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Cost-Effective Creative Shoots

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Shoot: Black Light UV

Lindsay Adler

Cost-Effective Creative Shoots

Lindsay Adler

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Lesson Info

8. Shoot: Black Light UV

Lesson Info

Shoot: Black Light UV

We're gonna have a black light and I got a strip black white because it acts like an isolate but a black like right I mean it's the same thing so if you just get as a black light uv light a bulb it's going to be a softer light source but harder to control the direction it just kicks light everywhere so if you get one that's in a strip it's like those ice lights and you can actually shape and create drama on the face so we've got one of black lights amazon nineteen dollars and then the next thing that I got was, uh uv black white pigment and so these are glow in the dark powders that's what? Therefore there are so many sites online that are dedicated to glow in the dark stuff because of raves and no electric music festivals and all of that stuff so there's like glo mania dot com and go like there's everything so you could buy glow in the dark feathers, bubbles, contacts, eyelashes, fingernail polish paint like anything you can imagine so just know it likely exists so you could buy anywa...

y. So we got this pigment for and there's more than this these just the colors I selected and so you can put it on and I tested these beforehand just which is weird to say I've done this so many times that I know that certain colors glow better than others, usually the pinks and the oranges look the same color, which is weird, but they glowed the same way. Usually purples and blues don't really glows so much, so I've selected colors that complement each other, so we've got kind of the orange yellows with blue on top, and I'm gonna create some cool texture on the face, and we're going to light her your considerations for both the last shot and this shot. Any time that you're not using studio strobe, you're shooting with the constant light or in that case, it was the fluorescent you have to worry about your aunt, really, because it's going to mess up your shot. So when this one we're using a black like I am, we're in a minute going to make the room dark, and the reason we're gonna make the room dark is because the black light you won't be barely be able to see it it's going to mess up the color, but for the fluorescents ifyou've got windows, I had them cover the shades so that the window light won't be peeking in. Turn off the overhead lights. Maybe if you're doing something with one of these funky setups, you shoot in a room that has fewer windows or at night. Something like that it will make a difference so let's seek can I oh yeah can I get hurt share or just an apple box I guess guys sit around this apple books I can't do that okay, I want to set you on this apple box here all right, so I'm gonna have you sit right in the middle and you're aware we're getting dirty now right? Okay, just making sure because there's no going back after this okay yeah, you know she doesn't know. Okay all right. So basically out remember what I said about the hair I put swim cap over because I once had a girl with blonde hair and we is purple holy powder and it turned her hair problem don't worry we got you covered okay all right so way back. All right, yeah don't breathe yet just just just you know love it embrace it ok okay I tell you to breathe ready? Okay? Tilt your head towards me, okay? And you can she couldn't breathe. Ah, that was like a big okay okay, when I try to be ready for next round okay, good. Excellent. I forgot that I usually put some lotion on to make it stick just a little bit help her out that's up so that's what you should do but what? I don't know why we're here just sticks a little better, okay I don't want it on my new dress like all right I'm just gonna come some more okay ready same thing breathe okay right right thank you back the's colors come out really similar the oranges and the pinks alright those made a little ok doing this hey, this is fun it's therapeutic not for her but for me you're gonna thank god it was really good what yes you're settled if you turn right okay, ready? What about a nice texture oh yeah ok um and I would shoot this I didn't bring my macro lens but the macro lens would be awesome but it's going to take until you had backup okay okay you can wiggle a little with a little harder if you want okay? Okay. So last one so I like my oranges and whatever based and then my blue is a nice complimentary color on top okay. Okay. Ready e what a bit too much on okay, I think that's lovely. All right, we're going to check this out. Okay, so would you give her a little light so you can see how it looks? Yeah, well oh, yeah. Glowing and funky. All right, let me get my long lens and what's cool about black light is there's not give you shoot regular white balance it gives you something but depending what white balance you shoot, it changes the colors and they're not real life colors anyway so it doesn't matter to shoot whatever white balance looks cool so let's see okay oh who tangled alright ok so we take one test shot and then we'll kill the lights good thing I have to do this black and white that we're not doing so much good okay no problem okay great so I am ready to be in the dark you guys should be afraid yeah it's one of the wrecks whoa yeah okay you look nice and creepy we'll wait we'll wait I was way off of my exposure hold on bump up my s o way way up okay so let's test a couple things let's go too okay okay area see the sun ho I'm over under explicit closer okay this is good let's do this this is creepy because you're a little hard on priscilla look he's all look super creepy and cool and whoa