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Foundations in Metalsmithing: Bracelets

Lesson 25 of 25

Taking Your Bracelet Designs to the Next Level


Foundations in Metalsmithing: Bracelets

Lesson 25 of 25

Taking Your Bracelet Designs to the Next Level


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Taking Your Bracelet Designs to the Next Level

Alright, so let's talk now about taking your bracelet designs to the next level. So, you can really use your bracelet designs as a jumping off point for other jewelry, and so hopefully, you guys are feeling really inspired just even just on the bracelet front to create a lot of different ideas, but most of the skills that we used really can go in different ways. So, a lot of the hammer textured bangles, those kind of thin, solder bangles that we hammered, that's a great way to think about things like earrings, or connecting those a little bit further into pendants or even just single ones on pendants. A lot of the piercing techniques, obviously we did the statement earrings class so that piercing techniques work with those. But now you can think about, okay, I learned how to pierce, but now, I've got this whole new world of the patinas. So, what can I do if I cut out, If I cut out this shape, this becomes a really beautiful, in this color, a really beautiful statement earring. I could ...

do a nice, big necklace or even a little small pendant out of that. So really just thinking about the kinds of techniques that you were gravitating towards in this class, the forms that you're gravitating towards, and how you can expand those to other ideas. So, what I would really encourage everybody to do is really to think about what you're most excited about experimenting with in this class and then how you can take that from there. So I'm actually gonna pick on our in-studio audience. I want to know, what's the thing you're dying to go home and try? Adding beads to it. Oh, so you're thinking about how you can bring it into what you're already doing in your studio practice? Yes. Yes. Perfect. Just experimenting with different styles and shapes, and also the patinas and doing different colors I think everyone wants to play with color now. (laughs) Yeah, I'm excited about different forms and the colors, I really like the blues. Yeah, I'm loving this blue oxidizer. It's so fun. I'm looking forward to experimenting with textures. Nice, yeah, you're gonna start hammering on things? Yeah. It's also a really good stress reliever, right? We had a bad day, I'm just gonna go hammer some metal, yeah. Tracy. I'm excited about hammering and then also exploring the new shapes. Awesome. Alright, we already know what you're excited about back there. Okay, patinas. You can say it, it's okay we know. Good to have stuff in my studio to play with. Awesome. So you've opened my eyes to some new things, thanks. Good. I think for me it's the different shapes and especially the very modern bracelet shapes. Yeah, I was like someone in here has to be the modern geometric one. I was like, one of you. Always has to be one, so awesome. Are we hearing any final thoughts or questions from our online audience? They're a little bit quiet. So, I think we're in good shape. Alright, so, I just want to remind you guys as you're kind of moving forward, obviously you just spent a lot of time absorbing but I'm hoping that everyone goes out and does a lot of playing now. So, whether it's today, tomorrow, three months from now, as you guys are kind of playing with these techniques, I want you to share. So, @meganauman, @creativelive on Instagram, on Twitter, pretty much everywhere. You can use the #CLBracelets. We want to see what you guys are working on and of course you can also upload projects to the course page itself. So, you can share them there as well.

Class Description

Whether you’re just getting started in metalsmithing or have been experimenting for years, Foundations in Metalsmithing: Bracelets will help you deepen your skills while exploring the exciting world of bracelets. From torchless techniques (like forming and riveting) to more advanced concepts (like hinges), you’ll walk out of this class with a heap of new metalsmithing skills! (And a pile of new bracelets).

In this class, jewelry designer and metalsmith Megan Auman will help you build your metalsmithing skills in a way that’s completely approachable - no matter what level you’re currently at.

You will learn how to:

  • Create unique cuff bracelets by forming wire and sheet.
  • Join metal without a torch by riveting.
  • Solder wire and sheet into different shapes.
  • Make hinges (with or without a torch) to take your bracelet designs to the next level.
  • Finish your designs and experiment with color on metal through patinas.

Whether you’re looking to grow your existing jewelry making knowledge or for a new creative outlet that you can proudly wear (and show off!), you’ll leave Foundations in Metalsmithing: Bracelets with a series of bracelets you can call your own - and a new set of metalsmithing skills you can expand into even more jewelry ideas!



This is a great addition to Megan's metalsmithing series. She makes the topic really approachable. Bonus that metal patinas were added in to the class. I loved the class!

a Creativelive Student

I really enjoyed this class! It was very informative and gave me a lot of ideas for expanding a jewelry line to include a variety of bracelets and finishes.

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