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Swimming in Cereal: Culling and Exporting

Earlier this morning we did frame compositing and you can see right here behind me that everything we did was brought together to create this amazing image it wasn't that's hard to do in photo shop and remember everything you need to learn about foot about compositing we've covered on day one and on day two of those things that are really important to do in camera during the photo shoot during the photo shoot to make your live actual composite in photo shopped a lot easier so we're gonna go ahead and get into it and look at our images were going to do the same thing we were basically doing with the last image we're going to start off in light room but that segment is just going to go a little bit quicker now so we can actually focus in on editing a little bit more here in photo shop and if we have time in the end we're going to spend a little bit of time on each of the image is making sure that we just bring them all web to final and completion is going very very cool all right let's g...

o ahead and close this window out let's go and switch back to our photo shoot hey quickly switch over that way out there there's gonna be a lot of cracking up the models were just so good just a really really did make it he brought his energy so let's, go ahead and talk about our file structure here just a little bit it's, you know, this is not always like the most interesting to go thing to go over, but what it usually is very important. So here we go. We've got our aaron a sunday one, which is a cereal bowl shoot we can see we've got four hundred and sixty seven images that we took during this day, so that's a pretty typical number four a shoot like this, a lot of people go out in the shoot twenty or thirty different photos for an entire photo shoot when doing compositing frame compositing or element compositing, you want to take a much photos as you can it's going to give you as many options, and you could just put him in there later. You can always delete some of these files that you don't use after the fact, but once everything's on, you know, like actually, like during the said it's just it's a bonus to be able to take many, many different files, so these numbers are actually a little bit on the low side. When I'm doing this sort of thing, usually we'll have anywhere from, like one thousand to five thousand photos. During during one of these sessions or one of these photo shoot so it's just about giving you options, a lot of people say like, you know you've got you wanted generally ah hi hit rate of your of your photos you know, like doing whatever you can to make it all the images that you produced actually great photos and usually you can bring those moments out in a photo shoot if you just spend a little time and take a lot of extra photo so that's behind methods some people think I would take way too many photos, but in the end really memory cards are really pretty inexpensive and you can always delete those photos after if you don't want abusing him, so I took a lot of photos all right, here we go, sarah sarah in this terrible we basically do the same file structure this time instead of in our last section we just did a capture folder, which is all the images that we photograph, we did a master folder, which is let's go ahead and update this we can see they're automatically updated as soon as I clicked on this. Now it is the final image that we actually took care of in our last segment, so here we have our selects and are working follows this well, so we're basically to do the same thing here instead of just having a capture folder, we've got the jasper folder, which is all the images of jasper, the serious sarah cereal bowl and when we also have a test shots and the towel, I'm going to start off with the test shots. Basically, we're going to talk through what we started out in designing the lighting, and the reason I wanted to do this is because yesterday we worked through the entire photo shoot and we actually like you guys have to see, like, we've built up the lighting and everything like that. Well, on day one, the lighting was already set up. I came in pretty early in the morning and worked on setting up all the lighting, so by the time sarah got there and we write it, shoot, we could actually focus on that part of the story that being said, we still have all the images that are photographed to get the lighting all set up. So these air those and I just want to kind of quickly talk through that process so you can see kind of like how it built up. If you remember from day one we talked about, you know, some of the emerald, the angles of the cereal box were causing some flair, and we can see see that there is, well, thiss where this was some of the earlier lighting test. We can see going from the right getting our exposure, right? But we started off something like this. It was just generally pretty soft lighting, and this lighting would totally work. We had a lot of comments like you, no wiser shadow coming from the orange juice. Like, why would you include a light from the side and over this, like, wood work relatively well, in my opinion is just a little bit boring. It's, like a little bit flat. Not only that, but we're not seeing a whole lot of definition. Excuse me? We're not seeing a whole lot of definition here in the actual serial is just kind of like flat and, you know, it doesn't have a whole lot of like, you know, texture in shape and things like that. So that's why we added the other light to the left side, and we can see when we did bring wind up bringing that in originally is very high power. But we did bring it in and then kind of changed things around, change some of our lighting ratios a little bit less of a film, like, here we go, we can see now we just have a little bit more interest there in our respirable and this is some of this pretty common this is john if you guys remember from the photo shoots having someone be like your test subject so getting someone to get in the actual frame you can see a lot of important things like here we could see if he's not close enough to the front of the camera then he's going to be in