okay so where were you look yeah okay so thank you you remind me of the point okay so he took now he took that light off to the side like you could with an ice lake so watch the difference and john just a tiny bit more to the front is a little bit mark it right there little less right there so now we can shape the light and give her some kind of split late or rembrandt who they dio yeah sure went for hendrick right underneath your neck I need some more on it, but we'll work it out good right there okay and could drive so they're not actually a point to these except for that it's fun and so one year for high school seniors what I did is at the end of every session I had a little boy, a box full of uv stuff and I said go pick something out whatever you want and so I had the boa and you know everything and said they could just have a funky shot I never charge them for it, but I would put that shot up on facebook for I school senior and then they would all comment on it it was good for interaction and engagement it wasn't really intended for money making it is intended for a lot of fun right? Somebody do a couple more two more weird funky shots here uh perfect one good don't we do one more from below didn't do excellent bolos nice and creepy so if you get a macro lens and you zoom into those eyes like there's, so much texture so much detail and it's just fun out and last night was going to switch my white balance just you can see it totally changes a shot so here's with tungsten white balance museum a little closer right there and now we switch you to fluorescent little more orange who really flash art lesson let's do flashman super orange looks like on fire school okay, something like this last one all right awesome so we can turn lights on if you guys are like oh hello so long story short if you ask me the point the point is art and whatever you want but I used it for marketing and just for people to have a good time all right? We're gonna we're gonna take care of you get her the makeup oid slash towel and do you wantto wiggle just so you don't have to look good as we go right there like stepping away okay? Questions? Well, I just wanted to say that that looked amazing. So thank you for that. Could you tell us again what that powder was? Yeah, you're able to use its uv pigment uv powder and you'll get a package a pack of it for like twenty bucks or so while she does her final shakes, you have any other generic questions even if it's not related to this anything you want okay, there was a there was a question that just kind of in this theme of being creative you are clearly a very successful professional photographer. The question had come in from ellis cooper these are really good and creative ideas, but should we worry about clients not taking us seriously if we don't use professional equipment, what do have to say okay, so that was something I worried about more in the beginning because I was insecure but then I realized most of the time they nobody knows any difference and nobody cares as long as the shot looks good the only time I ever felt you know bad is when I had a really beginner a digital camera and then there are broads had their five to five to three because it's such a common camera but I took better assassinated so whatever so you don't know it doesn't it doesn't matter I wouldn't be concerned about it in the fashion room yeah, because people care about appearances and every deport geronimo you're fine okay, I think I will have you take her off set for the rest of it but you got you got pretty good. Okay, thank you for being my victim. You're very pretty victim. Okay. All right. Um what this as a random warning. One time I had the holy powder and I was throwing it but I decided to do that indoors and it takes weeks to settle and I had these strobes that had fans and what happened is the fans such the powder in so I had powder in my fans and kicked around my studio for ages so you're gonna be really messy this would be okay, but I would recommend shooting something like outdoors or finding ways to put up flat that kind of protecting your life, just as a thought. Because I learned the hard way. And I really did have, like red powder settling for weeks and weeks and weeks links.

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Have you ever felt dull, uncreative, or just out of ideas? Invigorate your creative spark with Lindsay Adler in Cost-Effective Creative Shoots!

In this Masterclass, Lindsay will show you a range of creative techniques that’ll bring new energy to your work. You’ll learn about:

  • Discovering your creative process
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Lindsay will share creative concepts you can replicate for less than $20. She’ll also share techniques you can use to push yourself to try something new.

Don’t resign yourself to dull shoots, join Lindsay Adler for Cost-Effective Creative Shoots with Lindsay Adler and get inspired!  

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Crystal Nance

You know what I love about Lindsay? When she is teachingu, you feel like you're having a conversation with a friend. She is inspiring and tells it like it is. I love the fact that she shows you ways to think outside of the box to create amazing images and that you don't necessarily need to have the top of the line equipment to do it. I've learned a lot from Lindsay's courses but I walked away from this course with some great ideas and she opened my eyes to find inspiration in the most unexpected places.

EJ Wallet

I love this class! It is inspirational and fun. Lindsay is to the point, in a friendly, high energy, joyful way, which makes the class even more enjoyable.


Brilliant as always!!! Feeling so inspired and ready to move my work to next level. Thank you for this amazing opportunity to step up!!!!