Using Templates in lllustrator


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Using Templates in lllustrator

- [Melissa] Okay. So, let's jump over to Illustrator. Actually, I'm going to open up the Illustrator templates that I downloaded, which are back in here. Nope. There we go. Let's go to Templates. So, we've got... Oh, I forgot to open up the business card template, I was going to show you that. So, there's the business card template, right? So, it's nice. It gives you the instructions, tells you how to do it, right? So, anybody can do this. I mean it's great for people who know what they're doing, and it's great for people who are just beginners and just starting out, right? All right. In here, I've got postcards, business cards, social media, there we go. I'm going to open up all of these so you guys can see. And it looks an awful lot like the one just in Photoshop, right? It's pretty much the same thing. So again, I can come in. I can do the same thing. I'm going to go into Bridge. Actually, I don't need to go into Bridge because I think I have everything in here, right? So I have thi...

s picture of my daughter. I'll just kind of drop her here. And again, using templates just like the Donut, you don't have to delete the text place holder. Obviously, I'm putting this on top. You can always create your own little layer. Actually, that's a good idea. Oops. Let me do that. Let me create a new layer. My Stuff. And then to switch that from one layer to another, I've got a little square there in the layers, I'm just going to drag and drop that up. And it's going to drop it in My Layer, right? So, now I'm not messing around with the other layers there. Okay. And it's going over the artboard , but this is Illustrator. We don't need to worry about that, right? Because we're not going to be able to see anything that's off the artboard. And then, if I want to... I'll just do this Denver one again. Actually, this is a different one. This is mountains. So, if I want to save these for the web, I want to... Where is it? I want to Export. Export for Screens. There's a lot of stuff going on in here, right? So, all I have to do is I have to uncheck all these guys that I don't want. I don't want these guys. And then I can save these out. So, you can make your own versions of these templates, right? So, download these to your computer, if you're like, "Well, I don't use Twitter. I don't need that." Or, "I want to focus on just Facebook. I don't want to have to deal with all those other template parts," then just make your own. And you can go in and you can use your... Well, you can use the artboard panel or you can use your artboard tool and you can start deleting artboards. And you can start deleting all that stuff that you don't want, or just throw the layers away and stuff, right? So that you can create your own templates based on the templates that are in here. - [Woman] So, as long as you just select one of the layers or the groups, that's the only thing that will export. Is that correct, in Illustrator and in Photoshop? - Well, we're going to save... So, we're going to export it as a flattened file, right? So, it doesn't really matter what's underneath of it because that's going to show up, anyway, right? You're going to save that as a JPEG. - Well, my question was, Because you have all the artboards... - Right. - So, you're picking... - Yes. When I did the Export and I turned those artboards off? - Yeah. Yeah. So, if I go up to File, Export for Screens, only the ones with the checkmark, right? So, if I uncheck all of these, yes, then only these two are going to export. - Thank you. - Yeah. Yep.

Class Description

Whether it’s for personal or professional use, you should stand out from the crowd. Adobe certified instructor Melissa Piccone shows you how to create your identity system, starting with a simple logo. You’ll then design your business cards and social media assets, creating a cohesive system across all platforms. 

In this class, you will learn: 
  • What software to use for the purposes it was intended 
  • How to utilize both Photoshop and Illustrator 
  • Working with layout, type, and image 
  • The class comes with templates that you can customize and use to follow along   

Software Used: Adobe Photoshop CC 2017.0.1, Adobe® Illustrator CC 2017.0.1


Brandon D

Its a short class, but there were a lot of tips and tricks for Photoshop and Illustrator I never knew about. It doesn't go into much detail on creating brand identity assets (such as conception, design, etc) but gives you enough know-how with PS and Illustrator to begin playing around and see what you can come up with. I got it on sale and glad I did. If you are new to Photoshop and Illustrator you'll learn some new tips that will come in handy.