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FL Studio Synthesis Master Class

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Producing Leads Synth in FL Studio


FL Studio Synthesis Master Class


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13. Producing Leads Synth in FL Studio


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Lesson Info

Producing Leads Synth in FL Studio

Now what the mask you might ask and in the out of robot we said most of stuff is so just applying assault the harm eyes to be dictated to because we have control over pitch phase and volume of three of the all the harmonics but we could talkto even the filters and you saw on that list that his masks for almost everything and this means that I've had the phaser on e could turn the phaser officer for all the higher minds but not laurel diving the on rob thinking devon nice great asian but that kind of thing so you can choose leaving they do you have, you know, part of the highs as well for reasons thank you, but you get to the front filters you could do that for the harmonizer when you're using and use it for wait lead and honestly there's not a huge difference between this and you have a kind of lead ever accept that maybe you might use this great wave and I think that is much really the work with is all they have like a couple was this and it was kind of like the kind of crystalline, d...

ropped sounding kind of leaving that's just a side way with a lot of river I might even do that it's not going to some kind of target that but it's it's this doesn't lead star designers nineties today, but I know that is kind of a thing people are and that they did again for the same reasons that just don't know there's not really there's no reason for him to know that because, like, why would they have so many students that it turns me on when I'm doing my lessons, my one I want sky places that offer because you didn't know, um, they because you know how I do this leading like a saw live okay, cool, how deviously that's also was always is just like they're all of this always and it's like I tried to get where they're coming from because they're used to hearing it's alway was a base kind of concept used to that sound that when you hear it really high frequency there's not really a reason to assert shape to almost you just kind of here is smoothly going all the way up all day forever. They just kind of like, oh, but for the most part is that sounds ways through there that's always shouldn't sound and again is because it's not has been their bikes to work with. I want try and play a lead because I'm pretty sure I'm not gonna do whatever job so it's a bad thing they don't have any questions about leads, I want to be way faster than that grace notes about good piano roll my kind of secret to lead writing which I guess is not really a black wonderful but by secret to it is that but I'm mostly doing is I know that the progression it's america it's e c and then the three and then seven but current is putting down notes in the key and then the keamy minor and putting down roots in the matter and I'm kind of sticking around he might even though the progressions moving around so staying on e it's all still related the tv and it's going to re harm in that because right now I'm reading it as it was e but then when it's not e in election some pretty cool but I don't really know how cool or what I am is protesting how's grandma got but for the most part uh this should be something pretty reasonable, I think sure, but I could be on everything right with that sure that way it's a bit like soul away but it's mean it's prince what I mean about bobby harmonization the fact that I am playing basically saving twice, but because the second time around it's playing on a different court it sounds different that's what the harmonization is always the way that I was tired in high school, but I don't really apply super advanced like writing techniques when it comes to technology ready but this does seem a bit busy actually find will be rip, rip repetitive, his health, but again, I'm not trying to be super super way I was here, I need to make a variation in the military, but that worked out more or less executive is expected to good here's a fun trick merch parents up to now it is the same. Oh, pretty great! So I'm apologizing if I'm not like blowing your mind about some incredibly intense sounds, and I'm actually trying to make this bland and stupid sounding so that you understand sort of the building blocks of things that are normal because sort of when you, when you know about this stuff, is normally you kind of you can build from it, you can take it and you can work it behind all the extra special is not that you're going to be the later, that kind of stuff. This is like what's, really the purpose of this kind of stuff because he could spend all day learning about how to do that. The most crazy, complicated sounds in the universe, but you still need some basis in reality call that this's basis in rio. I'm not gonna do it right now, but if you are having like, do like harmonized leads, like some bad ass eighties guitar, solo, harmonize lead kind of thing. Those were minor thirds well, third. So, general, whether or not it's major reminders interment basically, if it's in the key of the scale of easy, really easy way to do that. Like you know you have your key. Be minor. Figure out what the key be minor is step one step to put a third above the note. And you can even just copy the whole thing and be like minor. Third put up there, let's. Go over every now and to see if you knew note you made is in key. It was not put in the third that's supposed to be in the key. You have either made a third miner third one of those gonna be key. Pick one. You know, our easy way is do what? Sounds good because it should be immediately clear when that that's wrong. And then you got nido harmonized leads to probably keep keep the tradition of filtering going on here. Is she pretty pretty common? See, this is the these two dudes. Yeah, pretty common sort of technique is toe in an intro is to start big and have this big bombastic loud was going on. And then, um, uh, at the end of it kind of breakdown. This is why they call it a breakdown because you have this big this big thing going on it's all very large huge and then the very end of it kind of comes back down and then the brakes is giving a break from