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Free Preview: Vintage Centerpiece Part 2

We're going to move on to our roses and we have two styles today we'll start with the white ones these are your traditional hybrid roses that are the most common did you grow these air always gorgeous long stems um this particular one is called avalanche and it's my favorite white rose because it's not necessarily a pure white but it creates a beautiful when it opens traditional rose look to it you know I don't get opens quickly and it keeps its shape really well and I think it's a lovely shade so when I need to use a light colored rose this is so when I choose for sure and you'll see on these I have not pulled any of the petals off and there's kind of a debate on whether you take off the guard pedals are if you just let the rose be its natural self I personally on a hybrid rails will take off the guard pedals you'll see them there they're kind of like these miss shaped little green ones on the edge a little bit there were stiffer than the typical pedal and they're there too protect th...

e rose when it's in its bud bud form but but it also holds its shape it's keeping it up right so when you take off your guards you'll find that your rose will start opening more so but other than that I think the rest of it looks great another problem with the white roses? They bruise really easily so if you see any pedals that look that are turning brown or something that you might want to remove those, but other than that, I think we don't have to do too much work to these, and if you have leads that are a pyre, you're more than welcome to leave those on these look really nice. I think this one might be I'm not going to keep it this long, so I'm going to pull off the bottom ones and see, I think I'm gonna take all these leaves off because they're probably too low and we're going to spread these around is to create our focal flowers, and we're just gonna have to guess to meet on how long that stem is going to be first, so you wanted to sit a little bit above, I guess in the not too deep for sure if, um, within your fillers, but not not too far out, so making sense of pride doesn't make a lot of sense, but yeah, this one I'm going to try to keep some of the greenery on because it looks like it's higher up and I think they'll be good the roses doing looking ok, they're not to brewster anything? Yes, we don't have to do too much work on that regard green called this a guard a guard peddle some people take that off. Yes, yeah, um, I guess it's more like when you get into the garden roses, which is what our next one is, then people tend not to pull any of the petals off, and I'll explain that we'll get to that one. But what I do for the hybrid roses sometimes for sure, um, because, you know, typically when you get him in, you know, a dozen or whatever it is that they're pretty tight, they haven't opened up very well and metal that'll help. It'll let a little bit, so I'm just gonna fill spread them out a little bit and the last one and this one too, I think I'm going to leave some of the leaves because I like having that adding a little more greenery to it. So yeah, if you have some leaves that air high enough up, definitely try to do that so well, spread these around in some of the holes and looking good. Um, if you grow your own hybrid roses, you're probably not going to ever get such long stems. They will produce pretty long stems a long enough for you to do an arrangement like this, no problem, because we're only meeting and city about six inches when you say they're not especially long stems, so it would be completely realistic toe poulsen roses out of your yard if you have those and not have to worry about having a really long stem for that I think I'll stick one more at higher and then we'll put in our garden roses so our color palette for this one is pretty pretty light we're using a lot of pinks and whites and peaches it's a soft kind of romantic color palette that fits in with a silver silver vintage color our style really well okay there spread them around like you guys are getting him nicely to I did okay, yeah no, I think I'll be fine but we're going to be adding in some more yeah, it might it might appear that way right now, but I bet by the time we added some sweet peas and stuff that you won't you will feel the same. Okay, so well you'll finish up your last roses, which it looks like you're mostly there I'm going to start pulling out my other other roses which are this peach color soft peach really? Are they great? These are david austin roses, which off here if you're rose fan he's, a famous english rose breeder so he's kind of the quintessential english garden roses what his roses are and this is one of his varieties called juliette and it's probably the most popular garden rose I used for weddings right now seems like if you are on pinterest or looking at any wedding pictures and you type in, you know garden rose ok, this is what comes up because it's stunning it's just beautiful and what makes a garden rose different than a hybrid is you'll see that they're not as tall for one thing right there much shorter um pedal structure and when they open, which I don't know if any of these are far enough for you to see they have a intricate pattern in the center that's usually like a four leaf clover look to it so it's a really nice different look than a hybrid rose I like using both of them garden roses are immensely more expensive than hybrid roses and