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Creating Corsages

So now we're going to move on to making some chris taj is and to keep with our theme of what we started, I guess we can choose the same flowers, which are these lilies there nice and fluffy let's see, make sure everybody has some oh, you guys who have some lilies oh, good. Okay, so I'm going to choose thiss I'm going to yet again choose some run oculus do you guys harvard oculus? No ok, I can't take this should do some we'll do it explosion grass again because it's so pretty then we'll at kind of a green element to this to this because chris are just could be a little bit bigger than boot nears. Oh, you you have geranium. Oh, perfect. So we'll use some geranium and I think of chris charges is just kind of a bigger version of boot nears and some moms like to wear them on their chest and some like to wear them on their wrists, so I'll show you how I do the wrist part same idea let's take some of the ah paul in a awful the lilies moving the demon moving the state and we know what they're ...

called authorities thank you, thank you well, at least these ones don't have a stain on them the other lily's air quite a yellow the statement is quite it does require a little bit of precision and get in there yeah come out without damaging the rest of us our indeed and let's say that you do have one that does have a little bit of the pollen on it is something that you could kind of dunk it in water and get out of just done I usually low on them because water will make it even see more into the oh no yeah something I've used before to get some of the pollen office pipe cleaners are good you can get into the little grooves of the leaves that's a great tip yeah get out you know they're another sort of a nice thing to have on hand that won't cost you that much but we'll be really for yeah we use them all the time way we're looking at the geranium least we're just picking out the best ones what makes it the best one this one had a hole in it right yeah just the shape in the movement and the color and if it's got any brown on it or slug holes a very good point to make sure tell us when you're just beginning its chris maybe this is something you khun speak on it might be hard to understand what makes it good or yeah we've talked about how important the preparation is and to have everything trimmed to get all of the thorns out but sometimes you have to take time to sit there and look at everything and kind of look for those little holes that you may have missed when you first glance I think it's important to take the time to look them over and that's important too, especially if you're working for a client those little bitty details is that something that you would emphasize as well? Absolutely like right now I'm I'm before I put it together I'm just imagining what it would look on under wrist if if they were to wear it on the wrist and I think it's pretty good going at thiss you know, if you're gonna have this pinned on you all day, you will notice those little things so something is off on one of the one of the pedals you know, people are gonna notice it's worth the time it should be a detail definitely a detailed part of the work because it's so delicate and it's so kind of in your face right there and a lot of brides to have that perfection day mentality and their eyes are on every little thing every little I think you're not made of honorable notice. Yeah, yeah and then she won't tell the bright, but I'm sure that with all countess designs that's not even even something to ever worry about phil thank you so the same concept just gonna take it as a pie as I can, and I were close to the one of the training, lee it's, because of you know what you think looks better? I only like one because this one is pretty big and it doesn't need any more. I don't think mine will need anymore, so but if you think that it looks better on this let's try to make it identical. So he was one like we did it with the wooden ears, and this time it actually seems like you're taping it from the bottom in another in another, when you were doing the other boot nears that it seems like it's a little bit easier because you're not one hands not competing with that tool. Well, I've I was able to, you know, do the initial when you put it on, give under your thumb and then start pulling it easy or just I got it done while we were talking past and so and then when you looked over, it was just when I was it's the easy part when you've already gotten it to six together on all you have to do is just pull and rap like this, I'm going to call it a little bit more, so I again, normally I wouldn't cut it should be a little bit shorter, but to keep it in water, I keep it about this length, and I have all these little eighty biddy vases that I put them in until I leave with them and they want to tray, so but for this today, I'm going to cut it all the way just wouldn't get idea and and the way I do it is I I don't like the ones that they have pre made. Have you seen those massage? You don't like them? They don't have that look that I want, so I think a little a pretty little ah sheer ribbon would do the trick and all that you have to do is take this and wrap it with either ribbon or another ribbon or twine or just by itself. This isn't long enough for me to do that, but for eggs, if I had to, if I had a lot more, I would just wrap this like this and then on my wrist, it'll do fine. It would be like this or the other way, and I would cut it a little bit more in the bottom just tied in a ribbon, yeah, on her own for them or hurt her. Date does yes exactly so way I wanted to see if my curtis that's what it would look like and I would cut it a little bit more just so it wouldn't the stands wouldn't hang on the hand I love health simple that it it's just organic and like you said you you actually cut the sends off later how do you put it in the water with the ribbon on it I don't put the ribbon on it and I said I just quoted by itself in the water and then the last last minute before pickup or before delivery they did this and all if I'm seeing the the mom's I'm thinking of the mom of the bride or the groom and I'll say well here's your you know chris stars how you do it on then sometimes they want to wear it on their chest which is again find to do like this how how are students doing something wait here to save the day just put your that you could just either rap you could do since you have that ribbon I don't know how to use my room and I could take this and put the ribbon around I like this song right wait yeah that's that's so clever and you got that ok you could do the same as rachel so you could take this off and then make sure we don't squish her geranium it was moving on me books yeah like this one side here on one side here that people were watching at home yeah are you doing right now that kind of help out on that so I'm just we have some extra ribbon here and I used it basically over there I had gone ahead and tied and not around this on then put it on my wrist here because we have this extra ribbon I wrapped it um around the ribbon that we initially had I made a bull like rachel did right here so you secured one weapon with the other an example you cannot ever have too many ribbons that is true and I think that's cute yeah thank you sure. How are you doing on your doing that