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Filters and Subtractive Synthesis


FL Studio Synthesis Master Class


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2. Filters and Subtractive Synthesis

Lesson Info

Filters and Subtractive Synthesis

The most the easiest, simplest way to talk about the dragons of this this is to look at the concept of filters and hope point it's attractive, but this is this idea that you have you're starting with something, you're starting with something that's, a little bit more complex, and you take away from it. Ah ah, we're aah! And there are so many ways to do that, but like I said, the filters with the easiest way to sort of demonstrate a zoo contact and a star a sound design goes into depends this's it's all about the concept that we're creating a new sound by removing aspects of a private sound. Previously there are I'm going to say for you it's for basic filters and then there's more complicated phil does, it could be double top of that, but the one I used just now, as was referred to as a little past older, which is where we're passing though from high, low ah oh ah amusing the equalizer to kind of demonstrate what the father's doing it, but for the most part that you find in various plug...

ins like even citrus citrus itself has has a filter routing that you can dio in the play in this mouse, I really should have brought my own ass, but that's my own builders do sound different from one to another, but the basic function is pretty similar to be clp on anything it's more you know more that's what's going to do this how it behaves will be slightly different thie aspects of filters are that you have to cut off frequency or just you might even say that just being frequency in the nfl there and that's where it passes at um mmm where where is cutting what? Whatever is coming and that is also the residents value what the residents values doing I can actually demonstrate a bit better with the cue where it's kind of creating a big bump a war waged war and actually looking at the telescope of what this always did we can actually more clearly see that the kind of signed wavy mess at the point of world where all the negativity is is the result of band level because as we ban limited, even harder way could see that it becomes closer and closer to what just being a couple about sine waves which again, it's kind of an illusion to add is that this is but had it it's that this is but we'll get there or what that you were trying to fill their, uh of the four is high pass which is the opposite of a little battle there where it passes high from low what's interesting about sound design and filtering in general is that you could put names to things, but you're not really gonna know what they do or what, therefore, until you hear them in action and then if you've never heard them before, you might suddenly realize, oh, I've heard that six hundred million times in, like every nero song ever made and that kind of thing, which I'm not picking on nero's positive it's everyone uses it's pretty basic stuff, but you just don't know what the college so it's hard to sort of learn sound design went, for example, a band pass holder, which is where it kind of picks a band size and indeed only here where that band is, and then the cutoff frequency moves where the band is and that kind of thing and nice is your thinking on that one prodigies on wow, I cannot probably overseer, nobody is probably even knows we're talking about what I said I was here, but someone might, but I'm sure you know, but a proud product of songs. I used that as well on my b up, yes, yes, that would probably be a good example of one right azzan that won't won't want, you know, kind of that that's more. I have actually been kind of a long time since I heard that song, but I think that might just be a little past what there with a really high residents, which you're not, you know, necessarily an idiot for mistaking the two together, because if you think about it, what? What? A little passport there, it kind of sounds like with a big ass, uh, peak and no eyes is pretty close to what a ban passed signs like this is that you have other figures available and, like a big part of reverse engineering sound, design them with violators is not so much to find the right example of what ever created well, they were saying, trying to make an example of whatever kang creates, I'm trying to make it's totally possible that you could actually make that sound with the band pass, whether it may be not be easier than using a low pass right there with the high residence in the case of residents, if you're looking at a filter that has cut off and raise or cues sometimes it's labeled q, what residents does for the bad past father has changed the bandwidth, the bad it's off what that does, and then the fourth time is the opposite of obama passed, which is a band stop, otherwise known as a notch filter. Where it picks a space and it removes the figures from that particular band and then cut off controls where the band is and the president's controls how wide the spaces that takes away a combination of these filters results in just incredible, incredibly large amount of just regular sound design and a lot of songs, a lot of music, a lot of just about anything that uses. So this is, uh, yeah, there are further, that is my f c and the list of filters here, what this border for, but really what? They are just kind