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Color Techniques For Retouching

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Color Gradient: Libraries


Color Techniques For Retouching

Lesson 25 of 30

Color Gradient: Libraries


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Color Gradient: Libraries

Gradient maps and libraries and I want to talk about bags of tricks, so what I mean by bags of tricks, and gradient maps and libraries. As I said before I like to keep my files, my colors that I have worked so hard to figure out that I like, and I like to use the cloud library. I love the cloud library, I use it all the time now, here's why I use it. I use it because I'm often in different locations, and I'm using different computers. But I'm always using my Adobe cloud. And I have stuff I like to use, and I don't wanna walk around with 75 gigs of files and bags of tricks, so I like to load the more special, more commonly used files. And one of the ones I use are color. And when you drag your files into layers, I'm gonna show you how to do this, you can place layers, so I'm gonna place this, I'm not gonna worry about the color source issue, right now. I have all of these adjustments I use. And I believe I mentioned to you guys earlier that this is nothing, this is just a tiny bit, I ha...

ve hundreds of them. I just am too embarrassed to show you all my dirty laundry. So these are all color corrections, that I've used, very dark, I put masks on them only so I can see them, these masks that you see here, are just for me to be able to see what I've got going on here. And I've color lookup tables, I have darkening, I have all sorts, these I can access from anywhere. And what I often do is go, oh yes I want that very dark red, that is what I'm looking for. And what I'll do is I'll just pull it up, and out of my folder, I'll then say, goodnight my friend, my folder you served me well, I can come get you later. And then I can utilize whatever adjustment I was looking for in any way I was looking for it. Soft light, whatever, but the key I'm trying to show you is not the adjustment the key I'm trying to show you right now is that it's on the cloud, it lives in the library. And so I can keep that for eons and eons. And in fact what you could do, is let's say you came up with some new gradients that you really liked, like, I just opened the gradient editor, it's a gradient map. And as I've said before I use it a lot. I really like it, and I'm gonna pick a color, green. Let's say this is just the matrix is coming out again and you really wanna use it and really love it, and you just can't help yourself you wanna use it all the time and for every job. Or you're doing a series, you're out on location, you're shooting, and you have a particular patina or color. Like let's say you have a black and white image but you wanna give it a silver, sienna type look. You can come up with a gradient that works for you, and as I said, gazillions, gazillions, like let's say you like this, kind of, do you guys remember portriga paper? Oh, it's this black and white printing paper, it was so gorgeous, it was just, you just wanna eat cake on it it was so beautiful. Anyway it had this kind of warm cream look, let's say you're doing a series, and you're going to Iceland, and you wanna be able to look at some images and have this. You just drag that gradient map into your library, and that will show up every time you log into Photoshop. Okay, you do have to drag it off though. You have to, you drag it in there, and you keep it there, you're happy, you can collaborate with people, if there's somebody you like, excuse me, you can actually send them the link and give them that. And again, all you have to do is when you're in library, I like to hold down the control key and hit place layers and there you go. There's your color. It goes with you. Bobby could be on the island, you could be working, you could be out here, you could be working, and all your colors could go with you. You do wanna, as we talked about earlier, with job flow you don't wanna lose your mind, right. You don't wanna make this crazy and have too much stuff. So don't put 5,000. Or maybe separate them into folders. Do you see what I have here? I have a simple gradient map, or I have a folder that's called color gradients, and there's a ton inside that. So figure out what organization skills you like, what works for you, how you wanna keep it, and you should be happy.

Class Description

There are countless options for manipulating, changing and correcting color your photographs. Clear up the confusion by joining professional finisher, Lisa Carney in her exclusive class focusing just on color. In this course, Lisa will identify and clarify different adjustment layers, walk through a professional’s workflow for color correction, and dive into working with curves.

You’ll learn:

  • How to work with gradient fills and gradient maps
  • Working with Hue and Saturation
  • Setting up a Color workflow system
  • Using Gradient Maps for Color Correction
  • How to use curves for matching color and tone

Handle color like a pro by learning from one of the best retouchers in Hollywood. Join Lisa for this extensive and in-depth look on working with color in Photoshop®.

Software Used: Adobe Photoshop CC 2017



Another awesome course by Lisa Carney, packed full of information This course is really a comprehensive look at colors ... I learned so much, and even stuff I thought I knew pretty well, I found some pretty eye opening new information. I find Lisa Carney to be a wonderful teacher. When she has an important point to make she'll say her point, pause and then repeat what she just said, just to lock it into your memory. Fantastic. Side note: I signed up for the CreativeLive creative pass as soon as I realized how great all of Lisa Carney's classes are. I'd started to buy them one by one and quickly realized they are all wonderful. You can watch this class from beginning to end and get great information ... but to get the most bang for the buck you'll want to pause, hit rewind, get a cup of coffee, open Photoshop and try out her tips while you watch. There are sections I rewound and watched about 5 times, to be sure I understood all the subtle points. Lisa Carney is pretty amazing - she works really hard to thoroughly explain the process she uses to solve problems, and she never glosses over anything important. To cover a particular point, she'll start with a finished file with all the layers - and instead of simply explaining each layer like a mortal would do, she'll literally delete all the adjustment layers and start from scratch to show the process. This is incredibly empowering since it gives you an understanding of just how easy the process can be once you get the hang of it


This is an EXCELLENT class for Photoshop users! Lisa is very professional, knowledgeable and, also, a delight to watch and listen to! Not only that she explains the concepts but she also shares her own experience and her practical ways of using those concepts! Great, great class! Thank you, Lisa and CreativeLive!

a Creativelive Student

This course has an abundance of useful information along with professional tips based on actual field experience. This course is definitely one I will come back to from time to time to reiterate the information. For this reason the way it is organised is perfect to find information about a specific technique or adjustment layer. It is well composed with some humour and advanced information. Loved it and highly recommend it for people who want to deal with the little details and get things exactly the way they want. Not suitable for lazy or sloppy people who just want to get the job good enough for sharing but don't care about getting it perfect for print.