some shadow that so it worked when he was closer. We've been tried a couple different like concepts like, is this gonna work or not getting our framing everything like that? Correct? So this is something that, you know, usually will happen before your client ever gets there before the subject's there and it's just it's a really cool way to kind of build up your lighting that way, we can be sure that our subjects couldn't come on the set and she's going to be good to you. So just, you know, these are not the most exciting images of the day, but they're also pretty important because this is all the stuff that happens in the beginning. All right? Cool let's. Go ahead and go on to sarah and she just awesome awesome job basically she's been going through the same motions, and if you remember, we made a lot of decisions during day one on just like we did on day two during the photo shoot, we decided some things, like, I should should be looking towards the camera or should should be looking into the actual cereal bowl, and as a group, we kind of made this decision that, well, we like the images where she was looking in the cereal bowl, so we played around with a lot of things, but we started off on the original concept had her looking straight at the camera, so that's, where we started off already, still a cool image, but I think is the day we evolved way evolved with it, so we're just going to go through and basically all the images that we like, you're going to hit p for pick on those on dh we're going through, I've already flagged the ones for picks on these, so I'm kind of already gone through and seen these this is when we were talking about using the using the framing to make sure you're, like, actually focusing on in under subjects we zoomed out to sea like this is, you know, probably not the framing you would use, all right, and continuing to go, you can see sara just did an awesome job, we're trying a few different things are lighting, getting a little bit more fill light and things like that, all the shots from the day there we go and this is when if you guys remember when we had a different person lacey actually came on and she was suggesting some things to do with sarah if you guys weren't watching for day one we actually had someone else come one set and helped direct our model which did a couple of things it helped her get a little bit more comfortable with someone she already knew she had happen to have a relationship but I felt like after that even when I step back in there I felt like sarah was like a little bit more freak did you guys in the audience did you feel that too? It's like kind of like daughter like, you know kind of cool and like into the photo shoot so I was really happy that we decided to do that because after she got to play around lacey and she was like, you know, she wasn't those like nervous and tense it was like, okay, this is this is a fun thing so sometimes that that period of time can be a little period time from like the awkward stage two like getting into it stage sometimes it takes a now hours sometimes it takes five minutes just kind of depends on things when you know, photographing with kids that things like that I'll usually try to have like parents and things like that they're they'll help out a lot with that process all right, so here we go we're basically just taken some fun shots I love some of these I think there's so cute it's tough to balance like this is just a really cute, very cool shot it's tough to balance do we go with something like this? Where it's just like super cute or do we have to stick very closely to our original concept? So we're going through these and basically now we're at the idea where it's just so cool I love this shot I mean she's looking directly at the camera and it's just it's really, really cool. We did decide I think as a whole that we liked the shots where we should do was looking into the bull but like it's almost a shame to pass these by just because we have to stick to a concept but like that that's really cool. So if I was editing these and maybe delivering them to a client, I would probably go ahead and read it both versions one where she's looking down on this terrible and one where she's looking at you it's like you know, the balance between dewey sticks so tight to the concept or do we just create like a really cute fun shot? So it's just tough what do you have a subject like this? Pretty awesome do not like that all right, so continuing to go through, you know, it's just awesome she did a really great job and this was during you guys remember we did a little wacky time they're at the end where was just like all right, sarah go wacky time you could do whatever you want and she had a lot of fun with it you can see like that that doesn't look like acting that looks like fun she was actually having fun and I was having a blast with her too so just it was a really, really great photo shoot now we have some other frames like this that we kind of like prepped for being able to pull our subject and being a little jesper into the cereal so and then we tried to allow basically a little bit of room for him to actually be coming in. All right, so we've already picked gone through and chosen our picks we did this on day one oh, yeah way actually had there's one of me actually scooping milk into my mouth, which was in sara took this picture sees a great photographer it was just a lot of fun. We had a great time. All right, so this is these are the images let's go ahead and I'm gonna hit the geeky and then we're going to pull these up and I'm gonna go ahead and flagged these by the pics so we can see we already have chosen a few of our picks we've chosen some was red which are like the ones we really did like and then we've chosen some as five stars as well so there are five stars we liked all those andi in this case I'm using the red flag to say these air the these are the images that I think we're actually going to use so I'm okay changing these things up and we probably have enough time to edit maybe like two versions of sarah one worst looking at the camera one where she's looking down but it's I think there's a whole we decided we liked your looking down