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From the team can you tell us again where to get the firmware update? The firmware update is that cannon's website? So I think you could go to like cannon use a dot com I think there's probably cannon europe can in asia and cannon uses web site you go to the page on the camera so you go look for the seventy camera and it has like overview specifications and that it has accessories and it has a firmware update in firmware and software you would go in there. And that's where it's located christopher has a follow up question to that will updating the firm where reset your menu settings. No, it won't. So you, khun, you don't have to go back and re set up all the settings on the camera. Okay, so it's from lion heart that would be the same for the custom setting. Yeah, yeah. So it does not reset those so questioning class, I think. Yeah, s so how often are you updating the firmware? Like, how important is it, teo? Keep on top of that it's probably not super important for most people. Cannon ...

updates the software I would hazard a guess on this camera. They've updated it every six months, but it's usually pretty minor things like spelling mistakes and foreign languages. Slight minor issues were there was some sort of bug in the software but it's free it's easy so there's not much reason why you shouldn't do it. Okay question from gines uh cook photo is there a way to change the file name other than I am gi underscore number on this camera no on other cameras yes therese get paige uh can we discussed back button focusing is it a sharper way? Tow focus? You know, we we talked a little bit about back busting poet's going to focus with same accuracy as the front one it's more of a convenience issue of focusing and re composing sometimes when I'm shooting landscape shots I know what I want I focus on it and then I locked the tripod down but the cameras no longer pointed out what I wanted focus it's pointed at something slightly different and so when I go press the shutter release it's going to refit is gonna want to refocus and it's one of those settings that it's not quite right for everybody because there's a little bit more you have to do when I take a picture I instinctively go up and I'll be pressing the thumb button first kind of letting this button hang loose and then I could kind of think about things and then shoot the picture when I want and so it's not for everyone it's a personal preference but I do find that many of the more advanced users are quite fond of it and when you do that though make sure when you hand your camera over to somebody that you let them know the worst thing is to say would you mind taking my picture and they have no idea and don't even try telling them about two buttons I mean it's hard enough for a stranger to handle one button on a camera like this and so uh there has been times where I have needed to have somebody else used my camera I will re program that button so that it's back to the shutter release because that's what most people are used to uh question from greg house and steve bryson uh beyond resolution is there any downsides to using em raw or esra no but I would say resolutions and important reason would say that's a very important reason uh guitar goddess is asking did I miss john telling us how to change the number on the back of the camera from nine nine nine telling how many shots are left her on the top no but it is once again our room reveal that information it's in the information button and the bottom left hand corner up to ten thousand see townley is wondering does using live mode shorten the life of the camera no doesn't shorten the life drinking battery but it would the battery yeah so the camera is good they claim eight hundred and fifty shots on a battery with live you two hundred shots now this is gas mileage cool very. You know it's probably not good to leave your camera in live you for extended periods of time unless it needs to be but I have no qualms at all about using live you question from sam cox who we love sam in your question, sam thank you. Uh would manually cleaning your own sister censor be a reason for cannon to not honor the warranty? No, they don't speak specify anything in there about that? They do recommend sending it back to cannon for warranty repair, but it is something that I think most people can handle. It is on ly I really only known one person who has damaged a sensor from cleaning. It was off of a very unusual situation. We'll talk about charlotte, but it's unlikely to happen to anyone else in this world. Question from hoop in southern california is it possible to keep the level and or grids on while shooting video? The grid's you can keep on the level you cannot and so the viewfinder grid so what you do is you go in, put your camera in video mode going to men, you look under the video menu and there's a grid that you can turn on but not the active horizon line no question from sweet can you show us again? How to do custom white balance custom white balance is not something that very many people use, but I don't really have the tools necessary to make it happen right here, but the first thing that you would do is just shoot a white piece of paper, probably throw the cameron programme mode or aperture priority just shoot a picture doesn't even need to be in focus off that piece of paper under the light you're gonna work with. You would then go to the custom white balance mode and it is a little tricky because you have to register that image it's going to look for the most recent image it's basically say, do you want me to register this image? And you would say, yes, that's the image, but then you have to do one more step is you have to go into your white balance and you have to change it to the customer, so you have to register the image, and then you have to select the custom white balance so there's a couple step process and there was another question with regard to white balance about what the k is if you could go over that in the case stands for kelvin temperature and it's, where you were manually setting the number of the temperature, and so a number like three thousand is very cole, you might say and it's headed straight up but it's actually gonna be red and orange and a higher number like eight thousand would be blue and so if you look go back and look at the kelvin scale daylight is around fifty two to fifty, four hundred degrees and that's where light is very clean and white and then it goes red and orange on one side and blue on the other uh violation india is wondering how to select different point for different exposure media rain I hear there is an option in the seventy to assign a particular focus point to do that well, I guess I don't know how to do that. Uh there have been cameras in the past three if you select the far left focusing point it would also reassigned the spot meter into that area but uh either this