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Additive Synthesis Q and A


FL Studio Synthesis Master Class


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10. Additive Synthesis Q and A

Lesson Info

Additive Synthesis Q and A

How do you eliminate the higher partials been using the resonance in the middle of the oscillators the vocal aspects can move around where you want them tio example without harmonic noise interference with the base. Okay, um I believe I know that question was asking if you look at remember that this guy um he's got a default president has something on it went on. I remember that there is two kind of scale controls there's the pitch scale I remember that I remember I remember that which kind of gives us that between that sorry he corrected himself so that makes sense though then what is the question like how do you eliminate the higher partials when using the resonates and residents in the middle of the filter so the vocal aspects could move around where you want them to about harmonic noise interfering with the base. Okay, um now I believe it is our get out. So when I was doing that was that befell their, um what I did was I turned I turned it to a customs shape filter which had the gr...

aph was on maximum, which means that it's not actually filtering anybody doing whatever but the residents thing is still following that, like you could still be on your way morning doing this deal so that you make a special, uh, shape resident shape then it will fill their because you're telling until you're talking it actually cut off you know particular values of particular spots but because the main filter isn't doing anything way you got that without much fuss cool questions can you show us the difference between chorus flame jer and face it effects on harmonics I assume they mean that in terms of the real effects yeah and actually I guess that is pretty valuable to see that kind of thing. So it's ah let's have a look at that how my understanding of what the chorus does for example is a little is based on me trying to read the manual and I get kind of like how have that explain what it was doing in there wasn't super helpful but I can kind of guess guess that a lot of what I was trying to do when we get rid of this well that was kind of going about patches are going to put a plug in before this particular plug in but because I put it in chronologically after that one it's going to be below the q which I find kind of obnoxious so it's ah no unison saw way do it do it do it do it cool right? Of course uh the parameters that matter the most are the delay in the depth what the delay does it determines how long in milliseconds the because it is it like I said before, the course kind of mimics unison by creating echoes on each echo has pitch and stuff applied to it. Making salad is different, and that difference is the depth, but the delay, how long it is controls, how you, you know, voices as far away from the original ah there's, the face cancellation happening in the high ridin as I increase the delay, its that sound that we're hearing is actually pretty close to what the island is if I were changing phase of something pretty slowly now, the ela foes below are actually changing that value kind of moving around overtime again to kind of convoluted the picture of the sound, which is the whole point of this is that we're trying to create kind of a wash sort of change and phase that mimics the idea of it isn't that, of course, does a flander my understanding of the flanders that the original effects for flanders were designed to mimic what happens on a reel to reel tape machine where you hit the flans, which is this thing that controls the speed of the tape. So you have a left in the right channel, and then you hit the plans on the left, the right channel and changes the speed of the papers are going to get out of phase with the other side, and that creates it's kind of weird psychedelic e sounding thing, which is what a lot of a lot of seventies really like, really weird sounds satisfaction was based on that's kind of thing. Ah, designed mostly just to make that in terms of the frequency profile, that kind of thing. And it does it through kind of similar ways that the course doesn't tithe what happened. This happens pretty close. And like that, the way says zero zero zero in a couple of years here, bill, is that it really does that totally happen like that? Because you have had the note has have had the husband go into it, and then it has to actually, like, come out with it, so so there is some kind of processing involved. Now the great business here is changing essentially in the depth as it goes on because you get so you turn it off entirely and notice that that is the harmonic profile is pretty close to what fazer looks like in harmer. It did a pretty good job of mimicking kind of what it's doing in order to create that kind of on also there's something interesting about the shape of the sort of the filtering stuff that's happening that as it's going higher in frequency, the shape isn't changing. But the relative size of the gap between one poll in the other poll is still the same size which this actually seven make it a little bit interesting is means that, um it's it's actually changing relative to its position even other lucas changing and this has to do with waiting, waiting and as the fact that if you look at the lower frequencies, you know fifty to one hundred one particular space distance, that is the same as five thousand to