they also don't last us long because they typically their petals are seemed to be softer they have a fragrance so they don't last this long, so I don't know if this one does did you notice not much on this one? Yeah, typically they would so it's just I think I think a balance of the two is a great way to go personally so we're going very someone or what we just did I'm going to start placing in some of these in what we would want our our focal point to be now we trimmed off the thorns ahead of time you might still find one or two on there you might want to trim those um, if they don't bother you, it's not a big deal, but sometimes they catch up on other things when you're when you're putting a man and makes a little more difficulty, and I think I'm going to play some next to my other roses, so they're like a little pairings, I think that's cute when they're ah together like that, you don't need tio, but I'm gonna like that I was going to mention about removing petals on these so you don't see as many guard pedals on garden roses, I don't know if they're just not as prominent or what the situation is, but if you start picking off that its outer petals than the rose tends to fall apart a lot faster. So I am usually very, very cautious on how many petals all removed from a garden rose, because I just know that that's the outer petals or what's holding it shape and knowing that they're already going to have a shorter life and they're gonna open faster. I don't necessarily want that to happen if you're trying to get him to open faster, that might be the way to go, but but I don't necessarily want that this time for sure, because I want this arrangement to last in my house for a while so I can enjoy them hey, so we'll spread these pretty ones around and see it already at this point we shouldn't have any problems with them standing upright you guys have any problems keeping them where you want him to be yeah, we got that by creating that structure at the beginning and using the tape to help now we're doing great and I've been using the same base very large tall draping arrangements out of this so you don't need a really deep vessel to create larger arrangements well here's one that's opening more maybe you have one too but you can see the colors it's a lot deeper on the inside which is nice hey, bill tried out in my center so then get that guy up here yeah pretty that little bit of color is making a big difference, isn't it? Yeah that's good you guys almost done with that so perfect how you feeling? You're gonna change that guy that's fine, thank you. Okay, what should we do next? I think we will move on to our yaro which is this kind of flour. It too would be considered probably a filler flower and you should have several colors of it. There should be a possibly a yellow and a pale pink you know, on a regular pink color they kind of grab onto other flowers, so be careful when you're pulling him out of your bucket just a couple yeah, and they do similar to what we just experience with the review they branch a lot so weaken turned them down or break them apart we don't need a lot we're just going to use a few of them to add a little more color and to fill in some spots so even if you just have one one stammer too that's probably fine so I'm just going to take the center out of this one that just has the most color and and use that and probably not the extra little pieces I might use those later though I'm gonna stick it down in between some of the roses yeah so I think I'll keep the uses backups for later I want something did you find enough yeah he got a few you don't need a ton yeah yeah you could probably separate that one out of it that's kind of the beauty of using a shorter basis you have a little more freedom to break flowers into smaller clusters because you don't need very long stems well, he is a little bit of the yellow if you happen to get any of that I don't know how much of that we had so then we're that's helping create more of a a blending of colors which is kind of nice any different tones I think I'm only gonna use me values one more three or four you don't need a lot so we had a lot of other flowers coming into so okay, now I've spread it out enough, I think to um to give enough color variety around here and this point minds looking a little bit very round years is a little more some varied, which is good, but I think I'm going to start a zay, add more flowers and then going very the height so it doesn't look like a perfect ball if that makes sense I think that looks a little better good ok, I'm going to say these stems because there's still a lot of flowers on here I might want to use later if we want to spread out the arrangement more okay, I think we're going to move on to way haven't done the roses yet let's do that so you should have one or two stems of rose buds branching roses when we pull this out and you'll see it be careful because their thorns did not get removed and they are prickly I guess a few of my did open up so this is a this is a ground cover relish that decided to grow up the side of a chicken house so now it's a huge climbing rose and it is it just blum's all summer long it's incredible but I chose it for this arrangement mostly in the bud form where you can see that they're really they have a really pretty pink tone to the buds and I like to use buries a lot of my arrangements I don't want to necessarily use all flowers and I couldn't find any berries that I really liked right now where this is going to give