camera does it and I haven't been able to see it in any of the literature or maybe it doesn't do it okay and moldova is asking, can you show us again how you configure configured the copyright information and I saw that question earlier so the copyright information is in the third tool tab so there's three yellow ones it's the third of those copyright information you would hit the set button to go into that and then you would enter the author's name and enter the copyright details and there is some information in there when you press the picture styles button over on the left hand side that'll enable you to get in there and enter the name and so if that's confusing I hate to say this I really hate to say it read the instruction manual this class is supposed to replace it but every once in a while it's nice to see it in a different form uh let's see photo id can you talk a bit about the flash problem where says that flashes attached when it is actually not and flash menu gets disabled do you know how to fix that? That sounds like a very particular problem that I am not able to diagnose from here. Sorry I'm sorry that's okay, I'm gonna go for another one copper blue if you're trying to pick questions that air stumping me congratulations gold star right let's go for three cover blue from or again if I turned the grid to on how do I get to show up in my view finder it's not showing up right now there's two grids let's remember this there's two grids there's the back of the camera grid and there's what you see in the viewfinder and so there is the live view grid here and then there is the viewfinder grid in here and so the viewfinder grid I believe was in custody in the custom functions and the screen back here was mawr in the shooting tab for live view and so he may have turned on the wrong one and touch on this earlier but david, I was asking, can you please ask john how he how you suggest to delete images from my memory card currently I format each time? Is this correct reformatting after you shoot is a very good system. There is a theory out there that you are not supposed to delete images in the camera because it can cause a communication air when you're doing this on the card I haven't seen it with myself for anyone I've shot with out in the field and so I don't tend to do a lot of deleting basically because it's a lot easier to delete on the computer where you can actually see that it's bad, but from time to time when I have free time, I don't have a problem going in and deleting pictures when I have nothing else to do. So if I no I don't want to spend the time downloading those images I can I can delete him out in the field, but when you're out the field shooting, concentrate on shooting okay and neil's from germany says love your presentation here in germany, john, but I have to ask the fine what should I do? I want to shoot hd videos with the dslr someone said that all the cameras are not fast enough so I want to know if it is better to buy the seventy a modern camera or going back to the five day mark too and what if we want to shoot for cinema? Well, there is a definitely a lot of trade offs when you want to shoot video or cinnamon work with one of these cameras this camera does a very good job of it it is limited in its capabilities I don't know what they were referring to when they said fast enough because it shoots it twenty four times thirty it's kind of cool it shoots it sixty frames a second in the hd mode which is really nice for slow motion playback the focusing system well yeah that's slow that's definite that's probably what they were talking about and so for shooting professional quality video or cinema work on it you're gonna probably want to use a lens that's that manually focus is really nicely and not auto focus the five d syriza cameras has a full frame sensor which gets a little bit cleaner image of the higher isos and you can shoot with shallower depth of field with certain lenses and so there's there's definitely some tradeoffs going back and forth and it's it's kind of beyond the scope of this class to go into all the nitty gritty details on it hopefully that helps you think sf girl has asked, uh, I know that there's a grid there, but there is a way to turn that off and turn on a rules of thirds grid no, this one does not have a rule of thirds cred. There are other cameras that do moldova is wondering what you think about using third party batteries. Third party batteries tend to be of lower quality than the cannon batteries. They tend to be about half the price, but about seventy five percent is good, so in value, since they do a pretty good job, a number of them, and the problem is, is that you often don't know when you buy them, they don't have the little chips inside of him that communicate with the camera. And so one of the things is that they came out with these new batteries from the five d to the five day mark two and now the same ones here, and they have electronic chip that has a serial number on the battery and you convince, have a bunch of batteries registered within your camera, essentially, so it recognises how good those batteries are, and these other third party batteries sometimes have that, and sometimes they don't have it in general, they're recharge performance, and their overall performance generally isn't as good, but sometimes when they're a really cheap price, they're a good deal see did you talk about how often to recommend cleaning the scent that you recommend cleaning the sensor? No have it from rush macleod so you should clean the sensor on ly when it needs to be cleaned. I mean, the camera first off I think doesn't amazing job I think I've cleaned my camera once or twice in two years of reasonable shooting with it and so if you have okay, so here's the short story I was working with the five d the original one that didn't have a dust cleaning sensory and and there was a friend who had his camera that was dirty and he knew that I knew how to clean sensors because would you clean my sensor and we were in antarctica and I only had like for these things these little special sensor swabs to clean it and so I go okay, well, so I took one of the package and I cleaned a sensor because he had like, one speck on it and after I cleaned it there was two specs on it and then I cleaned it again and there was one special and he's like I really want that speck off there and I clean it again and then there's three specs on there and so if you have only one or two little specks I would just let it go because the hazards of going in and trying to clean it our most more likely going to cause more problems, uh, then just letting it be. And so if you have a major goober in there, you know, big gold, false looking bird up on this guy. You know, you're gonna want to clean that out. But try not to clean it too much, because it's just it's. A little dangerous getting in there.

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