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Delivery in Adobe Lightroom Classic

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Sharing with Slideshows

Jared Platt

Delivery in Adobe Lightroom Classic

Jared Platt

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3. Sharing with Slideshows

Lesson Info

Sharing with Slideshows

Now there's one other way to share your images to your client on that's at the actual event. So I'm a wedding photographer, so I do things at an event as well. So I'm photographing all day long or all week long, and during its the reception or during a party, or maybe a brunch or something like that, I may be asked or want to show images that I have been taking all week long or during one specific day. In this case, I was shooting a wedding in the Bahamas, and so is an entire week event S O. I may be asked to then share those images as a slideshow, either on a small monitor over by the bar or maybe up on a monitor or ah, projector on a screen somewhere. But I'm going to create a slide shot of that. Now, the easiest way to make a slide show to show to your clients or showed anybody is simply, especially if, like, say, you're just in your studio and you want to quickly run a slide show to a client that's coming in the studio. To see a set of portrait is to simply collect those images int...

o a collection, and I've got one here. So there's the collection, and I'm going to highlight all of those images. And I'm just going to simply eso have about 139 images to show. And I'm just going to click on the slide show module right up here at the very top, and I'm gonna click on that slide show module, and it's gonna take me to an interface that gives me options on that slide show. And quite frankly, there's a lot more options than you ever need to deal with. Um, once you've figured out on the right hand side all the settings that make your slideshow look the way you want it, Teoh, then you simply go over to the right hand or the left hand side and add a template here. So I'm actually going to choose one of my templates, which is just going to be a simple cross fade slide show. So once you click on the left hand side and choose your preset, it will change all of the information on the right hand side and let me just show you what that information is so that you know what I'm doing here. So I'm almost doing nothing. So I'm not choosing to do. Like, for instance, I'm not zooming to fit the frame. I just want the image to be whatever it is on the frame. I'm not this showing guides is just showing it to you right now. It's not gonna show on on the slide show, and I don't have any kind of name information on it. I don't have a color wash or a background image or anything. All of this stuff is turned off. I can turn on an intro screen that will give a specific title to the slide show. But I'm just gonna be running this on a constant loop for a long time. For hours. It's just gonna be sitting there at the bar that showing people slides so I don't wanna intro screen. I can put an exit screen. So there were once in a while my logo will show up, but usually I don't like to do that at an event itself. Everybody knows who I am. Um and then I'm not choosing to put music in it. And the reason for that is that there's already music playing at the event, so I'm not going to be using music toe over Teoh. Negate what they're playing, so I'm just turning off the music. But if for some reason you wanted toe have people see music like, say, in your studio, you just simply turn on the music option and then go find a song in your music library. It's just whatever's on your computer. You'll just click on here, find the song and choose it, and you can choose several. You can add several pieces of music, so choose one and then at a push, this little plus button at another one. It's very simple to do, and it will just show you how long the duration is right now, because this song is not actually on my system. It's zero. There's no music associated with it. But I'm gonna turn this off because I don't want to use music in the slideshow for my client. And then the last part is this playback option, and these air the important things. So you definitely want to choose the rights length of slide. I think maybe eight seconds is maybe a little long, but it's better because it holds. So this is not a good idea, for if people are sitting down to watch the slideshow, 45 seconds is better. But if people are just wandering by eight seconds, is pretty good. So that's why it's longer. Um, you can pan and zoom so it'll do kind of that. Ken Burns effect light rooms. Not great at it. But if you do a pan and zoom, make sure you put it at the very, very lowest setting. Because anything higher than low is, it's like almost make you sick movement. It's it's it's horrible movement, so just keep it low. If you do that, then I'm gonna repeat the slide show. And then it's important to make sure that it's high quality, not just standard quality. So then I and I don't know why that was there. So now I'll go back over here and right click that CrossFit fade simple, and I'll update the settings because I just changed a setting. And then I'm just gonna hit play, and it's gonna prepare these images for the slide show, and then once it's been finished preparing him, it will start the slide show, and it'll just go full screen and play. If you happen to have another monitor attached to it, it'll play on that second monitor instead. But that's it. It's a very simple process, and it gets your images out to show it in a very soft, nice way very quickly. Now, if you want to do online slide shows, you would actually have to export this file so you would actually have to come down here. And instead of hitting play, you would have to come over to this side and export it as a video, and it's gonna take a while. The export Light room is not a great video exporter, and it's not gonna look amazing that I just have never been impressed with the video capability of light room. It's just not it's not there yet, and I don't think it's meant to be there, Um, so you can export a video. It'll be fine, but it won't be amazing, Um, and so I highly suggest that if you want to do videos online, side shows online, I highly suggest that you use an actual program that's meant for that, like, for instance, and a moto is a really good program to use. It's an online. You upload your images to it, and there's all sorts of different types of slide shows you can make very easy to use. Another one is called Smart Slides. Smart Slides does a true four K video online of your images, and so you just upload them to smart slides. Smart slides keeps the full four K size and then it. If someone logs in tow, watch it on a small screen. It gives them a small version, but if they log in and they're showing it on like a really big monitor, like a 60 inch TV, it will deliver a four K video for them. Tow watch. So it's a really intelligent system, very easy to use. Um, if you happen to be a person. That album is an album designer. They also make a album designer the same company. Fundy is another tool that you can use that has a slideshow component. So there's a lot of different slide show you makers, Um, and they're much better than light room for making a slide show. The only time I used light room is a slide show maker is specifically when I need to do something right now. So I simply edit my images. I highlight them all. And then the client comes in and I turn on a slide show that all happens right here, inside of light room so that they could get a sense of what it was like. Put some music on. They love it. So that's how we do a slide show. Really, really quick. Inside of light room for anything else, I'm gonna go outside of light room and just export the J pegs and upload them to the service.

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  • Select and share you images to proof
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