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Animoto Demo with Jared Platt

Sue Bryce, Jared Platt, DPReview Staff

Gear Day

Sue Bryce, Jared Platt, DPReview Staff

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Lesson Info

2. Animoto Demo with Jared Platt

Lesson Info

Animoto Demo with Jared Platt

I am a wedding photographer and, uh, also do portrait's, but I tell stories that's really what I do, I'm a documentary photographer, and as such, I am going to always be trying to tell a story. Um, and a slide show is a great way to do that. We a cz wedding photographers will sometimes make books, albums? Uh, sometimes we tell a story on a blogger, but photography in itself is a great medium for telling stories, and so one of the tools that we use is slide shows that's, where we can put our images, tie them to a song, and the reason we tire images to a song is because that song helps to draw even more emotion out of our of the viewer and help them connect them to those images in a way that you really can't connect someone through the spoken word, or even through text a book. None of those things really have the impact that a slide show has, simply because the slide show has the ability to tie their the image and the music together, and that's why they're so powerful. Obviously, you kno...

w, your song selection is really important in that choosing the right music so that it can tie correctly to the song on, we'll talk more about that in a minute, but one of the greatest tools that we have for making slide shows is an emoto if you don't know what an emoto is, it's online it's a basically a powerful editing engine that's online, you upload your images to it and it takes care of all the hard work and I can make a slide show in premier, I can open up my movie or some other program, but then I am tasked with doing all the work I have to create the styles I have to do all the tricky editing on dh, quite frankly, I'm not a video editor, and so to me, having something do that for me is a far better option. I'm ana moto has put a lot of effort into creating a lot of different styles so that you can get, you know, cool stuff for senior portrait, or you can get cool stuff for babies or whatever, and and there's always some kind of a style there, so I'm going to show you all about an emoto and how I use it. The first thing, though, that we have to discuss when we're using an emoto or any slight to a program for that matter is the concept of telling the story, and so for that I've pulled up a wedding here this was a wedding that shot at the grand canyon. Have highlighted here one of my favorite images from the wedding, which is the bride kind of out there on the cliff next to the edge of the canyon. Andi I think I was just talking to someone a minute ago about this everybody looks at this image and they're like only gosh, the bride must be so brave to be right out there on the cliff and and but really she's fairly safe because I don't put a bride anywhere that's really dangerous but where I am that's the dangerous place so she if she fell off this should break her leg maybe, but if I fell off where I am taking the photo, I fall a thousand feet so there's a so really they should worry more about my safety than about hers. But anyway, this is the wedding that I want to tell a story for, and so if this is the wedding I'm going to use, I first need to find the best images in order to tell this story now inside of light room, the way I'm going to do this is while I'm editing the images, I'm going to go in and choose my favorite images you notice that we're looking at two on one star images as I'm selecting I'm going through the very first time I select I'm always going through and starring and flagging so the flag here. So this flag right here tells me that the client gets to see the image, and then the star tells me how much I like the image, and as I go through selecting a wedding, I'm going to flag and star the first time I go through the the wedding. The reason I do that is so that I'm reacting to those images, if something strikes me is wow that's a that's a beautiful portrait right there. Then I'm going to start it and give it maybe, and you notice that this one's two stars you can see right there that its two stars? And so that two stars tells me that that's a really fantastic photo, I reacted it to it well, and if I reacted well to it than my client's going to react well to it. So the first thing that I do when I want to look for images at a wedding and I'm going to make a slide shows I have to get that number down because right now we're looking at about one hundred twenty one photos, which is not gonna fit a standard song, and so I need to then whittle that number down the way I do that is in collections, so I first highlight a bunch of images and drag them into a collection and the way to do that literally is if you were to select the entire wedding so I've got the entire wedding in front of me and you can see that I've got images that our flag that's an unflagging image that's a flag damage I'm sorry that's. They're both flag that one's star a nstar this one start on dh so when I look at this set, I'm going first sort and you can do that up here in the library filter I goto attributes right up here, click on attributes, and then I'm going to choose all my two star images and above once I've got that that whittles down a very large number of images to a much smaller set of images, but still there's quite a few so then I'll try three stars and see what I get from three stars, and it looks like that's all mostly the engagement session, so I guess I better go back to two stars, and then I'm going to start at the beginning of the wedding, something scan down here past the engagement session, which was on an island on going to go to the wedding where there were starting the wedding right there, so I start here, and this was a story that was told over us. A while because we actually hiked with them through the grand canyon before their wedding, and then we go all the way to the end, and I'm going to go to the collection area. I'm going to click on this little plus