but it's never a bad idea to edit a couple different versions all right, next we have jasper and I would not be able to stop laughing hey did really really well I was just blown away and I thought over these last two days all of our subjects does such a good job I mean they killed it they really did a great job I think it was easy for them to get into character you know, we had multiple subjects on your scene so it was it was cool we have the audience and everyone that was just over a lot of really great fives and that's that's what makes doing a photo shoot just a lot of fun so remember, in the beginning we worked on establishing our camera angle, which we got, and then we decided we needed to change it again so this's going through a camera angle and then working out our lighting and who we see, we've got some early stages, but I think these air kind of important to talk about things that we didn't make so much of a mention of this during the photos during the photo shoot itself and it has nothing to do with jasper it's mostly just something that happens during photo shoots you're gonna have a concept and sometimes things they're going to go wrong things they're not going to really work, and in this case this is just a really great example of something that wasn't working on dh I'll just point out a couple things so it's easy I can see in this shot, for instance, and just really did a great job. We've got some amazing, amazing images out of him, so this is not him it's a it's a you think it's as a photographer, you need to figure some things out, so I'm just going to talk about this image in particular just for a second and I think that's just an important part of process, so in this picture jasper he looks a little bit uncomfortable he looks a little bit like he's trying to say stay up out of the milk he looks like, you know, he's not really floating in this thing, and it was kind of like, you know, sinking down there is you can see he's getting a little bit more comfortable when he's having fun. So these air a couple of those things that we're talking about, like I get from looking at this photo if we if we stopped here, I don't think we would have gotten the magic, and so that was a problem that we really needed solved during the photo shoot. I can see jasper, you know, it's, like way didn't have it just yet, and although we had just started shooting at this point, I knew a couple things right off the bat. I knew for one, we probably weren't gonna have him laying on his back like that two I don't think, you know, we didn't want him having to hold out, you know, the size of the pool now, he wasn't fitting in the little floating that we had, so if we wanted him to sit in the floaty, he was gonna have to be like either propped up on something or have hold it out, so we just decided pretty early on that was actually just not gonna work at all, so instead of like trying to like in my head he was always gonna be sitting in the floating in the original concept in the sketch he was going to be sitting in it but we had to decide from pretty much right here that hey that's just not gonna work let's just try something a little bit different that's also wearing toe work for the shot so we didn't talk about that during the whole photo shoot but there's just something in my head I can look at this and be like that's not going to work we need to change a little bit so it can't work and I think that's an important thing as a photographer to be able to like switch figure concept up a little bit not only that but in some of these shots like three shots in particular jasper didn't like his body looked in these shots like and that's something that I don't I don't want to single anyone out and like we have the opportunity to help him out in that way like we have the opportunity to make him look better and we should totally take advantage of those opportunities like a small shift in camera angle or a shift impose and things like that I mean there's some poses where no one looks good you know supermodels don't look good in some poses just do your best to like not put people in that position you want to set people up for success especially because there was a screen behind him he could see these images coming in. We didn't want him looking self conscious. We didn't want him saying like, I don't really like these we wanted to make sure that he's like yeah, okay, I'm having fun, I'm onboard that so you can see even early on the shots are good, but they get much, much better. I think once we did to the idea of him having a flow completely above the surface and having him be able to sit in the pool really did help, we went through a couple of different things with our lighting here we can see kind of going through you can see here is just like he's starting to have a lot of fun here, so you just did a really, really good job, but changing up our lighting, we also worked on changing our camera angle that's why we had him kind of stand up there as we've got the camera a little bit higher so you can see cameras a little bit lower here when we brought the camera up a little bit higher and we're starting to get ready so we brought in a white card so we could help cut are so we could help cut gasparotto the out of the images so here's about where it starts to get great we've decided a couple things at this point one is the white car was going to really help cut him out two is that having this floating around him with its pink so it's funny like inherently of giant pink floaty is really funny and we wanted this image to be funny not only that, but it helped to cover certain areas his body that he wanted to cover up and obviously I'm not going to talk about that with him there, and I don't mean anything bad by that really dull, but we were trying to help him feel more comfortable in the photo and being able to cover up some of his bodies that body that it wasn't as comfortable with mint meant that he was just going to get, like, happier he was going to be more comfortable and we were going to get a better photo. So that was these air, some important steps not not only happened here, we're not trying to float him above the pool we're allowing him to actually