ten thousand, the higher frequencies, so in the space of fifty frequencies, we now have five thousand equities and so that's one way of looking at it that's that's referred to his natural natural waiting, I think, and the other way of looking at that is actually dead, mr demonstrated harbor and every you might see it all over the places he's active and hurts settings on all this stuff, just kind of everywhere and on display for you. What this does is right now we have hurts their active, active you where we're looking at this in terms of sort of musical notes we've got active first time on a second I'm like don't have like the actives are evenly spaced, the harmonic get closer and closer together because there's more murder tomorrow harmonics proactive, but the actives are all evil is based and hertz value all the hurts all the figures are now individually represented through even space and this would mean that the actives we're actually getting farther and farther apart because the first two harmonics very the very bottom are one active and then the last active would be the center and in the top because of how how it spreads out and this means that because waited differently movement means different things and says why in the phaser turn off this and the phaser way have active mode which looks like it's moving straight and unchanging size which is much like the flanders without that it's not it's moving up through that the naturally waited frequencies and it's not changing incised pretty even but then if I got a hertz boat has pretty huge waiting in the bottom but it takes like huge sweeps but then it gets all scrunched up is because the higher frequencies because what's do what's happening there is the distance isn't changing so it has it has the distance is a leg hundreds right and hundreds of the very bottom is a huge distance but hundreds of top is not a very huge justice means that things get close together and being able to control for that for a lot of stuff including the actuals the actual sound generation he got some interesting ideas for example it's putting out hurts but I could put out actives where it'll actually individually represent each harmonic as hasn't even step all the way up and that's never going toe the most in her monica could possibly get in terms of sound looks like exactly what that means and so that's sort of and that support remember looking at the distinction between a phaser in a flag for example because the flander has that kind of theme even shape all the up which means that he is actually changing distance as it gets higher to represent the even shape but if we were to look at a phaser cnn's cat scratchy when it gets up there so that they sonically that's the primary difference between doing we're able to saw for both with harmer because they were smart enough to put in the hertz versus octave waiting difference any questions about that yes we have questions when re sample and how can I get rid of artifacts being introduced when compressing um okay so like I said the earlier the re sampling while pretty good is not one hundred percent perfect because it's not using everything over could see ever um says me that there was little bit are defecting and one of the most common one especially we're introducing mutism um is the uh I could use the tree function down because we're not in that it wasn't even treat for you um so it is that those kind of there's a lot of movement and what happens if if I use a little unison is that it has to be this kind of water rethink watery sound happens they're doing a pretty good job not doing it but it's kind of a sort of tell that has sort of fight he kind of feel to it and the way you deal with that there is not really one perfect way where there are a bunch of ways to sort of get around this um the easiest one is the mess around the sharpest now this has a kind of interesting tradeoff just default position to sounds most like the original sound but he's bringing all of it down the center it doesn't sound like mohr faizi mohr like cynthy tries it doesn't try as hard to adhere to the original kind of characteristics of as the original song sound itself a little bit desertion would go a long way to kind of sharpen up some of those edges turning on the foreman um changing changing over here, the former mixer because sometimes taking a little bit as well. Um, and there was one more thing to mention thie scale of the gay and scale so we're talking about the frequency scale earlier on about how it it'll and I'd follows the pitch around the actual bills around the figures don't make talks out weight gain scale, which separates it from being just a sol wave to being what the sound is essentially actually this is kind of like visual compression what you're doing here is the light of this the lighter the sound the ladder it is the target of sound acquire it is if you go all the way to one side he kind of bringing all of the dark visual aspects of as has hired you get it so that all sounds kind of like this big weird wash and now they go outside on lee the brightest are audible it's kind of like per harmonic uh dynamic range control essentially and is very very interesting kind of affected by the stuff and like if you saw I think further towards it the only the lower part of being audible and got more watery kind of thing is just one less water you know the other way to get more kind of like a safety kind of feel to it which again has only won one of very many ways attenuate that kind of that kind of