that look to it um you could use you know, raspberries, their blackberries or any kind of berries you find in your yard hyper comes our way once you see in the grocery stores a lot of other arrangements and their little green balls that air that or a spray color or a spray design and those are great but this time we're going to try these guys and try to avoid all the thorns and again at this I'm going to want to stick out farther than the rest of my flowers because I wanted to be seen more it's airy enough that it's not going to look to out a place that makes sense a little bit higher you couldn't do some out the size if you feel like you need a little more down below this this would be another one to help extend that out. Maybe I'll try one of those trim off some of these I don't know how many you all got, but use them where you think makes the most sense try one down here that's kind of nice they're a little harder to put in because of their thorns you can take the time if you like, I'm they're easily bust off so if you just pop him off with your fingers the bigger ones that helps we I usually use a roasty thorner it's a little tool that kind of grabs onto the stem and you just slide it down and it pulls all the thorns off but these are too small so it didn't work so well just do what we can well a couple questions from aunt louise I wanted to know what would be the cost of a floral arrangement like the one that you're making now this one now I would say by the time we're done it's going to be close to I would say retail of the over one hundred dollars and that's because we're using more roses and things that are a little higher price the garden rose probably each stem would go for nine or ten dollars you know so that's that's really pushing it over so that comes down to your choices on your flower choices on what you choose for your your flowers if it was all roses then it would probably be two hundred or more yeah, but we're trying to dio I like doing a mixed variety to help not only for from a look standpoint I like seeing a lot of different flowers but also to help balance out the cost another question that came in from kk who wanted to know if you could talk a little about about trends in flow of floral arranging going on trends right now dina or so um let's say sorry we're trying to get this little guy in so definitely that from again some from my standpoint I deal mostly with weddings and I see a lot of the resting in the vintage for sure I see country which is kind of an offshoot of rustic that's really big I'm seeing a lot more designs for people want hombre where the color and a few familiar with hombre words shades of a color grady ate it down and they want their arrangement to be that way or to be color blocked that's another where you'll dio instead of spreading out the roses like we did this time you a cluster them all in one spot and more so there's solid pieces of colors and I think that's really pretty it's a little more modern but I like that a lot too andi just free flowing vines that a cascade look in your table arrangements and in your bowl case but not the perfect teardrop that was like the eighties or nineties kind of wedding you know that you're probably you have seen from family photos but just having that that freedom of movement which a little more like what we did in arrest iq and that you know it was it's not tight so that's what I've been trying to yeah yeah fun things thanks for sure yeah ok did you guys use up all your stands I think I'm going to dio probably two more if I can get them in here I like them coming out this besides if I can extend it a little more like you got a little rose a little different than the rest of selfishness spectacular but but in math because they're a single bloom but I like him and then my chickens when they when the petals fall they wait for the pedals to fall and they gobble him up it's weird and another body rose petals but I guess it's a delicacy for them so it's kind of funny okay, we'll slide this one over here so I got it spread out no, I'm reaching that point where it's hard to get him in okay so now I've got him spread out a lot and it's to me my where before I thought my arrangement was getting too perfectly round and now I'm starting to fix that by pulling some out on dh that's that's a preference I just I like to have a very heights in my arrangement okay I'm going to say this one let's move on to let's do one more greenery that we have you should have a variegated men it's in their variegated it's usually green with white margins around the edge cynicism just a standard man's plant we only have a couple of sprigs of it so maybe hard to find in your buckets there you go you got him and he can see again you can smell right definite mint smell to it which is really great I like these they you can kind of see how so this is a stem quite a few flowers do this when you cut him and normally they would go up right right but if they started falling down there are always going to head back up and that's how you get these little ninety degree turns and stepped in and snapdragons do it mints does quite a few of them they're always searching straight for your light source so if you're keeping him in a bucket and you want him to be straight you better make sure they're up right because if you have a minute angle they're going to start doing this I like it though I'm gonna use it to my advantage that it's creating that kind of little as shape a little bit and I'm going tio