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Frequency Separation for Portraits


Frequency Separation for Portraits


Class Description

Lisa Carney will go over the basic formula, demystifying the process so that you can incorporate Frequency Separation into most of your portrait and retouching jobs. She'll show how to incorporate filters, paint and blend modes to really make your portraits sing. Learn how to utilize this powerful technique for more of your heavy lifting retouching needs.

Software Used: Adobe Photoshop CC 2017


a Creativelive Student

I thought this course was absolutely excellent; Lisa's style of teaching worked perfectly for me. I loved how she related what she was doing to how a professional might incorporate the methods into their workflow with clients (and without, when they're doing it for themselves only, such as a photographer). She mentioned at the top of the course that this is an advanced workshop, so she wasn't going to be detailing all of the shortcuts, assuming that those who are taking this course either (a) know them already or (b) are savvy enough to look up the basics via the help topics in PS. (Super easy to do.) Lisa demystified the process for me, made it very approachable and doable, and I had fun listening to her. Would highly recommend.


Amazing opportunity to watch a Hollywood retouching pro in action, hands down one of the best classes I've seen. I love frequency separation, but Lisa takes it to an another mind-blowing level. I hope Creative Live brings her back for more in the future!

Ryan Voight

This class- and Lisa Carney- both incredible! After taking her color class, and then the portrait retouching class, I decided to add this one as well and dig deeper into Frequency Separation. I *LOVE* the way Lisa delivers the content, it's simple and easy to follow, but not slow and never boring... something really hard to accomplish in a video lesson, especially one on a technical topic. I'll be looking out for more classes with Lisa Carney... and hope she'll continue sharing her insightful knowledge and experience. IMHO she's the BEST BEST BEST (Finisher... and Creative Live instructor!)