sound and I know that he's but when compressing but a lot of the artifacts that mentioned are way more obvious when you're compressing and so if that's those were still be the same solutions awesome another question is their preferred frequency range for low base and sub base when using unison and higher frequencies is there a prefer frequency for frequency range for lohan sub base when using unison and higher frequencies but could you rage well I mean sort of like just a general I tend not to have songs that are tuned so low that sub is that like you know a sharp below e that's I say ten do because I totally have because I like metal and seven string guitars are you know their basic drop tuning is a so that's kind of just like it's very well but had trying todo emerged some genres and that means it myself basis stupidly well but and in general like most just if it's by this provocation you stick between like cng has pretty average you know sub distance for terms of like what ferguson you're at um but for the most part for an interaction with sounds that there's not really a preferred range is just what you think sounds good you're kind of limited to that there are problems that you might have to you would think if you do have a sub at a sharp than not only is it not going to that audible but what very little kill your head ruben ways that you're not used to it because it's just so low but you need to be louder for to be audible on systems that aren't like the size of a car so again that's still just your sense of all these awesome we have a really specific question ok what would it take to save a harmonic image from an audio sample example? I remember that as an image file on a computer than reproduce it via re synthesis if harm harmer could theoretically handle the max number of harmonics we can discern what kind of resolution with the image need to present there's actually a way to save these pictures as a picture because there's there's there's kind of theirs to citizens modes and harvard there's audio too this is where kind of analyzes the audio and then there's image business where you can put a picture in it and they will analyze pictures sort of self to create sound from that and uh that's a whole other thing like you can if I can find this image this is I could have sworn there was yes I could I could save it as an image file it think it gives you it gives you the plane of resolution that you could then screw out with like color doesn't matter that it's houses all black and white kind of language when you did it did it did it early saving the report that I just have to save it I didn't say that tell me I guess they have to get us even as documents sure okay there and then uh it's what? I was sick a copy I said get your copy that pace to the internet in the paint could tell I don't do as much and there it is that it hey uh how screwed up is this course time left well, you can see the movements that confuses the wind speed is screwed up. The thief rules for imagery that this is a bit different from audio the reason this is the speeds obviously but different in like, uh I think it tried to render the entire image as one whole thing because it was longer than one like screens with buttons in the care uh uh that they couldn't do that but then I I reset us that screwed up that ok? So you know um you can theoretically look if you knew how you could draw, you know, the harmonic profiles of what's president kind of thing it's sort of hard to tell what harmonicas what was pretty sure that the visual again you see kind of presents and did the octave and hurts waiting is president here as well. So when you get like this and kind of determine well harmonicas which I like, what the how the engine reacts or any of that kind of thing when you figured out he could probably draw your own sound in the way that like tom brantley put it in there I want without sound like sound weird uh hope that answer that question yeah, I think you did things that I never tried to save a picture than sort of screw with it this is actually kind of something like what isotopes irish does have you ever seen what that does where you kind of gives you a special images you can kind of edit it as an image and then it'll play with it once like we did here so if you could open it up it's like photo shop within blair it and then I guess I come out blurry blurry is having such kind of kind of a cool concept so I mean you could tell how bleeding added this stuff it is like although image recent this is as a thing has been around for a very long time like there is there is actually a bit back plan it's been around since I felt three that you put a picture in and weird ass sounds come out that is that picture kind of thing after you've seen you know the effects twins song video where it has the spectral image of like words and any in hand and I kind of think like that's you know, that kind of stuff's been around forever but probably not as easily that for that way awesome. We have a question from t j from this morning actually and I'm curious about it how do you decide watch synth t is for a particular sound so when you're going for a sound you just started like start with a blank canvas and then you be creative or do you start with like something in mind? Usually when you're trying to be creative well my pretty much the two cents that I use three these days is harmer citrus and steve do this serum and this is because when I pick a sense that I wanted you to do anything it's it's whatever since