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Film Photography with Strobe Lighting

Sandra Coan

Film Photography with Strobe Lighting

Sandra Coan

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1 Class Introduction Duration:13:12
2 Why Strobes & Film? Duration:05:09
3 Using Sync Speed Duration:10:21
4 How To Avoid Ghosting Duration:05:45
5 Equipment Overview Duration:04:12
7 Triggers & Receivers Duration:03:39
9 Demo: Equipment Set Up Duration:07:59
10 Create A Natural Light Look Duration:10:05
11 Light Modifiers Duration:09:39
12 Catchlight In The Eyes Duration:08:41
13 Metering Overview Duration:03:40
16 45 Degree Light Placement Duration:09:01
17 90 Degree Light Placement Duration:15:01
18 Backlight Placement Duration:04:13
19 Feathering Light Duration:08:07
20 Lighting For Groups Duration:25:44
21 Speedlights with Film Duration:08:42
22 TTL Vs Manual Mode Duration:09:21
24 Set Up On Location Duration:04:08
25 Know Your Film Lab Duration:16:21
26 How To Find The Right Lab Duration:14:47

Class Description

To get the best portrait straight out of camera you need to control your light. Family and Newborn Photographer, Sandra Coan, walks through how easy it is to use lights with your film camera for the most control over how your image ultimately looks. In this course, Sandra will talk about how to approach your photo shoot by thinking about not only your subject but also the film and the light you want to create.

You’ll learn:

  • How to sync the flash with your film camera
  • How to meter for your subject and the light you’re adding to the image
  • How to choose the best film based off what you’d like the final image to look like

Throughout history, photographers have been using flash with film cameras. In this course, Sandra will cover everything to give you the knowledge to start taking portraits with your camera and strobes.


a Creativelive Student

Wow! with a lot of online stuff out there one can become rather overcome with too much information, however, the way Sandra presents her courses is just perfect! Her honest and simple and easy to understand approach was just what I needed. Not once did I think she was just going through the motions, she really loves what she does and it shows. To be able to rewatch and rewatch was also a key for me. Since I have dyslexia I have to take things one half step at a. time. After completion of the class I had a new found confidence when using strobes. A must have.

Micah Hewett Images

Out of all the classes I own on Creative Live, Strobe Lighting with Sandra is my FAVORITE! She is an incredibly kind and gifted teacher. She explains everything on a simple level and then gradually build to more complex issues. I am 100% happy with this course. Thank you Sandra!!

Gabby de Janasz

Sandra Coan is a lighting genius! I loved watching her high-energy and super informative class. I learned way more about studio lighting than I ever thought was possible. I'd definitely recommend this class to literally any person in photography, not just studio photographers. Thanks Sandra!!