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Reflection Session

Lesson 19 from: Designing Your Life: How to Build a Well-Lived, Joyful Life

Bill Burnett, Dave Evans

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Lesson Info

19. Reflection Session

Summary (Generated from Transcript)

The topic of this lesson is reflection and taking action on what was learned during the class on designing a well-lived, joyful life.


  1. What is the importance of both learning and unlearning in life design?

    Both learning and unlearning are valuable as they allow for growth and change in our perspectives and beliefs.

  2. How should you approach the list of ideas and tools mentioned in the class?

    The list should be scanned and used as a prompt to reflect on what was learned and unlearned during the class.

  3. Why is it important to take action on what was learned?

    Taking action on what was learned increases the likelihood of continued progress and growth in designing a well-lived, joyful life.

  4. How can you hold yourself accountable for taking action?

    By scheduling an accountability check-in with someone, such as a phone call or meeting for coffee, and asking each other how the progress is going.

  5. What is the benefit of sharing your action item with someone else?

    Sharing your action item with someone else helps to solidify your commitment and allows for potential support and encouragement in achieving your goals.

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Lesson Info

Reflection Session

We want you to think about what you have learned and what you have unlearned today. Maybe you haven't thought about unlearnings before, that might be a new idea. Okay, so there are learnings and unlearnings. There's like all that stuff you know. You know, there's 100% of your consciousness, that's everything you know and then a new things shows up and goes, hey here's some new stuff you didn't know that you didn't know, how cool. Well add that in, and some stuff comes in and it just adds itself to another piece of the pie, that's great but on occasion, you learn something or you just decide you don't think something anymore and an old idea leaves. Sometimes an old idea leaves all by itself, I just don't think that anymore and sometimes it gets evicted by a new idea. They both happen. You know, so you might have learned some things today, you might have chosen to unlearn some things today and both are very valuable. So I want you to now to in fact, think about what the whole day was lik...

e, we have a worksheet for you, our last worksheet of the day. It's got a picture that looks just like that, the visual syllabus we talked about. This is all the stuff we did today. 15 or 16 ideas and tools and again, these are logically organized but this is not due number one, two, three, four, five to 16 in order and then your life is designed, doesn't work that way at all. You do these things in the order that makes sense for you. So you scan over that list of stuff and ask yourself, and that's just to prompt you, it's not to make a checklist but just write down, what did I learn today? And maybe, I no longer think, I want to keep my options open. That's a brilliant idea, I think I'm on the way to unlearning, option maintenance is a good idea. You might have decided to unthink some things. And the last part of that worksheet, after you write your learnings and your unlearnings, give yourself a chance to notice what you learned and what you unlearned, is please jot down a couple of action items, whether it's that prototype follow up, whether it's take one of those learnings and go further with it, but just what did I learn, what did I unlearn? Finish those two things. Then do and what actions will I take in the next week or two. If you actually do something out of what you learned today soon, your chance of things keeping going goes way up. And here's how we're gonna process that. So the final conversation we want to have is at your tables, just do a round robin. Go around and each person share one learning or an unlearning. You know, I'll give you a couple minutes and not a month long paragraph, but you know, just a brief headline. We've all had the same content today, they all know what you're talking about. So I learned this, I unlearned this or I'm thinking about this, briefly. You know, next person, next person, just go around, give you know, maybe one, two, maybe three rounds of sharing. I'll be back in a minute with the last thing to do. Share your learnings now. Just go around in a circle. Well my main learnings was finding out that I'm very satisfied with the current path that I'm on. That's really great. It's called wanting what you get. That makes me feel good. (laughter) Takes a few years for us. I said the same thing, my life and work are very coherent. And that what we do for women is very impactful, maybe more powerful than I realized. Actions? Okay, so actions, I have two actions. One of them has to do with business-wise, the satisfying work that I like to do and we want to make sure we give, even more women the chance to experience it and learn from it. So it's the whole idea of moving into the digital space and so it's just having the conversations with the people that produce that kind of thing to make sure that it becomes a reality. And then my second, because my number two life is important that somebody takes it on and makes it happen, is just starting to investigate who I think could be leaders and doing that if that is not a path I'll end up going down. I want you now just to literally pick one action item. Turn to, pair up either side, doesn't matter. And specifically, you may have already shared it, that's fine, pick one action item, share it with the other person and what I want you to do is to schedule, before you leave the building, I want you to schedule an accountability check in. It's now Thursday, I want that done no later than 10 p.m. on next Tuesday, preferably Monday or Tuesday, about halfway through the week, a week out and here's that really hard ball accountability question. You're supposed to ask each other, how's it goin? We have had this experiment run many, many times. It turns you, you know we're all busy, we all got stuff to do and you know, we're not trying to threaten anybody but just a really friendly show up, hey I'm doin' the same thing you are. You know, hey how's it goin' and a contact, either by phone or preferably, if you guys are close enough, grab a coffee together like, hey way back last Thursday, what'd we learn? You know, how's that goin'? Just check in. So right now, share one action item with somebody and schedule a time to either make a phone call or a coffee to check in with each other next Monday or Tuesday. You get to share yours with the table. Okay thanks, I appreciate that. It's actually kind of what we were talking about earlier. I really want to take the ideals and the thoughts that I had and the work life and the worldview and all that and actually apply them and have that paradigm shift in my job. I think that's gonna be very interesting. Remember when we were talking about that earlier? So everything I wrote down there, sorry for the triad that didn't hear it but actually applying that and see how that changes the experience. So I want your number so I can call you on Tuesday. All right.

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A fantastic class for someone seeking to optimize their life for a greater sense of satisfaction and especially for someone who is considering a career transition. We are taught effective methods for brainstorming, examining, and prototyping our options, and we are given an approach for the hardest task of all: how to make a choice when faced with multiple good options! Also great tips for networking and getting your foot in the door. This class was very timely for me as I've been struggling with making a decision on what my next career was going to be. I now feel equipped with tools that will help me make that decision with less agony and more fun! Also, I'm a huge fan of design thinking, so it was great to see how that methodology could be applied to making one of the most important decisions in our life.

Karen Vitto

Great course! Great for who like me is on their 30's starting life in a new country with a new language and have been out of the industry for 4 years. Designing new goals, making new networking and starting a MBA for some updates on my carrear. Really helped with some focus. Super recommend!


Loved this class! It was high energy, fast paced and well organized, as well as inspiring. It helped me to make more concrete things I've been thinking and dreaming about. I'm so glad I took it. I made great contacts and will definitely use this material in the future!

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