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Color Management for Better Prints

Mike Hagen

Color Management for Better Prints

Mike Hagen

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Class Description

Knowing how to control and see color is essential in making quality prints. Mike Hagen will walk through the entire color process for getting prints to look the way you envisioned. He'll discuss the techniques for calibrating your monitor, color management and color space.

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Ratings and Reviews

Cheryl Tarr

I enjoyed watching this. Mike is an engaging instructor. Very clear and easy to follow. I was somewhat familiar with the various color spaces but this solidified my understanding. I now have some 'next steps' to improve my printing, thank you!

Jenni Tanner

Mike is a great presenter and easy to understand. The content was good but I agree with others that it needed to spend more time on certain aspects. I felt like the videos ended abruptly, they often felt like they were cut off before Mike had finished what he was saying - poor editing CL :(


Great class! A lot of very helpful information.

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