of different versions of the same concept with different kind of limitations of parameters associate with them, but they are more or less born of those four basic types. And there are there are the others have, like comb filters when she really can think of as being a collection of notch filters, or sometimes even the collection of band pass holders like I kind of think there's what's referred to as in all past filter, which is kind of like a phaser in a way that it behaves, and I don't really get out of the shelter, but it's just sort of a similar concept to the notch idea this a lot of matches kind of think, um and other other, more interesting all the times, like foreman filters that create sort of a semblance of sort of a valley talking major really does a collection of the voters an act together to create this the shapes that result of the valor that we're aware of and I like the plug ins that are designed to only do that like well thought there are really just having a bunch of killers and been a background moving intend to do that and you could do that yourself if you think it out specifically you know what the east of the values need to be for whatever and other being but I mean, I I would just get a lot colder because it kind of does it for you when really you're going to get the same result with just a lot more work, which I'm not necessarily always a favor of I I have this sort of reputation for thinking that like, you know, do everything the hard way don't just processed out is, you know, easy ways of doing things but now do easy way to do it it just helps if you know what they're doing and I kind of concept as far as information is basically everything I have for this particular segment but let's talk for a second about sort of populous out designed that utilizes specific they just regular so attractive that this is, um pretty sure I was going to mention this later but uh I will talk about it when we get there as far as the more specific stuff but the biggest, most obvious one when it comes it's attracted so this is is the concept of the super saw which I'm not engaging so the zebras on and that this sound and the various various ways of using our president and just embarrassing amount of songs even though my owns armor they're always there's always been cords everywhere that kind of thing and this is just all over the way um and because you guys are pretty sure all of you make some form of house and some in some former version you're probably familiar with using plucks all the time and these things are things the most basic concept most basic application that's a practice of is that you could think of which is to say they have I filter on your on your saws or whatever it is you're plugging squires could be squares the other things and the whole idea is that it's just moving from where it is to off really perhaps faster in that mess screens a little farther away than they used to and real life a bit sharper but that's kind of a reasonable example e o e o plucks and this is just a little past fall through that's a program to shut off really fast whenever an out hits and then you've got and you've opened up the photo in closing filter and that that's like eighty percent of trance right there very easily make it more dramatic, right? That's, pretty that's, pretty much that's. They on that and there's this. I'm not going to say it's like this blindingly simple kind of thing, but it's also again, why would you go to do that unless somebody sort of said that sounds a little past walter and hasn't because we use terms like pluck and this is something that I attend. I anybody who's ever done any kind of recording engineering for bands, whatever has heard really weak, descriptive terms for sounds and music like punchy and warm and tube and pluck and that kind of stuff like it's, sort of descriptive of what it sort of feels like. It sounds like a sort of a engineering term it lacks in sort of ways to illuminate how to go about making that kind of sound. And a lot of this is going to be a sort of helping that in the course of general, that kind of thing.

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FL Studio is the world’s most popular DAW – learn how to get the most out of it. In FL Studio Synthesis Master Class, power user and educator, SeamlessR will help you take your electronic music to the next level.

SeamlessR will introduce the high-level synthesis concepts, principles, and applications and show you how to tackle common electronic sound design challenges. You’ll learn about the four major types of synthesis: subtractive, fm, additive and wave table.

SeamlessR will guide you through the familiar sounds in electronic music and show how to recreate them in FL Studio. You’ll also learn how to use the stock instruments that come with FL Studio (Harmor, Sytrus, Harmless, Sawer, etc) and explore popular third-party plug-ins.

If you’re looking to master synthesis using FL Studio, SeamlessR will help you make the leap.

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Heather Freinkel

Lots of helpful information here but it would be even better if the instructor spoke more clearly. He speeds up and mumbles dramatically toward the end of each sentence making it pretty difficult to hear what he's saying. If you do more classes, please work with a video or speech producer to improve the delivery. Thanks!

Thomas Brogan

great stuff!!

rohan Dehade

this is the greet