like, you know, put his legs down so he's just we did a lot to make him feel more comfortable maybe it wasn't apparent during the photo shoot that that was what was going on in my mind, but that was like, all right, we need to get just for more comfortable we need get just one more time and then you know here we can see in just a little bit he starts to get comfortable and he's having a great time so I think it started with doing stuff like this actually spitting the water out of the spitting sorry spilling the milk out of his mouth and somewhere right about here right about there weii get something that is just priceless you can't look at that and not smile like this is his expression and I really do think you should be an actor because there's there's just something about that smell it's just amazing it really did make this shoot that's exactly what we want it's just a silly silly photo that you want people to look at this and be like that's ridiculous why why did you do this? This is so funny and so silly but that's exactly what we wanted but here I just I'd like teo and I know this isn't like the most fun part of we'll get to compositing everything like that soon but I just do want to explain like that the difference there can can we see the difference between like let me just pull these up to compare them like the difference between how comfortable and happy he looks there and just opposed in general fitz um versus this this image he's just it's it's night and day isn't it and if we would have stopped here if we wouldn't take any considerations toe heart way would have never gotten to here so it's just a really cool thing to think about it does anyone have comments I've been talking about getting jasper comfortable and things like that is that ringing a bell or kind of hitting accord with anyone love to know I'm a larger guy so when he came out I totally understood everything and he was game he was a trouper and you would never have got me in shorts in front and that would never happen with me and so I understand what your thought process was and I understand his concerns yeah, I think they were having really well and you're right once he was comfortable he just let loose he did he did a great job but I'm totally with you there I mean, I when I was younger I was definitely overweight for my size it doesn't you might not believe that, but like I was the guy who didn't take his shirt off when I went to the pool like I was that kid and I totally understand what it's like to be vulnerable in that position so like, you know, were you really do want to help people feel comfortable and it will make a big difference and I mean, we just we got absolute gold out of just for later in the day, so I'm glad that we were able to like t be ableto get to that place but it didn't take you know it took some of those considerations to get there okay, so here I mean this is just all right now we're just much too funny time left so right here he's just started changes it goes from like everyone comfortable like boom this is the funniest thing I've ever seen he's loving it and you can tell we're not we're laughing with him he could tell how funny this is and he's absolutely loving it so these poses if you guys remember I was up on the ladder I could have stopped having so all that and he was looking directly at me and his whole time how do you not, like burst out laughing? It was just amazing so all these shots at him with the floating that we put a snorkel on his head and just a little bit it would you know there was some of these concepts originally he was going to be like looking up with the girl but every time he's turned to like, look at the camera like right, right every time you turn to look at the camera everyone was like blew up with laughter it was amazing. So this is like, you know, it's just became like fakery very obvious it's just like the best smile I've ever seen it it's like a little bit like mischievous but still like happy for a guy you know floating like a bowl of cereal, we could invest for anything better. So these are the these are the times in which I think, you know, we really I love that image I'm gonna hit p on that one to go ahead and pick that one as well and you can see, like he's actually laughed thinking they're just really, really good. So he did a great job and this is what's really going to want teo? Because he's like it's flashing in the milk, some of these flashing shots were going to see if we can use some of these, but having like that in a little bit of action and there khun can often help us well, it's so very, very cool the's were suggestions we started taking from the internet, people said maybe start bathing himself and milk and even wash his face with it, which I'm amazed that you think is it it was milk was, you know, the powdered milk like, you know, scrub your armpits and things like that they were, you know, started to get a little bit further big, double, but it's still, you know, it's it's, totally it's just it's funny, and it has, like a lighthearted feel to it and that's exactly what we wanted so he's doing great on dhere we was like he was scared that she might you know try to eat him or something like that we had a lot of really cool comments coming in from the internet this is where he might be holding a fruit loopy but I don't I still don't see these is like beating the ones earlier on and that was going on during the photo shoot is well it's like okay these air really fun and they're cool but they still don't be you know the images that we had with the floating so we put him back in the floaty knowing that those were the best and then had him just kind of like do his thing and way go yeah just getting him cupful in the floating and just doing his thing is what really made the photoshoot come together and uh I'm I'm really happy that we take the time to teo he really was having a great time I think okay very very cool so far so let's go ahead and filter those by the filter those by the pics as well and uh sorry just by the just by the pics so we can go through the similar process basically as we did with comparing let's just command click on the first two men one hit c for comparison mode and we