this wall sound that is creating kind of thing and then from there is where you build up again because you broke it down then you build back up because you're really very little literal terms that we're using for sort of side right my personal everything do when we get to the legal to the breakdown and the buildup is to kind of stop progressing and too just kind of stick on the one the tonic the route and then build up for bear and because usually I mean, if I'm if I'm if I'm making this same kind of like electro house kind of thing that like my track sometime or based indexes and I kind of deal that is going to turn into something that has kind of a reasonable drop that's mostly stick around the tv to be either maybe having a spat spattering of progression and it wasn't about that kind of imagine that the recording the song on dh then again pretty bland but you know reasonable make a fade out for that base because it has none as I like my hack of there to make the the um the lead fade out pretty good that's why they don't like about the fast way from your brain to the thing like that's just I didn't write any power and I didn't do any kind of fade out just like I was a ghoul cut that up that they're done they were about it would be a lot faster if I brought my mouse probably get longer and if I really was because I was trying to act not be bad I would have an actual fade out of that well it's distorted so it would probably sound a little weird but one want one option that we have to because actually you slide outs slide more than just pitch in fact I know a side note inside any parameter that you can access um I'm that I don't know what kind of a lot and right now we're going to do volume so I'm going to slide wait because it's before distortion distortions bringing up a lot about the dynamic range and diminishes not linear because big pulled up until it's so low that it doesn't know what's happening that's something that same deal with that's the base that's this guy can stay there and this is also usually when I begin buildup here is actually some funds out is that this is a fun some fun stuff I actually like to do with harper because I opened at six or seven times today I would actually know where it is so um this is going to be a riser that utilizes the phaser and some interesting ways so I am also going to use sliding out of this one with this time bashing side but out west are pretty low not going to sign now it's also not going to sound tiki bars gaia side there all the way that's how did they make that? Not whatever it's going to cut that off before it hits anyway but uh yeah that's going on inside of you so you are congratulations, sir. Ah rob ah wei wei the phasing speed actually increase the speed over time but other medical faster before does that because it averages in the regular ship but even though the speed has a maximum if I want to make you go twice as fast for example I could make the ship be twice what the shape is in the same length of time but it wasn't shape that's what's fast but I'm also make some changes in shape because I want to be a bit different I wanted to be the very best the best phaser there ever was e a for a lot of you right now that probably reminded you you five for a second that kind of butte sound effect and that sound effect is a razor it's out so that should it although not done in the exact way e three cold now when automate speed the deed speed is if it is a negative one percent to under present value so I'm goingto when I thought of it but it's going to be fifty percent it's going go down and then there's gabi is increasing speed that's kind of what it's going todo uh I think I need to be faster though so I'm gonna kind of approximate the size of everything here against if I do doesn't mean what move everything over one that creates just one half of what it is interesting uh down one cool I was the one that kind of be on immediately so I want to do is I'm gonna filter it in a little bit so I want the break to be a bit tto have time to actually break little fade in maybe I want a high pass in though so the riser did his job everything else kind of yeah forget your I've already forgotten by the majority of these I mean clips are but that's why they're named that's weird there's a setting somewhere unaware but it makes it so that the names of the the clips actually follow the edge so that even if I'm all they ever hear the name will still be the hair so I can know what I'm not a meeting it's either a sitting or maybe it's a thing that they introduce nfl twelve I forget said they'd use the beta but that's weird wait on the the ole and increasing of the kick speed as the drop ends. Although this this this actually creates kind of interesting mixing problem when you're ducking is so intense that when the case gets so fast that it actually kind of ruins. Whatever sounds of happening near the end there this'd be wanna drop happens. This is actually kind of a little a little weird for me to have actually done the intro before. I do a drop by usually begin trying doing drop, but because I was trying to make all the normal sounds. First, I know mostly put those injuries.

Class Description

FL Studio is the world’s most popular DAW – learn how to get the most out of it. In FL Studio Synthesis Master Class, power user and educator, SeamlessR will help you take your electronic music to the next level.

SeamlessR will introduce the high-level synthesis concepts, principles, and applications and show you how to tackle common electronic sound design challenges. You’ll learn about the four major types of synthesis: subtractive, fm, additive and wave table.

SeamlessR will guide you through the familiar sounds in electronic music and show how to recreate them in FL Studio. You’ll also learn how to use the stock instruments that come with FL Studio (Harmor, Sytrus, Harmless, Sawer, etc) and explore popular third-party plug-ins.

If you’re looking to master synthesis using FL Studio, SeamlessR will help you make the leap.


Heather Freinkel

Lots of helpful information here but it would be even better if the instructor spoke more clearly. He speeds up and mumbles dramatically toward the end of each sentence making it pretty difficult to hear what he's saying. If you do more classes, please work with a video or speech producer to improve the delivery. Thanks!

Thomas Brogan

great stuff!!

rohan Dehade

this is the greet