Fast Start Your Handmade Soap Business


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Consider Your Branding

Small batch beauty products spark the interest of sensitive consumers and shoppers who like to know where the products they put on their body came from. Soaps, lotions, and other beauty products are experiencing increased demand, and Kari Chapin will teach you all about selling to this burgeoning market in Fast Start Your Handmade Soap Business.

In this class, you’ll get a fast-paced introduction to the mechanics of starting a handmade bath and beauty business. You’ll take a behind-the-scenes look at a thriving bath and beauty business as you learn the ins and outs of selling both online and in stores. Kari will discuss the special obligations beauty product makers have to accurately and thoroughly communicate about their products. You’ll learn about:

  • Visually balanced packaging and labelling
  • Including important legal disclaimers
  • Building a vocabulary for describing scents

No matter what type of beauty product you create, this course will equip and inspire you to build a one-of-a-kind business and share your handmade goods with the world.

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  • I only wish I didn't purchase this class. The class was very flat and boring. It almost felt like a portion of an in depth class that were supposed to be free by RSVP but made into a paid class. I don't think I got what I expected :( Despite all the negative points, Kari does have a very sweet voice - almost put me to sleep listening to her.
  • This is just outright absurd. Kari Chapin has never made or sold a handmade product. She teaches a class on how to fast start your handmade soap business by bringing someone in who has a handmade soap business? And then the class is composed of those two having a casual conversation about general practices while Kari catches up? No thanks.
  • <p>The only helpful information I got from this was one website address. I guess if it turns out that the the website increases my sales then the course was worth the price, but I&#39;m really disappointed in the lack of in-depth information this course provided. If I had to do it all over again, I&#39;d spend the money for his course on supplies for my products.</p>