perfect that this well I love the look of it very lovely yes just make your boat I'm curious to hear from the students so you know earlier we were kind of working tio just make them look independent and just kind of having that freedom to be creative. Now these last things that we've been doing you've been kind of attempting to duplicate something that's already out there hasn't been easier or more difficult for you guys to try to follow and already you know and to make it look like something that's already out there well, you know what's what's a little bit tricky is yeah, not having your choice of material is like having having to select from this narrow sort of bunch of materials was like it was more challenging it felt a little more frustrating like well, if I could use this beautiful flower instead like that would that would make it be lovely more easily. Um yeah, but I had to work for it a little bit okay, yeah, yeah, I always find it a little bit more difficult for fooling someone else's vision, right? You never know what I mean seeing it helps definitely seeing someone else's process but it's always you know, it's always difficult to kind of replicate and you know, it's a creative process so it's kind of, you know, it's it's difficult it I can imagine yeah, difficult, I think I kind of like cantor was saying before trying to make something exactly identical is a little bit difficult even if you have the same flowers and some kind of wondering when you make it for the groomsmen these the same flowers but kind of trying to get a different yeah do you guys know about persian carpets? Present carpets are all handmade and um sometimes they're crooked and they don't know one flower in some corner of it is missing on they could all have the same design but they all look very different and unique even though they have the same colors in this house how I think about because it's a work of art done by hand and there's nothing you could do about that so well you know there was actually a question that came in about the just to make sure they're putting the stem in the right direction on the more hot u s o I I like it this way with this design at least that I have done this is where the stem is going on mine and that's why I cut it a little bit shorter just so that it wouldn't be in the way maybe we can actually pull our corsages tio lying to each other now we should go to a wedding way see them all table there can we get a shot of them on your wrist you guys want to tie them onto each other's risk what is this yeah thank you pretty might not be long enough on the just to sort of see how they look on the risk is sometimes they look different when they're out on the table if you want to make sure they they sort of sit because when you know different people of different sized wrist is that come into play here absolutely that's what you give a lot more ribbon that I have right now not too tight is that now that's great it was great this's the beauty of having the overhead cam for this course we could see all the guys wait yeah, wonderful! Yeah let's get all those hands in there instagram wear that and the thing is they do look very similar you know it looks like you guys did follow the same pattern there that looks wonderful thank you it's like I feel like it's like crystal explosion grass it sparkles the living is so much more comfortable than that standard last with little base thing yeah this is such an inventive alternative yeah that's a good point and maybe sometimes it is worth it to spend a little bit more on a ribbon that will be more comfortable for the person who's wearing way I think that in some way you know when I because I was self taught I didn't know how to do things until I did them and so I didn't go the first time I made these massages I did go to the store in so how cool I'm gonna buy thes and using for chris sausages and then I did use them and I think I thought this is not really comfortable it doesn't look cool maybe I'll just come up with my own way of making it and I feel that it's pretty simplified way of doing it great well any final thoughts on the world of putin airs and corsages for e I just think that simplicity goes a long way as always especially with this sex segment it's you know we're not using ten million different kinds of flowers that like I did with the bouquet earlier but still keeping with our garden style and using what we used in the bouquet and then I think we came up with some lovely results any questions? Anyone? How do you guys feel about boot nears and core sausages feeling more confident now on your ability to go back and make these on your own? Yeah, I think they're really fun to make because you could be a super delicate and detailed with them but they're very simple at the same time you don't need too much to make a statement, right? So I think it's a really great way just actually practice the art of designing and I mean this could be great for even just a garden party or a brunch I did it I did a post on crystallizes for mom on mother's day last year on my block so I called the mothers there chris sausages and they had my mom I just went into the garden and found whatever I could because it's such a small bouquet you can get anything in there and I think I made six variations and I had my mom post for me and take some pictures of her it was such a hit, I got a lot of hits people loved is is all over pinterest it was colorful and happy and how did your mom love it? She loved it with the most important thing I agree yeah can we had a lot of questions coming in about your your workflow and how you're doing all of this I'm curious to know what is the most that you've spent on on these the vote nears now when you're doing a typical wedding how many of those will you do for each wedding? Um typical wedding is five to six foot nears your regular wedding people want to have their friends and their weddings and so I'm always excited when I have weddings that only have one bridesmaid or you know a man of honor but I've made up to eight to ten foot nears for weddings and chris charges of course are there less because they're just for moms that's true and usually they're only two month so um e I I mean I'm not gonna lie it's exhausting yeah a lot of work the way it works for me is because I'm such a one woman show I like to be in control ofthe what gets done and how it gets done I'm not that I should seek for more help out there but I haven't been so I do it all myself and it's exhausting it's usually three days of work work work and then collapse so that's how I do it but I will be I've had so many e mails about people wanting to intern with me and I'm delighted and I will I will write you guys back

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Nothing captures the beauty of an individual flower quite the way a boutonniere or corsage does. Join Kiana Underwood to learn how to make stunning tiny arrangements!

This class covers the core design concepts for creating simple and elegant boutonnieres and corsages. Kiana will teach you how select, prep, and assemble flowers so you end up with simple, durable floral accessories everyone will admire.


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This is an interestingly style. Very garden style. I would have liked to see an example of more formal style as well. Some good ideas to keep them fresh