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Delivery in Adobe Lightroom Classic

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Class Introduction: Sharing via Web

Jared Platt

Delivery in Adobe Lightroom Classic

Jared Platt

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Lesson Info

1. Class Introduction: Sharing via Web

Lesson Info

Class Introduction: Sharing via Web

So, for instance, if I wanted to share a set of images, and I'm just going to share a bunch of art photographs that I've taken, So this is a collection of images that I've taken over time and have just found all these images that I really, really love, and I'm making a book out of them. But I want before I make a book out of them. I want to actually share them with someone. And so I'm going to share them via the Web, say, to an editor or a friend or somebody that can help me go through him and choose the very, very best images. So the way I'm gonna do that is simply by clicking on a collection. Any collection that you want to share to the Web, the way you share it to the Web is very simple. You just There's a little box right over here, next to every collection and notice. It's not next to a collection set or a right here. It's a folder of collections. It's actually associated with that specific, uh, collection. So I've created a collection, and now I'm going to simply click on this bo...

x and When I do that, it's going to share those images up to the Web Light rooms Web portal. Basically, So it's up in the cloud, and it's ready for either myself to view on same my IPad or my IPhone or it's ready for the world to view it. So the process of clicking that little box does a ton of things all at once. It puts it on the Web so other people can see it if you give them the the address to it and also gives you the ability to see those images on all of your other devices, including another computer. If you're running light room desktop, which is the new version of light room, that is a little bit more basic. So this is a very powerful box. Once you check it, then you can right click that collection and come down to this part that says this little menu item that says light room links I need to first make this collection public. So when I make this collection public, I am able to allow the outside world toe look in at those photos. I'm gonna right click it again and go back to that light room links area. And now, um, you can see that it's I can either turn it to private or I can view it on the Web. So I'm actually gonna click on view on the Web. This private link is my link. It's it's feel I'm the only one that gets to see this version of the link this public link. That's going to be something that I choose some options on. So I need to go to the Web and I'm gonna click on view on the Web. So here we are. We're showing up with this is light room on the Web, and you can see that all of my collections over here on the left hand side are available to me. But I'm actually showing the one collection that I just right clicked and said, View on the Web. So it's really easy to find it just by being in light room. So here I am, and I can look at him myself on the Web anywhere. So if I happen to be at a friend's house and I want to show him something I'm working on. But I didn't bring my phone. I didn't bring my tablet. I didn't bring a computer. Aiken still log in tow. My website, which would be light room dot adobe dot com. Sign in and I can show them anything that happens to be shared through one of those collections. But I can also come over to the right hand side here and Aiken, click on this little button that has a silhouette of a person on it, and I can either choose Onley invites. So only people with the invites concede it. Or I can say anyone can see this. And then I can copy that address and I can then paste it into an email and scented someone. I'm actually going to create another WEBS version that that pretends not to be me so that we can see what it's gonna look like. That's what it looks like to the world right now. Now, I'm gonna go back here and do some editing to this. So, for instance, um, I can change some of the settings like I can allow downloads. So if I want my friends and family to be able download J pegs, I could do that. I can show the metadata show the location information on images. So those are some of the things I can choose their and then, more importantly, down below. I can also choose how these air going to look. So this little, um, palette here, if I click on it, it gives me options to show what? The notice that this looks a lot like this. So I'm I'm actually going to choose what that is gonna look like. So here is it's a appearance right now is dark, but I'm gonna choose light because my website is actually light and airy. So I choose White and then Aiken drop this thing up and then that allows me to show the title or not show the title, show the author or not, show the our author And then I can also choose a hero image so I can use the cover and say, I want to use it as a hero image. And so now whatever I have on the cover is going to be up the top. So it's actually a more interesting beginning to the website. Um, and I'm going to order organize these by star rating file name etcetera. So I'm just gonna do it by capture date with just great ongoing clothes. Oh, and then I could choose the theme so I can either do it as like a big masonry style. I can do it as one image at a time, like, kind of a blawg style, or I can do it as more of a smaller grid masonry style. So I'm gonna do it as a bigger masonry style, and I'm gonna close this back down. Now, I'm going to scroll through here and find an image that I want to be kind of my, uh, main image. So let's see, I'm gonna choose this one. So when I check box it, I can choose. So I just clicked on that checks box, and then I can just look up here and say, Set as cover. There's other things I can do is well, so I can said it is the cover. I can remove it. I can delete it. I can add it to another collection. I can move it. Um, I can connect it to one of my other outside options, or I can share it, so I'm gonna set it is the cover. So now that image is on the cover and I can re negotiate this where it is. So because it's a long skinny, I'm going to click on this little option right up here that has, like, a photo on it. Click on the editing option and then I can reposition this there and then apply it there. So now I have my cover. I have that and I can edit this and I can add additional items so I can say this is my our work for the new the book Let me know what you think. Think, think, And then I can I can add headings I can also as I scroll through if I want to add some kind of text in the middle like a blogger, I just hit this little plus button and now I've got a space in between the photographs where I can add additional information. The next segment is all ah, island photos. So I can add text all the way along. So it becomes a very serious way of sharing your images actually fairly quickly because they're already live and everything that I've been changing right now. If I just go, if I just go to the um, the website here and refresh it. See everything has been added. So it's it's just updating constantly. So this is how you share your images with other people. And there's one other option that you