Design the Life You Love


Design the Life You Love


Class Description

Life is our most important project. But it’s also full of constraints and challenges, just like a design project. Not everything can be the most important thing. So how do you prioritize work, play and family to live your life to the fullest? 

Join renowned designer Ayse Birsel as she walks through a series of questions and visual exercises designed to help you reflect on your work/life/creativity balance based on her book, Design the Life you Love.



I read and watch a lot of personal development books so most of the things shared on here are familiar. However, her unique approach of designing the life you love in terms of creativity is inspiring and makes the "work" or exercises enjoyable. :)


Always trust that first feeling and build on it- she breaks down her process to elevate you to tap into your own- trim the negativity and allow the natural inspiration to rise. Awesome workshop!

melanie freeborn

Ayse is a lovely, gentle woman who guides us through her thought processes clearly and visually. She provides moments of interactive exercises so we may experience what she is illustrating. Very thought provoking and I would love to have this book on my shelf as a go-to. Get a cup of coffee and a pen and paper....