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Creative Composition

Susan Stripling

Creative Composition

Susan Stripling

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Class Description

Successful wedding photographers know how to think fast — and creatively — on their feet to capture beautiful shots that reflect the emotion of the day. In this 90-minute workshop, award-winning wedding photographer Susan Stripling will teach you exactly how to overcome tired techniques and stay fresh and creative.

Susan will walk through an entire wedding day, showing you how to know when to wait and when to shoot. Whether you’re a beginning wedding photographer or a working pro, this workshop will infuse new life into your mindset and business.



Love this course! It was so nice to see how Susan would take an amazing image and make it more creative and inviting. So ready to start looking at things with a different eye to tell the story.

a Creativelive Student

Susan is amazing! I swear, she speaks the language of photography in the most clear and concise terms. I love it! I learned so much from this class! Thank you for your generosity CreativeLive and Susan Stripling!

Amanda Tesanovic

some good tidbits in this one.