is that I am the best at using that encapsulates a particular kind is that this is so for may for addison is this harmer is pretty much that for may for fm that citrus all the way for any kind of way of hannibal shenanigans that's going to be see room all the way and all three of them all kind of have ways of doing so attractive that this is in such a way that like they have different like for a long time I would pretty much he's only harbor like first attractive stuff because they can do regular attractive stuff but they could also do stuff with kind of added the edge where you can do it's attractive things but more kind of creatively first it's kind of limiting myself to attractive things because I could do with citrus because you could treat citrus as being like a six x oscillator you know seven jozef happened just use as they're being six oscillators and this kind of go town that's what that's kind of how you use different longest time before I actually learned how to do everything business and you will too tomorrow but the it's for me it's all about I'm sort of capabilities and specific that this is types which I'm not necessarily saying is the best way is very much my own personal way of doing it because on then I also had this kind of elitist I thought about other plug ins and passes being like why are there other plug ins they get there is one that is the best way there is and I define best as being able to do anything any of the others can dio and be able to do things that nothing else can sort of be able that did you literally anything I could think to do that kind of thing that's what I mean by best on dh as it turns out, while that might be true to do anything that you can think to do, you still have to think to do it which might not always be possible and other plug ins even if they're not as capable despite the fact that they're laid out differently means that you're going to do stuff differently you're going to do things that you were not in the bright favorite mind the thing to do in the first place just because it looks different that's all there is to it even if it sucks even some crappy free rare like college experiment someone made the fact that it was laid out in some way that made it really hard to do something simple wood force you to do stuff that you thought of because you're too used to stuff interviews and that's me, I'm very, very used to using armor, but even you just saw, you know, stuff that, like, I am not familiar with even them with farmers usage and probably sell stuff like that in such a swell. And which is why, you know, serum is the road that we use a sympathizer on my breath till we have been extremely it came out like last year, whereas harbor has been around for two or three years, and citrus has been around since two thousand four, so that's, like serum is very, very, very new, and I'm always finding out about that kind of thing, and one of my favorite things to do like I mentioned raise earlier is razor is kind of like a simplified version of harbor where it can do it can do additive stuff, but it's very control it let it kind of puts you in a position where you could do some things with very large buttons, and it just does stuff and everything that that you could do with harvard, but you have to kind of how to do it. Harper and I do because I spent a lot time with armor, but even if I did know that, I wouldn't have thought to do it like that because it presents some things in some ways I just like like this is like the help of the idea of the hardliners moving away there's a thing that razor khun do where it moves harmonics away but it does so like a different split it would really half a harmonic within the top half of trying to move away and you could do that harbor and you just do a bee's play that move be around than you do with thing but like I wouldn't want to be that it's not it's trick I would have no reason to have thought up off something by accident but because I saw something else to do it in arrangement in a way that I'm not used to at something now do you think I have in my head so I think that's kind of a brief little thing about plugging music in terms of citizens capabilities awesome any questions about that, huh? Cool eso tim has a question tim to twenty to thirty three image lines slogan is the fastest way from your brain to your speakers your challenge is to do a cool demo of this passes for my brain to the speakers have yeah well I guess that depends on what's in my brain right? I mean for me it differently is because if I tried to use any of the door and be like one year old but I like the way in my part of my experience like what makes that sure for image line is really about its piano roll and just the way that way that work so I honestly like I remember here people comment about its funeral being amazing and they were in the best way ever used it so I never really knew and though I tried to use logic and don't try to use ableto until it's ready his rebirth and just like these are all the worst piano rolls, these air just like it's like they looked at cake walks first piano roll ever in nineteen ninety six and said this is fine this is a good we need to ever do anything ever again and that's what they all just had to use forever and whereas f l like it has the note helpers have slide notes it has all these things I just took for total write it because I wasn't aware that that was special and that makes writing like way easy versus you know the playlist this is something that like this is