can kind of like pick you know which one's letter which one do you guys think right agrees we'll hit the up arrow and that'll kind of promoted up which we think left right? We know that we know what's about to come we know what these are going to be better than the other ones but this is a good time to do it as well. We can kind of zoom in and we can check sometimes things like focus will be off in this case I don't really think so but those air so similar but the one on the left just looks like a little bit more dynamic to me, right? So weaken being will seem side by side is really nice. All right, let's see what those look like a well all right, what do we think? Yeah, I think so too have definitely left all right definitely left is well, right? Because he's like closer the camera looking way I think you know we've got to get one where he's actually looking close what do you think we think about these two? They're both so good, huh? Five star that one it's tough for me to pick so I think what we might do is go ahead and put both of these into the cereal and then see but there we go let's just promote this one real quick so we can see maybe between these two like what do we like this one with more with the smiling or with the laughing on the right you like the left? Okay, yeah, I think so means internet likes the left as well. The internet like the left one perfect thanks internet for helping thanks internet yeah what's the internet what about this one? I think I like the one on the right a little bit his face is a little bit more well defined like it's it's a lifted a little bit higher we got a little bit more of an expression they're going on and yeah, I think the one on the right fitz we're gonna hit the up arrow and that's going to help promote that one up and then we could just look at the same again there's a really cool quick way to go through your photos and just choose their favorite and you know when you guys were doing this at your house if you're going through this calling process you could do it quite a bit quicker. You know? You can go through I can usually go through five hundred photos and something like five minutes I can pick the one best one you just choose all the pics then you compare him out and then it's usually pretty quick what do we think left her right? Yeah, I like the right one to all right left, right I think of the left okay, perfect and let's go ahead and zoom out I think the ones you know with the floating those were going to be the ones that win so we can probably pretty much stop here we know in the end only one of those is gonna wind up making the cut so we know that this is you know something that's going tio if we like the ones with the floaties weaken just we don't even have to look at the other ones anymore okay so we have a few of these they're all five stars also let's go ahead and pick the winners out of this uh c for the comparison tool thes both got five stars the left one perfect so what we're gonna do is we're gonna take this five star away we're going to demote it so it doesn't have five stars anymore and now it's not even showing up in here because we have a filter that's flagged and five stars okay so now we can compare these two so we'll click on those two and head could compare okay this one's going to go away isn't it cool so that is demoted and I'm just going to hit the right arrow and then we can see which one of these two we liked the best the right one okay let's just take this one away in between those two his eyes are a little bit bigger and brighter in this one which I do like what if it so take away the left one okay, perfect all right and let's just hit g, so we're back to two images. So out of all the images we took of him, we're back to two when we know we're going to be we're no, we're in a good place with those what we're going to do is I'm gonna shift, click that two of those were going right click and I'm going to go down to export and we're going to be basically just used the exact same preset that we created in the last section, so we'll go to syria ble and here again, we're going to choose our select so we're going to select and then hit open there we go and it's going to stick these both both in this lex bowler? Okay, let's, go and do the same thing with sarah, we've got some pics as well. There we go, let's, take away the five star rating. Okay, so here are all of our picks with sarah, we've got quite a few actually, some of these already are five stars, so you'll start off with a lot of usually I won't go through an unpick usually don't need to, but we've chosen our best one, so I'm going to just go through and if there are any that you guys feel our five star worthy if you feel like wow, that is just amazing. We really should use that. Just shouted out. Okay, you could shut up five star. That one. All right, so this one now probably not. I'm just gonna keep going. You guys could be the b the eyes. That one. All right, let's. Five star. That one. This is pretty awesome, huh? All right. And there we go, that's all the way through now. Those ones really, really great with her expressions. Let's, take all the five stars. Some of these have already five stars. Put five stars on because what I wanted to do was make sure where she had the right, the right body position and things like that. So let's, go ahead and just do a comparison, and then we could just kind of figure out, you know, like, do we want her looking in the camera? Or do we want her looking away? S o between these two, those both got five stars. What do we think? The one left? All right, cool. So we'll move. Move that one away. This wound's in the wrong spot. Yeah, definitely. Good point. Um, did you like her face in the one on the right, kind of the exposure's better okay, now we can always brighten things up in photo shopped like if she's you know if it's a little bit darker weaken brighten up shadow where is I can't change the light like I can't change the lighting direction of her you know the life that sitting are facing photo shop but some of those darts we can brighten those up so if it's if it's usually like you know it's just a little bit too dark usually I won't let that sway my opinion on