Color Management for Better Prints


Color Management for Better Prints


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Color Profiles

Every device has a profile. Every device has a color profile. The Canon 5D Mark III collects colors differently than the Canon 5D Mark IV, which collects colors differently thank the Nikon D850, and that's different than the D810. So every sensor has a different profile. We don't ever see it, we don't have to worry about it, but every sensor can actually ... The more modern sensors get, they can collect more greens, more reds, more deeper shadows, higher, brighter highlights. Every printer is different. You know, this Canon Pro-1000, I forget how many inks it has, I'm just gonna say 12, versus the Pro-10 has nine, you know. So just by virtue, having more inks, it can produce more colors. So every device has a profile, and those profiles are consistent across the board because everybody subscribes to the ICC protocols, International Color Consortium. If you're a real color nerd, go here to It's all about color management, okay, and you can see what these different manufacture...

rs are subscribing to, what the standards are. The goal is though, that everyone in the world speaks the same language. You know, red number seven is red number seven. This computer is gonna hand this package of data to that printer, using this method. So ICC is the main standard for all of this stuff. The goal is that colors are captured, will render the same as the colors on your display, and they'll render the same as the final output. I've already made that point a number of times, but the goal is that consistent flow from beginning to end, and that flow happens with profiles. It's all about profiles. So color profiles allow software to translate data from device to device to device. Photons to silicon, silicon to a monitor, a monitor to little droplets of ink. Profile is the package that does the translation, okay.

Class Description

Knowing how to control and see color is essential in making quality prints. Mike Hagen will walk through the entire color process for getting prints to look the way you envisioned. He'll discuss the techniques for calibrating your monitor, color management and color space.