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Class Introduction

Lesson 1 from: Brush Lettering Basics

Laura Worthington

Class Introduction

Lesson 1 from: Brush Lettering Basics

Laura Worthington

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Lesson Info

1. Class Introduction

Lesson Info

Class Introduction

thank you all so much for being here. Really appreciate it. Thanks for the great introduction. And, of course, thanks to Creativelive. I'm so excited to be here in to share with all of you. My passion for brush lettering. What I love about brush lettering is that it's the epitome of visual communication. It's it's a visual voice, really. You know, you take what you experience in the world, what you're passionate about, the way that you want to feel emotions and everything, and you insult him into these letter forms that you then in turn share with the world and everybody can see that, and it's it's just incredible. Teoh, leave a part of you behind and express yourself in that way also, One thing I find that's really interesting about lettering is that it really has an incredibly unique rolling communication. You know, there's been a lot of research that's been done that has shown that the brain processes visuals at a much faster rate than text. I think it's 90% faster, is a matter of f...

act, and so enter lettering and it's really the both best of both worlds. It's the visual meeting, the literal and those two things combined has a synergistic effect that really drives home a message a lot with a lot more impact in meaning than it would have, you know, if it was one or the other. It also really enriches how we connect with one another. You know, I think there's something that it's just so personal and so intimate about your lettering and really being able to share that with others. It takes communication, Teoh a different plane that we otherwise wouldn't have. And so with that said, I think Let's go ahead and get started and move on here. I'm gonna show you guys some things that we're gonna be doing in class. So this is brush lettering, the basics. And there will be two more courses after this one flourishes and composition. But this is just getting you all started on everything all right, So what we're gonna learn in this course we're gonna go over tools and materials. You'll be surprised. It's actually not. You don't have to make a really big investment to get into brush lettering. There's not a ton of things that you need to buy to really get started, which is wonderful. We'll learn how to work with the brush because working with the brush is an entirely different process than handwriting. You know, there it takes has some of its roots in handwriting, but the process in the physical action of it is much different. We're going to learn a basic alphabet, lower case, uppercase numbers, and we'll also really learn some expressive lettering. And this is the part that I get so excited about because this is where you really get to inject feeling into your lettering. And you know something I that I want to say to is that lettering is a very physical act, you know, if you think about it's almost kind of like performance art in a way, you know, as you're doing the lettering that requires a physical motion, it's the viewer, or the person who gets to see the work after it's done is when it turns into a visual art form. But the actual process of it is very physical, and I think that with that physicality, you can inject feelings like, you know, like excitement or or rage or happiness or anything, and the way that you express it physically comes out into the lettering, and that's really exciting to see that come to life. We're also gonna learn how to assess your lettering. So, you know, and I'm sure that you will have done this before with any kind of designer craft projects. You look at something and you say it's not quite right, but I'm really not quite sure how to fix it. I really need to figure that out. And there's a step of that process to do that, which makes it really wonderful. So here's a couple of things of what we're gonna be doing. So this is some expressive lettering. And you know what? I'll go through this a little bit more in depth when we get to that section, but I just want to kind of give you guys a little bit of an overview of what will be checking out. So here's some of my lettering done in practice. Yeah, little poster there. I often think that the night of more alive and more richly colored than the day love that expression. Van Gogh, Of course, you would say that Starry night. A couple more examples of some lettering here, a little pie life is 10%. What happens to you? 90% How you respond to it. One of my favorite quotes and a little bit more expressive lettering. So, yes, this will be something that you'll get to learn how to do. I'm sure super excited for it.

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Wow!!! Great class, terrific presenter! Easy to follow, professional, enthusiastic, fun!!! Most CL presenters have at least one of those attributes, but not all. CL Management: have potential new presenters learn from Laura's class. Only one suggestion: Laura's constant hair interference gets really tiresome and irritating. She frequently tosses her hair over a shoulder, and moves her hair behind her shoulder with her hands, and "fights" her hair being in the way during the whole presentation. Very distracting. Laura obviously loves how her very long hair defines her personality, and I'm not suggesting that is a bad thing. But for these short presentations, perhaps Laura would consider corralling all that hair with a loose ponytail, behind her back? That said, I bought the course anyway, as she is an outstanding teacher.

Debbie Smith

I loved loved loved this class. So wish I had been there in person. Although I'm not so great with the brush lettering, Laura was so perfect in her teaching and I definitely have some ideas to put into practice.


This class was amazing it had high energy lots of details . It shared new ideas on where I could use such beautiful lettering I'm super excited to use it in my business and on my note cards! Buy it!

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