if I use that shot or not because I know we can brighten those areas up so if it were a little bit brighter would you go with the left one? Okay, cool, good to know all right, I love that one on the right and I'm just I'm curious because it's going to change it's going to change the concept a little bit right it's going to make it look like you know she's looking at the camera instead of looking down in the cereal. So what do you guys think she went to wean destroy the concept for the cuter image or what can we do both? We can definitely do well so old red eye online says that spoon is in the way on the right one the spoon is on the way thea other thing that we can do is we have images of just her hand in just her arm that we could then replace especially her head and she's got all those curls in her hair and that's like when you're doing it you know, like switching someone's body or something that's like a really great way to do it because it's just like a dark area of messy curls so you can you know if you didn't need to swap that area out it's an area where you like you know there's a lot of like dark, messy detail you won't really see a shift in detail okay, well let's go ahead and flag both of those with a red label so we know that we do in fact what we want to work on those all right and let's go ahead and I'm going to promote the one on the right. Why not what do we think the one on the right versus okay oh sorry left or right it's a good spoon on the right, isn't it? So why don't we change this label color to yellow? So we know that like maybe we're we're flagging this one we like it but it's for not her face it's for something else that's a really good suggestion all right, this one probably not at all, huh yeah, you're right it's not even that's not nice, just a child I'm messing with you all right, really cool. Okay, so we have a couple that our flag is red this one was flight is red from before, but I think that all right, so we like let's see let's go ahead and compare those two so we're going to try this one as well as this one. Is that correct? Do we like okay, these two? Okay, the first one should be gone, right? So these are the two that were going to try. Okay, perfect. So those are the two that were going to try and then we're going teo try to use this arm if we get so this one, I'm gonna hit the number six again and that's going to take the red label back off it. So now what we've done is we've gone through all of our shots and we figured out we like these two shots for what? We're going to try those both for her face and for the expression in this one we're going to try for the arm, so when right, click on those and we're going to export these all the way down here. We're going to go to select sa's well, let's go to syria ble and we'll go ahead and put these in this legs now this is, you know, as I'm doing this, we've got our selection there too you can continue this process if you want your select and let's say you have selected too fine for a couple different things, like maybe have six selects for sarah and there's. Six more for jasper, you could put some folders in these that would say select ok, sarah selects and jasper selects too, if you wanted teo, you know, I'm giving you permission to create folder that sounds totally stupid. I'm just saying that there are a lot of options within this I just I do recommend just being as organized as you can, it really helps out later, all right? And then we did have some shots with the towel and these we kind of just, like, threw up, you know, throughout her dark reflector and took these, so we're going to have these in right beside the pool, and in my opinion, we didn't spend a whole lot of time on this how we're kind of wrapping up during the photo shoot and things like that I would have spent probably a little bit more time, but the other thing is these are not going to like, make or break the shots it's just like an extra cool little detail that it's kind of cool, not only that, but if let's say that I'm compositing these together tonight and you know the images, they're not dubai a client tonight let's say that I'm you know, I've got another week or so I'm just doing this for my own fun. If I didn't take pictures of the towel and some flip flops that I like, I could always come back a few days later and photograph those they're not dependent on the lighting there, not dependent on either of those models being there, he's just little elements that you could do, you know, days after weeks after and you could kind of bring these in after effects, so we're going to make it we're gonna do our best to make it fit. But if it's not perfect, we didn't spend a whole lot of time on it. It's not really. It doesn't really bother me that bad. Does that make sense? Perfect. All right, so we're going to do this with a cereal bowl as well, and we're going to choose our selects holder and hit open. Okay, so I'm gonna go ahead and click on our selects I'm gonna right click and go to synchronize holder, which is going to import all of those tiffs back in. So the hero our images that we're going to choose and we have no master files because we're having edited and we have no output. The other thing. Let's. Go ahead. And we're going to come back into light room later. But I am gonna show you guys how to output files from your master down to your output folder.

Class Description

Compositing is about making complex, visual masterpieces driven by your creative vision. Through mastering compositing, you will deepen your understanding of color, light, and movement — vaulting your photography skills to the next level while bringing more value to your clients and your pocket.

Instructor Aaron Nace has taught millions of photographers at every skill level how to construct vibrant images through photo manipulation. This 3-day introductory course will teach you everything you need to know about compositing — from basics to mastery.

During this in-depth workshop, Aaron will show you how to conceptualize the idea, plan out your composite, photograph and light each piece of the puzzle, and artfully combine the many parts using Photoshop.

Software Used: Adobe Photoshop CS6, Adobe Lightroom 5