Color Management for Better Prints

Lesson 3/8 - Color Management Devices


Color Management for Better Prints


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Color Management Devices

So color management is all, it's based on devices. And devices are anything designed to either collect color. So what collects color? Camera, scanners, you know, cell phones, videos, cameras, all of that stuff. So the collectors of that data, that's a device, so the input. Display, color management involves your display because now, you're gonna change, you gotta think of how this works on the electronic level, you're collecting information through a lens onto a CCD, or a CMOS chip alright, so all of that analog data, now has to convert to ones and zeros from your camera. And your camera has to figure out, well, how does that red get translated into a RAW file, okay? Now you take that RAW file and we go into the computer So now it's in the computer and now it's a completely different display medium, a completely different device and now it has to shoot electrons, shoot, um, light, through your screen into your eyeballs. And so it has to change that data into a different type of medium.

It has to translate that. Okay? And then, you have to go from what you're seeing on your screen to now going to the printer and the printer is actually squirting little droplets of liquid onto paper and when all of that is said and done, then you have to take it out into light and now photons bounce off the paper into your eye and that has to look proper. Think of how complicated that is. That's insanely complicated. Hats off to Nikon and Cannon and Fuji and Kodak and Apple and all the printers. That's an amazing amount of effort and time to make that translate throughout the whole system. Color management is the way that we get to participate in that. Color management is the tool that allows us to say that this to that to that is consistent across the board.

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Knowing how to control and see color is essential in making quality prints. Mike Hagen will walk through the entire color process for getting prints to look the way you envisioned. He'll discuss the techniques for calibrating your monitor, color management and color space.


Cheryl Tarr

I enjoyed watching this. Mike is an engaging instructor. Very clear and easy to follow. I was somewhat familiar with the various color spaces but this solidified my understanding. I now have some 'next steps' to improve my printing, thank you!

user 0d6f29

It was good but as others said incomplete. There needs to be several more segments on the printer dialog boxes and color management.