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Compositing 101

Aaron Nace

Compositing 101

Aaron Nace

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1 Introduction to Compositing Duration:13:20
2 Lighting for Compositing Duration:17:55
3 First Photoshoot with Model Duration:41:26
4 Developing New Ideas On-Set Duration:57:32
  Class Trailer
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1 Introduction Duration:13:21
3 Test Shoot with Models Duration:35:17
7 Culling the Images Duration:20:47

Class Description

Compositing is about making complex, visual masterpieces driven by your creative vision. Through mastering compositing, you will deepen your understanding of color, light, and movement — vaulting your photography skills to the next level while bringing more value to your clients and your pocket.

Instructor Aaron Nace has taught millions of photographers at every skill level how to construct vibrant images through photo manipulation. This course will teach you everything you need to know about compositing — from basics to mastery.

During this in-depth workshop, Aaron will show you how to conceptualize the idea, plan out your composite, photograph and light each piece of the puzzle, and artfully combine the many parts using Photoshop.

Software Used: Adobe Photoshop CS6, Adobe Lightroom 5


a Creativelive Student

Great moment i Won't miss. 2 of my favourites learning web sites in one !!! Thanks Aaron for all you bring to me including lessons of English...(don't understand every joke but...when you smile , i do too... ) Best regards from Brittany (France)

Mohamed Rasoon

i'm amateur photographer.i had a hope move on as professional, this is great lesson and CreativeLive motivate my self step by step to fulfills my hopes.