again a similar to what I just did with the roses are gonna have him sit out a little more and it's some of them if you got a little welty guy then I probably when she wouldn't use him because I don't know if he's going to make it back in time he's out of the out of the running you can try to resurrect him but I wouldn't probably stick him in your arrangement sometimes they just weren't long enough for the bucket or something and that's the way it works okay, so I'm gonna stick this guy so he's coming out the edge and they smoke it and I like I chose the variegated one again because it reminds me a little bit of a little more lacey delicate look than the traditional meant like the edges are a little more roughly this is one that you could honestly probably find in a grocery store you know, just when you buy bunches of herbs well, if they're a decent stem length I I use a lot of that you mentioned using your carrot top I do that I've been using kale leaves all spring because they're so roughly and pretty and that's another thing you could find your grocery store just as a vegetable I use lettuce that's gone to seed in the garden I think pretty almost anything is up for grabs you just got to try it and see if it works yeah, you know it's a little a little fun too to try different things and some of them might not work not everything does well when it's been cut and in the water but majority of them will that's a question yes, so I know you said that you like to add a lot of flowers, bouquets and that comes with skill, so I'm wondering if you're new to this when you get to that point where it's hard to put flowers in because it's getting crowded, do you think that's a good place to stop so you don't start breaking or destroying your radio what you thought that's a good idea that I mean that's definitely a good one good deal to think of and also if I am going to part down my arrangement and not use it such variety I stick tio three varieties of greens and three varieties of flowers and I do that a lot so that's definitely one thing to think of two where now we're probably using eight or nine kinds of flowers, so just bringing that back would be we're definitely they go out and good idea thank you okay having and go about my meant so I'm going to put that away and we just have a few more flowers to add him just to add some flourish let's do our sweet piece, which I don't know if you all noticed sees yet, but these are probably the most amazing color sweet pea I've ever seen they're they're called a coral, I believe, but look how many shades of pink there are you know you know it's not cool the buds air still that light yellow color says he's going to blend in really well with what we've already got started and way don't need a lot of them you can sometimes when I do larger arrangements because these air kind of there's a big space between each flower. Sometimes I'll bunch him together, and I think I did that on the the square based design that's an ad on that you, khun view later to show you how to just square base tonight when you group them together, then you got a much more a larger volume of them and you'll notice some more. But for this arrangement, I think just using a couple of them here and there to add in the ruffle feature, I think, is going to be just fine. So just stick a few around here in summer on the top of stuff would be great. Just where do you think looks makes the most sense sense for your current arrangement? Sometimes I'll even, um, use the sweet pea vine. You're kind of taking a bunch of future blooms along with it. But man is the sweet pea vine, gorgeous. It curls and has all those little tendrils everywhere and the little sweet peas air on. Um, so if you have, this is a variety of sweet pea that has a for a sweet pea of really long stem, this is about as long as they get. So if you're if you're growing a variety that has a much shorter stem or like the wild, sweet piece that you see growing on the side of the road, they're not very long, so then I would take the whole line and incorporated that way, and I think that works really well. So stick a few of these in you don't really notice they're fragrant so much right now you'll see a little bit. I think that artemisia has kind of taken over our meant maybe that's. What the smell is the mint that's. Nice. So you're kind of maybe unconsciously doing your asymmetric kind of look that's so popular a little more on one side. Yeah, I think that's great. Now it looks very natural, which is good. You know, when you when you look in a in a garden on dsi, how the flowers are growing on their own, they do that they evan wave and create their own little shapes, I think that's really pretty when I'm arranging like I want a way. But it doesn't it that brian, like you pick this one up in your life, just things here. So you have you have some personality, it does, you know, sometimes you just yeah, if you force it in a way it's not going to go so well yeah, you're very very white so sometimes it's better to keep an open mind and go with like your color palette or something and then your overall but final look it might not be the same shape that you intended it to be, but it'll still look great for what you are planning on yeah um I think we're just going to two three, three more way had these really gorgeous bachelor buttons that air pink you should have a few of those lsn't having a really hard time getting him out of the bucket but typically bachelor buttons that most people are familiar