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Creating Debris Just Paint

Lesson 6 from: Creating a Cinematic Campaign with Special Effects

Lisa Carney

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6. Creating Debris Just Paint

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Lesson Info

Creating Debris Just Paint

Here's the, in case someone wants to make their own dust brush and they don't want mine, these are the settings on it. Well, you can't see all the settings. I do have a brush class here at CreativeLive, which goes into every single one of what those little buttons do inside. But this is the dust brush that I have. And again, it comes with the bonus materials. Stock shot or filter, take your pick. I gotta tell you, I don't know why I'd buy stock shot anymore. I just make it, it just seems no point. My new favorite toy. Subtract, the key of the day's option, and the blend mode of the day is subtract. So I'm gonna show you an atmospheric debris using subtract. So cool, it's that darn Gravillis company again, they're so amazing. All right. So let's say I have this shot of this poster we did for Fearless. And I wanted to make this debris. You can use snow for debris. We use snow, and we just flip it. But they used this glass shot. And what they did is they just... Dragged it over. Put it on...

the mode called subtract. And went, oh my God, that's amazing. All right. Like anything else, it's a little off in its color. I'm gonna just put an adjustment layer. I could put a curve. I could put a color adjustment. I'm gonna get my thing up. I've got a little density in here, I don't want density. I just have to darken it. So the only thing you have to do is you have to take away... Pardon me, you have darken to lighten. What? Unsubtract, you have to darken to lighten. So you just have to get that in your head. And then did you notice it a wee bit of a little color to it? You might want to, depending on your piece, you might wanna do desaturate. And then do the curve. Or whatever order. Could you imagine maskin' out that dirt? What a pain in the hienie. Unless you're a channel puller, and then you'd be thrilled. So hopefully you'll find this handy. How do you get these things? Well, just go shoot a picture of glass. You could do that, couldn't ya? You could make that.

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Watching Lisa work her creative magic is so fun! This was such an incredible class, I can't wait to watch it over and over again while I practice using the tools and techniques that are covered. It's enough to make me want to move away from portrait work and into creative commercial art. Such an awesome class!


Lisa is a great teacher! She does move quickly, but I have found her instruction to be very precise, and focus. So I think the time she spends on each topic is very efficient, and thoroughly covered. I love her teaching style. Thank for for another great course Lisa!


There are so many ways to accomplish the same thing in Photoshop. But I always love to learn new ways. This is a great class if you are already comfortable with Photoshop. It is not a beginner class.

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