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Craft Photography Fundamentals

Lesson 32 of 38

Shooting with Backlight


Craft Photography Fundamentals

Lesson 32 of 38

Shooting with Backlight


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Shooting with Backlight

This is a little bit tricky here. It is back-lighting but there are dark objects right behind this so we'll see if we can get a back-lighting look. We may not be able to. And so basically I'm just gonna be turning my camera to face the windows. It can't be too high, it'll be perfect. So while we're setting that up, I would love to remind everyone at home we've had a number of you posting, submitting images to our student work gallery, which is on the class page and each of our photography and craft classes have this for each individual class. We've been seeing some great images coming in of your own product photography based upon what you've been learning so keep those coming. We would love to see them, you can comment, you can give hearts and you can do that just by clicking on the name of the class above the video you're watching, that takes you to the class page and scroll down and you'll see that student work gallery. Thanks for posting those images. Okay for this purpose I'm g...

onna take off the lid but you can see the cake is pretty much silhouetted when I put it in front of there and let's add on a fun topper or something. The cake is pretty small on the stand so if I were really styling this with a lot of time, I would probably add flowers along the base or some other party items. For right now, let's just add a topper. This cute guy, someone's turning five. All I'm gonna do to change this is change my exposure compensation and I'm gonna go all the way up to plus three, and see how that looks. It's too light now, I think. Let's go just down a little bit. Much better, so that's actually how I would use, it's just exposure compensation. Now the other thing that I would do because this five is sparkly, and I want it to be sparkly in the photo, I would add in ... do you see that? So I would have someone, poor Kate, poor, poor Kate, come hold this reflector in right here, and that's gonna add light back in onto my subject so I don't have to go quite as bright now. It's gonna make that five show up a lot better. See the difference? So this isn't like a full-styled, beautiful shot but you can see how you would use light like that and you can do something really, really beautiful with it. It is actually another really great way to get a white background because it is brighter out there than it is in here so if you have sky, or if I just had that white building and I didn't have the trees that are darker right there, I could make it completely white in the background.

Class Description

You need great photos of your craft products if you want them to sell online, but just because you are awesome at making things doesn’t mean you are great at taking photos – until now. 

In Craft Photography Fundamentals with Candice Stringham, you’ll learn everything a craft merchant needs to know to take photos that really showcase the story behind your work. 

You’ll learn about: 

  • Creating affordable, photogenic backdrops and sets 
  • Capturing all kinds of textures 
  • Shooting with an iphone and DSLR camera 
  • Edits that add polish to your final images 
  • Creating a consistent look that makes your brand stand-out 
You’ll learn the basics of photo staging and you’ll see how a few simple lighting tricks can transform the look and feel of your final image. You’ll also get tips on working with props so you end up with a catalog-quality shot. And Candice will help you take advantage of your camera’s settings, the easy way. 

If you want to produce photographs that are as beautiful as the product you are showcasing, join Candice Stringham for the beginner-friendly class, Craft Photography Fundamentals. 


a Creativelive Student

This class taught by Candice was amazing. She teaches in such a step-by-step, easy to understand pace. She shares so much of her own tips and tricks she uses to create beautiful images without spending a fortune or having all kinds of expensive equipment. Having the DSLR lessons included was really great for anyone who wants to do more than the camera phones are capable of. Learning the basics of how to use a DSLR is confusing for most people, but Candice broke it down in the simplest way possible. Social media is all about imagery, so if you want to put out the most beautiful eye-catching photos, then you want to learn how to use more than the camera phone. I don't have a business where I need to take photos of things I sell and I still enjoyed her class so much. As a photographer, I am going to use her ideas and insight when I photograph things for fun. There is so much to gain from this class. I would highly recommend taking her class. She is a wealth of great ideas and information and has that friendly personality of someone you'd want to sit and have coffee with.


A wonderful class to get you going with craft/product photography. Candice provides (and shows) fantastic examples and it's really fun to watch her work through a shoot, moving items, etc. to create the final image. She also covers some basic photography tips which is very helpful. Great class! I definitely recommend to others!

Melinda Malamoco

I loved this class! Candice is so personable, clear and relatable. I would want to hang out with her and be creative! I have been taking pictures for YEARS, and for my Etsy store for over two years, and I still learned a lot in her class. The lessons are set up in a way that you can follow, take what you want and don't worry about what you don't need. I will say that I got a TON of ideas for how to better display my brand, what my personal style is and how to be consistent with it. I so recommend this class for anyone who has small business or just wants to be able to take better pictures of their products. Okay, off to build a prop kit!