stamp off and you know reuse it and stuff the best wayto clean clean off the screen printing ink or the fabric paint would be with with water you could I wouldn't really recommend running this under the sink because of the wood and everything but it just depends on what if you wanted to be permanent or what I might just kind of stamp it off and and wipe it off with like a wet washcloth and then let it air dry and it would be fine if a little bit of inca still staying on there it's not it's not the end of the world j k I know you've been so quiet tonight so I think I love the way to the white shows the blue underneath a he's a great player like it's kind of like it too and it is not solid white exactly I think I've actually makes it look cool it makes him look more natural more natural yeah. What about the ladies here in the studio to tell you have a question if I wanted to do a project with children which paint would be more kipp india's where's it being non toxic yeah um I think I think all non toxic well if there are let's see yet conforms to non toxic I I would just read the label. I mean, water based is going to be definitely better. So and that's all I really use. But this is all pretty much stuff that you could do with your kids. Yeah, I mean, I don't let them, like, eat the piece of thoughts or something, you know, but I don't know, I think this is kind of fun for all ages. That's the beauty of it. So, yeah, I just supervise them, you know, don't give them an exacto knife, but if, like, if I was a kid and I had a it's a box of scraps over that I could like not to a block with double stick tape, I would just have a ball doing not so you know, let them make their own patterns and and, uh, yeah, they could print their own t shirts and backpacks and stuff says a little more little more ink, not perfect, but again, like I said, um, I should've brought a paint brush, but I could go in there with, like, a little like chiseled paintbrush and, uh, kind of paint in those little areas or not doesn't matter, you know, not supposed to be perfect, right?

Class Description

Express your unique style through stamping! In Beginning Stamping – Playing with Ink, Meagan Lewis will teach you the basics behind block printing and color mixing.

Meagan’s inspired stamp designs are found on everything from tea towels to totes. In this beginner-friendly class she’ll demonstrate basic block printing techniques by making a personalized set of fabric napkins. You’ll learn:

  • Printing with fabric ink
  • Mixing your own colors
  • How to print with a DIY ink pad
  • How to make a stamp with repurposed rubber

Meagan will discuss the components of a good design and tell you which materials will make your stamping process easy, permanent, and professional-looking.

Check the bonus materials below for a complete product list of the tools and supplies you need to finish this project.



Overall, I learned some fun techniques and enjoyed Megan's voice and informal speaking style. I am also, a 'design/learn as you do' crafter, so I found this style relatable, however, as a craft teacher I do know that for others this can be frustrating. I agree with some of the other reviewers that she lacked sufficient knowledge about textiles for this presentation. This is a great place to start learning about creating your own stamps.

Joyce Carter

Great Class very informative about stamp making.

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