button, I'm going to create a collection when I do that, I will name it wedding images, and I will tell it to put it inside of my collection set for the cutler wedding and hit create when I do that now, I've got all of these images here inside of my wedding images, and that tells me the ok there's ninety six images that I could use for the slide show that would help to tell the story, but that's still a little bit too many, so at that point, then what I want to do is I want to start pairing them down into a smaller subset, and so I'm going to do that simply by right clicking so you can see that I've got cutler slide show already done, but what I would do is I would go in and create one more collection and this collection I'm going to call it final slide show images once I've got that I'm going to, I'm not going to add anything to it, but I'm going to make it into what's called the target collection click on that. And now I hit create and it created an empty slide show are an empty collection here and then I would go through here go through my set of images that I just collected and I would just start clicking on them and if I wanted to add them to the collection, I've hit the beaky and the bee key or you can also hit this little this little circle up here is also the target, so if I click on that adds it to the target collect so I go through a smaller subset of images and I start clicking on things that I think would be valuable for a slide show like this and they're adding them see how they're adding him to the final slide show images collection and that's how I'm going to get my images into a place where I know these are the images I want to use now let me go through to another collection set something that we've already worked through and I started with thirty two images of a little portrait set here of the set of girls see that so I've got this little portrait set this was a christmas portrait and in phoenix it is still green and beautiful in the winter, so I'm going to highlight all of those and I'm gonna move him into a collection and then I finally whittle them down to twenty one of my favorite images so with those twenty one favorite images, I then want to highlight the ones that I like make sure that I go through and scan and make sure that there's not too many of one type of image I like to scan through and just make sure there's not going to be a lot of repeats or things like that and then secondly, I want to organize them when I'm inside of a collection, I can actually organize my images inside of light room, so I'm going to grab these, I'm gonna move this one to the front because I think that would be cute, and I'm going to kind of shift things around just a little bit. I like these two here to be before the family portrait, and I want this little set here, I'm just shift clicking across these I want this set of her dancing to be before for all of this because the final image is going to be the family portrait, so I'm gonna go over there and, you know, I just thought better of it. I'm going to take this little shot right here, which I think it's super cute, and we're going to use this as the final image to our our show because we're trying to tell a story, we're tryingto teo, you know, think of a way to start a story, move through tell something fun, and then in the end, give us kind of a last send off image and that's going to be the send off image. So once I've done that, I simply need to highlight all of our all of my images, and I'm going to go to the export dialog box, which is this little button right here. I'm going to click on export and I'm going to choose there's lots of ways that you can export you can export to a hard drive you can export via, you know, various nick's software imaging software is whatever, but you can also export an emoto, and this is a plug in that you, khun reese, you khun download from an emoto andi, it basically is going to choose all of the details on how it's up loading and what size it's up loading so that is perfect for the slide show, and I'm just going to hit export and that's it. So now I'm starting to upload these images, and they're going to then be sent up to an emoto and in an emoto animados going to receive those images and it's going to open up an emoto on the web for me once it's done so you can see that it's right now, it's exporting a bunch of j pegs. To the correct size on you could see that right up here in the status bar you see what it's doing it's sending those images to an emoto and we're going to watch those go up and as soon as it's done, an emotive will open up on the web for me and I will then be able toe work on those images online now let's side in the in the interim while we're waiting for those to upload let's, go over to our web and just kind of give you an idea of what we've got inside of an emoto so inside of an emoto we have a siri's let me just go to the front page of an emoto this is what I've got here they've got a bunch of different slide shows that I could be working on I can go to my videos if I go to my videos, you can see all of the videos that I've been working on here you khun your account information is here and then if you wanted to, you can actually create a video from scratch you don't have to go through light room toe uploaded your images you could also hit creative video when you do you get to choose what style you want oh look, I think that light room is done up loading okay see this upload is complete and when I hit, ok it's now opening up an emoto and it's opening up that specific slide show so it's ready it says, welcome your picks air here we're all set, and so now I get to choose what kind of style I want to put this in so I can choose a documentary modern, minimalist, some simplicity or there's a whole bunch of other ones proof sheets on defy click on one, it shows me an example of what that will look like so you can see that that's what this is going to look like, it's kind of moving around a bunch of different proof sheets, but for me, I want to try my documentary style, which is a style that I literally asked them to make, and they made it for me because I'm