with our blue but these are these really cool pink colors some were white with pink eyes or centers somewhere multi colored are they just sweet so it is going to put a few of them in here if you've got someone just gonna cut this one since I can't seem to pull it out as the open flowers, I'll put a few of those in and since this is pretty delicate, I wanted to sit out a little bit also, if you stick it into deep, you're not going to notice it, so I'm gonna wanted to sit a little bit above like my roses or something on the other nice thing about thes stamps is the buds that have not opened yet right oh yeah completely use and they have this they look like little artichokes and if you can see their little pedals that haven't opened up yet they're really intricate so I'll probably use a few of those in there too and also keep them a little long so you can kind of see him when tio one more these we're almost done with how much we can fit in here comfortably it'll just take a few of these little buds in like we were talking about you can get those in here where maybe not circles and we'll put in a little grass after this ok nice is there looking so good ok so when you finish those we have just a few poppies that we're talking a little bit about before that caller's question or the web question and these ones are ice atlantic poppies and they too are really popular right now they look so delicate and paper like they come in a huge array of pastel colors and um they do not need to be cauterized that which is really nice about these I don't know why they're different than any other poppies but I love it because it's a way easier I'll just add in these poppies and then I think we'll be close for this these ones you can see how they kind of naturally been john if you're even to your papa stage yet but I'm going to let these sit high if that makes sense similar what we've been doing on some of these last ones but I wanted to let them droop their natural way rose just grabbed on to me and just be the again kind of the icing on a cake like the perfect coral color just so nice why you guys finish that up I'm going to show you quickly what it would look like if we were to set this table and how you can add a little more flowers table designed so this would be our centerpiece, which we just finished, which is lovely and then we're going to bring out some plates and we usually when I do an arrangement I I would set it in between where the guests there sitting because they're going to have their glassware and their everything on the top for their plates so you're going to be you will have more space in between for people that he would here where it flows onto their plates so willing to stick it in between for guests and then another way to add a little bit of fun cheer party is to make little flowers for each place that when I made some of these up ahead of time I used him in um floral tubes water, water tubes to keep them fresh so that is a good way to do it if you're trying to do these ahead of time um because flowers just don't stay fresh out of water for very long, you know, boot nears and chris sausages and whatnot so this is one way to do it you the tube is a little bit large and that especially keen on that, but, um you could tuck it inside a napkin if that was kind of bothering you. I covered it. It's a clear to buy covered it with a ribbon. Um, I think I think for a time sake, because we do want to move on, I'm going to show you how you would make one quickly without water because you've hydrated your stems enough already. And if you were just trying to do this as a last minute, right before a party kind of thing, you could easily just bunch together some little flowers and place them on the table with just some floral tapes. So I'll show you what that might look like. He would probably want to have a focal flower, which swee'pea is just something cute, and I probably do a couple greens like a a man to end what else we got? I saved one of these, so at a few of sprigs of thiss so it's just going to be a kind of a representation of what our arrangement isthe, but in a smaller form and floral tape if you haven't used to before it's stretching and it's kind of designed to be that way because you want to tighten it around, your flowers are going to start and I usually hold it with one finger to anchor it, and then I just start right lapping it tightly and stretching it as I go and that's going toe it's a little bit sticky if you've used it and you can feel that it's going to grab on to each other right? And so I'm just going to cover, shorten the stems and cover them completely up and that's going to seal in the water is going to keep him from being exposed to the air much like you would a boot near you could then put a ribbon over it if he wanted to, but honestly, you can just leave it like that and it looks really pretty, too. Besides all my extra pieces so that's I'll turn it over here so you can see that better to me, I think that's really pretty when you can add more flowers to your your place settings, you could stick little vases if you wanted to, but it's extending your senate piece look further down the table, which I think is always good did you guys feel they're looking your poppy is look how cute they are, right that's just perfect the perfect mix of colors they bring in everything they dio they've got the yellow centers. And a little bit of that. Yeah, I think it's really pretty nice.

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