something that is one hundred percent different from just about every dog the idea that you could put anything anywhere anyway you want which totally ruins people's minds when they are used to other dogs and try to use that fell and they just doesn't like I was I did a collaboration with bt like two years ago and he's a lot of guy uses logic and he also can use ableto and they were trying to using try using f l I like I did my half the project and he couldn't you made me and make me I I had to rearrange it in a way that was like presentable and to a person who could use other dogs and that's the beauty of it is that you can do either give you want it to be constrained. So the only one thing for track you can make it do that not even just like, you know, three girl force of will that you come up here and say like the content and now they only this can be on this channel like I can put about something else like some, yeah, you better if I tried to put this up there, I won't do it it only it only put that thing like so that you can make it do it if you really wanted to. This is that I don't. So that kind of flexibility is something that makes that fellow particularly good about that, that silly slogan that they have that I totally forgot the head tryto reset it to something you see there's, lots of lots of there's, a lot of there's so many organizational tools I just don't use because I just never had to care that someone say honestly a lot of the organism off are the organizational tools are designed to get people who have used other does to be able to live in that house environment because it is just so very not normal and actually I have kind of I have kind of a discussion about this if you think about they were a reason for example reason is a very sensible piece of software because it's a piece of software that much like I just described how f l is trying to get people to use other dogs to use it reason is to try to get people who use hardware to use dogs that's kind of what they're crossover mentality is and when I first saw reason that made a lot of sense but when I first saw reason I had no experience with that with hardware of any kind of experience with anything any kind so it made about as much sense today as f l that time which felt three and reason too but that sensibility is still actually present and pretty much every dollar the entire reason we have a mixer that the idea of a mixer is something that's born of hardware arrangement and then the idea of a single path although I mean that's that's going to be pretty universal but like the how visually all these things that presented are still very much tied it with how the analog hardware world works which I'm not as a certain thing is bad, but it is still kind of a constraint because it's based on things that you why it's kind of like, you know, the floppy icardi's you save my kind of things who why like it's for tradition but nobody just five days anymore unless they're trying to be difficult on dh I'm not saying that's true for hardware because it's definitely not but it's getting there and so like you know, when they added it when they added patter patter does everything with the mixer does anything that you do patrick you can accomplish in the mix or any kind of routing any kind of any kind of stepped up? There are a couple of special things you could do that that are sort of would be harder to do in the mix there but you could still do it, but he could still so every it does but it's just presented in an abstract way and the way that's not tied down by any kind of traditional methodology of hardware is there based purely on this is going there is going there is going there there's no there's, no visual shenanigans tryingto make making like pro tools make it look like an actual mixing best kind of thing I don't know if I'm blind enough, but on patch er is a dr wet level they could you woody each one nope. And there's actually a lot of a lot of kind of basic fixer functionality that's kind of missing from patrick that's because it was kind of abstract danger like for example um if you want if I were in the driveway is just you do that and you've got, you know, dry anyway that's very basically what kind of stuff? But then also weird stuff like if I want to use a vocoder which is something that requires two inputs to separate inputs and the mixer I couldjust route two things toe one mixer in there and it knows what separates us there are but here this one input is one input and I have the actual come in here and put in a new input and then now I can rather think the everything and I was two boats like that you have described you know, the kind of I realized that like everything the mixture was doing, you need to do yourself now and it was really confusing to me at first like why? Because it's currently we're reducing function narrowly damn it but it's not so much reducing it is it is kind of displaying and the way that you now have control over like you have as he's just more control over what you're doing which is always better always very to have more control in my personal opinion although it is fairly well respected, sort of software designed doctrine to kind of lock stuff down to ensure, as your users do stuff the right way, which I guess works. For the most part. I just kind of preferred to be let loose in my own doings. I know that wasn't me. I'm putting stuff down, but I hope that that sort of eliminated. So how some of that worked out.

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