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Lesson 2/9 - Why Care About the Film Look?


Capture and Create Artistic Wedding Portraits


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Why Care About the Film Look?

Why even care about the film look? I will say that it is a style and when it is a style that means it's not for everyone. It has to fit your style too. I'm not saying that everyone has to do it this way, but I think there is a great draw to this very classic, beautiful, romantic look. Some people call it light and airy. Some people call it ethereal. Whatever name you wanna give it, I think it stands the test of time. It's like, film's been, this is how photography started. I think it was good like 50 years ago and it will be good 50 years from now as well. It's not, I would say that it's not trendy, but it's very classic and, as a result, it has a very elevated look. A lot of publications have been showcasing a lot of weddings now. If you look at Martha Stewart Weddings, the Knot, Style Me Pretty, and then there's even publications that feature almost exclusively film weddings, which is like Flutter and Magnolia Rouge. What happens is you're getting brides who are seeing these types of...

images and they want it now. It's kind of like educating your consumers. They see this and they think, wow, I really want this kind, this is what I think my wedding photos are supposed to look like and so there's a great demand for this film look. As a result, I think these consumers also carry over once they become pregnant and have babies. It ends up carrying over into the portraiture world as well. I found that this has been a really, once I started shooting film and having a consistent look, I think having a consistent look is really important, my brand started to have a stronger presence. It started to have a stronger message and I was starting to attract better brides as a result and better clients as a result. I think it's, I think couples are really drawn to this kind of stuff and I think when you, if this is the kind of look that you're going for as well, you can get it both digitally and film. I think it will elevate your brand and you'll be able to charge more for it as a result. 'Cause yes, it is more expensive to shoot film, but I think that because brides see it in publications so much, they want it as well and they're willing to pay for it. Because of this, this was a wedding I did in Bali. The people are finding me from all over the world, because there's not, I mean, there's more now, but there's more and more now, but there's still, if you compare percentage of film shooters or film-look shooters compared to the whole photography industry, it's a pretty small niche. When it's a small niche, supply and demand, right? I have a couple out in Bali, or getting married out in Bali, and they couldn't find anyone out there. It was worth it to them to fly me out there for it. I felt like it really opened up opportunities for me. I didn't grow up traveling. My parents worked six days a week and I didn't travel until I was 18. For me, this is fun! It's like, I never got to do this before. This was a wedding I did in Thailand. I feel like it's, it's really helped me and my brand, and my business, and I'm really hoping that it will help you as well once I share some of these tips that will help streamline your workflow.

Class Description

The classic, timeless look of film is making a comeback. Its popularity among commercial photographers is soaring, and it’s in particularly high demand in the world of wedding photography. But if you shoot digital or hybrid, how can you make your photos look like they were shot on film? Caroline Tran, a wedding photographer whose work has appeared in countless books and magazines, will teach you how to create the look of film through light, exposure and editing. Come along on a live shoot where she’ll show you how to find the light you need, expose to get 90 percent of the photo in camera, and use Lightroom® to achieve her signature look.



Caroline Tran is bursting with creative energy and enthusiasm! In this class she walks you through the little differences between film and digital that separate the SOOC of the two. She shows you how understanding what makes them different is the cornerstone to learning how to manipulate digital to mimic film. All you need is a working knowledge of manual mode, and a willingness to let go of go-to DSLR habits that keep your images distinctly digital. She finishes with walking you through the simplest post-production that doesn't even require a strong knowledge of Lightroom. She even sells her presets if you don't want to recreate them on your own. This class was wonderful and so much fun! Thank you Caroline!

a Creativelive Student

I really enjoyed this class and watching the process Caroline goes through from shooting, to cull, to editing to create her signature look. She shares the unique characteristics of film and how she aims to emulate that using DSLR as well as how to go about matching the film scans to digital images from the same session. This class is a good fit if you have basic knowledge on shooting in manual and want to emulate the film look in your work. I learned a lot and am able to apply some clear techniques to my approach and work flow to take it to the next level.