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Fine Art Photoshop Editing


Fine Art Photoshop Editing


Class Description

Photoshop is a valuable resource for fine art creators of all stripes and skill levels. Follow TJ as he teaches you how to unlock lesser-known Photoshop tricks, tips and advanced techniques for adding artistic effects to images. You'll also learn how to take advantage of such features as advanced raw conversion, color toning, and adjustment layers. Invigorate your art and energize your workflow with this insider post-production tricks.

Software Used: Adobe Photoshop CC 2015.1.2


Michael Halloran

Well, this dude is awesome, he knows too much! What I saw when I first watched this instruction is his manipulation of light, and he knows light and color. If you don't know Photoshop, and Adobe Camera Raw --- you will need to learn many of those functions first to follow along. TJ isn't showing you why he does certain things step by step, he is creating, and you're watching him do it. He does tell you the reason for Camera Raw is to get as much detail out of the Raw file before taking it into Photoshop, but then he does it all by eye, no histogram help, no clipping help, no sharpening reasoning ---it's all on the fly. He's a brilliant young man -- he isn't an instructor yet, because he doesn't know that he knows more than all of us already ---because it comes so easy for him. If you want to see how to create light in your landscapes and colors TJ style --- watch and learn ---more than once---if you don't know the basics of all the layers and functions ---you'll be watching this class many times. For TJ doing this live -- with no experience teaching -- that's tough --but he showed you -- and he wasn't showing off, he kept it basic mostly ---till the end. I would recommend this class, yes, with a caveat, don't think you're going to edit like TJ right away ---he's moving fast, that's why the class is fairly short. My .02 cents --