can choose as well inside of your, um, editing options here. And that is, if you go to down at the bottom, this is you're still on the Web, so you're still on your Web portal to your light room catalogue. Um, you can click on this one that has a little check box and a photo. If you click on that, it takes you to an area that you have to. You have to set up a whole nother sharing link. It's a different link, so you click on that link again and say enable proofing. So this is an option for people to be able to proof, say, you did a corporate job and you wanted the person to choose the image that needs to be retouched, and you only want to give him one option or 20 options or 10 options or whatever they get X number of selections. So we're going to enable the proofing once we've enabled the proofing weaken, limit their selections. So just click on limits selections to and then would say, Let's say three photos, that's all they get to choose. All right, so now I got a copy, That link. I'm gonna copy that link, and then I'm gonna create another web. So I'm just I'm just going to the website as though I'm the client, and that's what they get. They're going to scroll through and say, Oh, I really like that one. They've got to sign in. So, uh, here one and I will do this is me so that I'm already signed in. Okay, so this what they're going to see, and then they're going to click. I want that one. So it's selected, but this is one of three, so they only get three selections, so then they'll scroll through, and if they want to look at him, they can click on an image, and then they can see it here. They'll see data over here. They can write a comment right here. They can actually look at the information on the image here. Eso and then they can just kind of scroll through him this way if they like. So I like this one. So I'm gonna check box that one, and then I'm gonna actually have him go. I'm gonna go back out and look right. Let's do this one here. So now three of three or selected. So I'm done. I don't I can't select anymore. If I try and select, it's like, No, you're done. You only get three selections. So now if I go back to my site now, it's looking. And it found that I made three selections. So if I have been working with a client and I set up this proofing site and sent it to him, then I would simply come back toe light from this. How I would go check on their selections. They called me and said, Hey, I made my selections. Can you go on Edit him? I would simply right click this. I'm inside of Lightning Classic I right click that collection. I go to light room links and view my private link on the web. Then I would go from the private link to the proofing area. It's gonna load in the images that they've chosen. And by the way, if more than one person log in it will show you the activity of each individual person or all activities so you could have multiple people logging in on by the way they can. Even if they're not on Adobe User, they can set up in adobe user account for free. So it's just a Nadeau be log in. And so then what I'm gonna do is I'm gonna I'm gonna groups I want to select. So let's say they chose 30 images for an album. I would simply click on this one and shift click to this one. So I get all of them and then I'm going to add them to a new collection. Click on here and I'm gonna add them into a new collection. And I'm gonna call that collection selections from the client and create the album. And by doing that, I have just created album in the Web that gets sent down to Light Room Classic as a collection. So I have quickly grab the whole bunch of images that my client shows, and I've put them into a place where I could manage them. So now I'm going to go back to Light Room Classic and inside a light room classic. I'm just gonna sort search for ah, C l 2020. Uh, selections might have to wait. Just a second. Wallet refreshes. So we're gonna wait for it. It might take a few minutes to do that, but we're going to find it. You can either search for up here inside of the search the filter on the collections, or you will always find that folder. If you scroll down inside of light room, you're going to find a folder that says from light room mobile so you can see it right there from light room. Mobile is always going to contain all of the collections that come from light room mobile, anything that you make. So now you're just going to scroll down through here or search for it. And there it is, selections from client. And there's the three images. You can go work on those images and then deliver him in any way you see fit. Okay, So, uh, we have now shown you how to share your images out to a client and even proof them through light room web. So I don't even need to have a proofing software in order to do that I can, of course, use other proofing software's I. SmugMug has an incredible plug in that's down below here. If you go below the collections. There's a place called published services and publish services air just collections, but they are attached to outside services. And so one of those hooligans that I have is called SmugMug. So if I want a client to be able to not only proof images look at their images, download their images, and I want them to be able to order him through my print house, which is White House custom color, they can do that on SmugMug. And there's a plug in here as a published service that I just simply grab my images. I make them into a collection on a published service, and I share them with I PO published them to SmugMug. And then I just send the link in the same way that I just sent a link to the client toe. Look at my images on light room. I can send a link that's specific to that client to send it to SmugMug, and then they can review it and they can order images. But in the same way that I have just created a collection, um, here and shared it to my clients through through light room and through the light room Web portal. That's exactly the same way that I share images to light Ra Mobile for myself. So I can simply grab my phone and open up light room on my phone, and they're right here on my phone, which is fantastic. I've got all of my images right here on the phone. I can look at every single one of these collections is also on my phone as a album inside of light or mobile, and I can look at them on my IPad as well. And anything I do here on my IPhone or on my IPad will automatically be done on my on in light room classic back here once I get back to the studio. So the fact that you can do all of that from one click all you have to do again, just go simply to this little box and check on it. And once you check it, it's shared on the Web is going to see it people. If you give him a link, people can see it and you can see it on your phone or on your your tablet and even on another computer if you have light room desktop. The original are the new version of Light Room, which is kind of pared down, but its really useful for being able to see things on the road or have a family member be able to peek into your images because it's all connected.

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  • Select and share you images to proof
  • Share your photos with slideshows
  • Use folders with presets to export images efficiently
  • Share your images to Lightroom Mobile


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