very simplistic in the way that I show my images, and so I'm going to hit that's it I want to customize the style, so I'm choosing documentary, and I want to customize the style and at this point, it's going ask me several things about the styles that I want to put into the show so I can change the font. Uh, for this, I wanted to be kind of a playful funt now, actually, I like the modern five men to go with modern font. I can change the color so I could change the color of the background of black or white I can change the color of the text I can also change the layout so that when the text comes in does it cut in like this or does it slide in like that? I can choose a lot of those things I can also change the transition between the images so I can do cuts only so it just pops in like this you can see it's showing you the style or just slides or I can show cross fades so you're going to you're basically choosing the main style of your of your slide show and then also in framing you can choose to do full frame fits screen or in said if you click on in said it's actually going toe give you kind of a border around every image so no images actually gonna hit the edge if you hit fit to screen it's going to show the full size photos much as it can so if it's a vertical it's going to show you the full image but it's going it's going to have some black or white bars on the sides if he had full frame then it's actually going to zoom in on every single photograph so it's this is don't do this unless you're doing all horizontal images and then it'll look fantastic but otherwise I go with fit to screen okay, so once I've done that once I've chosen that I hit done and now I've got my slideshow you can see that I've got to slide show ready and see how it's organized them the way that I organize them inside of light room so if you look at the first images air up here and then as you scroll down you'll see that the last images that little hero image that I had chosen and the family photos of second to the last now I want to first start this slide show by creating a control to the slide show so I want some text so I come over here to the left hand side and there's an ab text button I'm going to click on that ad tex button and I'm going to call this uh a morning and then the subtitle is like the second line with little angels and he capitalized that w okay so that's going to be my front slide? I'm going to move that over so you see how I could just grab images and move them around so I've got there's my title that starting and at the end I want to add something at the end now I'm going to want to first add a logo now I could upload a logo just by simply clicking on here clicking on this space that means that there's an empty space there and I can either add text or I can add, so if I wanted to, I could just write jared platter, flat photography or something like that, or I could upload a photo to be my logo. You can see right over here that I can add a logo to the end of my slide show, so I'm going to click on that ad a logo, and I'm going to click on here. So this is where I'm putting the ad a logo click on that, choose a file, I'm going to go to my desktop and I'm going to choose a photo. Here we go! This is this is my logo it's a little png, and I'm going to click on that it's going to upload that photo, and then I'm going to tell it whether I wanted to be on the intro or the outro don't want on the beginning, I only want it in the end and the background is going to be white. I could change the background of black, but you can see that that's not gonna look great because it's on a white background so that's, what my logo is going to look like? I could add an outro caption as well, but I am not going to do that, and then I get to choose what that logo is going to look like when it comes in. So I can you can see I can slide it in, I can rotate it in, I could zoom it in and out I could, you know, and that's really going to depend on your song if your song is really funky and you know, then maybe we'll zoom it out like that because that's, you know, real loud, but I'm going to do the focus I kind of like that focus, they fade in is good, and I think focus is a good one, so I'm going to go for focus and hit done, and so now you can see that I've got a little logo right down here that says, I've got an outro logo, and if I had chosen to put it on, the intro would be appear a cz well, ok, so now let's, just see we've got our images into an emoto and we've got our beginning slide and we've got our end slide and I'm just going to go in and hit a preview just to see what it's going to look like. I haven't done any other made any other decisions, I'm just going to see what it looks like and usually take about fifteen seconds for us to see this, but it generates a preview the previous going to be kind of ah, a really basic copy of this, and here we go I don't really like the music for it at all, so that was just the music that it just chose. It just threw some music up there, no offence toe whoever wrote roller coaster but it's just not gonna work for these little girls, so I need to change the music for this. I'm going to click on this music so it's, very intuitive. All you need to do is if you want to change the music, click on the music and then you can choose toe upload your own song. So if you need to upload a song that you have rights too, and make sure that you do have the rights to use the song, upload your own song, but I'm actually going to use and this is a fantastic thing about an emoto is that they actually have an entire library of really beautiful music already inside of an emoto. You just simply choose whichever song you want, and you now have the license to use it because an emoto has the license to use it. So we're going to go to the full music library and inside of the fuel full music library. I have the ability to choose. Images are I mean music so I'm going to go in here and I'm gonna type in mindy because I know the song I'm looking for and notice that I've got him favorite and see you can have a little heart to the ones that you really really like and so I'm going to choose this song called bedtime bedtime song by mindy gledhill one of my favorite artists on triple scoop if I click on it I can play it to see what it sounds like so let's hear it okay, so that's what we want to choose we're going to hit bedtime song and we're going to add the song and now mindy glad hills music is here now now that I know what music I'm using, I want to make sure I give her credit for the song so I'm going to click again down here a tw the very end of the slide show and I'm going to add some text and I'm going to say music by mindy gledhill and I'm also going to put her to see of triple scoop music and I want to thank triple scoop music for all of the amazing music that they use and that they've allowed an emotive use because that's a fantastic place to grab music so if you need music you can go onto an emoto and get a big library full of music but if what you want is not there there are thousands and thousands more songs on triple scoop itself, and so go there and kind of test around and seeing what music you like, so I'm gonna hit saved, and now I've got a little bit of of, uh, credit going toe mindy and triple scoop for the music, and then after that, my altro logo will come on now. Another problem that ice found with this slide shows that it doesn't quite fit with the documentary style, and so I'm going to change my style, so I want to go back to customize the style. And now, instead of customizing the style in here and there's, a lot of different customers ations that aiken do inside of it, each different style, I'm going to go up to the top, and you can see that there's a thing that says style gallery, we want to go to the style gallery and choose a different style, and I'm going to choose modern, minimalist, modern, minimalist, and I just need to select the style once I select it, then if I want to go, I can and play around with that style as well. But in this case, let me let me show you what it's going to look like, so let me preview this for you, because it's important for you to understand what each style does so that you know what options are available and which ones you want to play with so we're looking at the style and you're going to see that when I play it it's it's uh it's very clean it's very white I love the little box that comes up but notice that vertical images go side by side but it's full screen it's not giving many sidebars on any of my of my widescreen horizontal shots ok, so now that I understand what that's doing now I can go in and play with it so the first thing that you should know is that I can add captions so I'm going to come in and add a caption here with dad so I'm going to click on caption right below the image and I'm going to add a caption and that caption is going to say love and then I'm gonna hit safe now oh, by the way, if I go in and work on this I can also click and drag see this I can do that and reframe each image so that we have the right image I'm going and caption this one and I'm going to call this one uh safety and hit open I need to move that up a little bit and it saved and I'm going to go to this one actually this one over here and I'm going to call this one the fit up call this one family save and this one I will call this one magic, and we'll pull that one up like that let's say, ok, so we've added some captions in there, and we've also gone in and worked on, and I if I double click any of these images, I can add a caption to it, or I could delete it, or I can reframing so some of these, these air, all vertical, but here's some horizontal is that I need to reframe, so I just need to go in and reframe all of my little horizontal cz here. Um, and by the way, if you wanted to, you could go and do all of your cropping to a sixteen by nine crop inside of light room, and then you would never have to reframe because you'd be totally framed the way you wanted if you knew that you were going to do this style on on your slide show, but if he didn't know, and then you just decided, you just come in and doubleclick all your images and reframe to exactly the frame that you want and hit save and then it's going to fix that for you, okay? So rather than going through all of them, we know what we're doing now, and so we're just going to hit plane oh, and before we do that, the other thing you'll notice that you noticed when I first played it is the slide show was moving pretty rapidly. And so rather than a rapid slide show, this is a soft song, it's play full it's, it's, melodic, and so we want to slow it down. Plus, right now, you can see that my slideshow is one minute long and brevity is great, but the parents really like their children and they want to see more of their children, so they're going toe rather than having them play it over and over and over and over again, I'm gonna slow it down so they can actually enjoy the watching the children, so I'm going to click on this little gearbox see this little gear right next to the time tells me that I've got three minutes and fifty five seconds of song, but I've only got one minute of actual content, so I'm going to click on that gear and that's going to let me play around with that I could trim the song if I want or I can do a manual pacing, I could make it faster, or I could make a slower I'm gonna actually take it to two clicks down and slow, and if I hit auto, then it's going to automatic the pace it to fill the song I don't want to do that so I'm just going to slow it down a little bit and hits save once I've done that now I have a slide show that's a paste specifically by me to match the mood of my music okay and remember I've got my intro with a title I've got all the slides reframed I've added a little bit of text in it I've got a courtesy of triple scoop music and a uh uh credit to the musician and I've got my outro so I'm pretty much ready to go with this slide show so I'm going to title it and I'm gonna title this slide show little angels too because I think I already have a little angels up there I can put the date on if I want I'm not going to do that I can add a description here but also here is really important I'm going to hide the an emoto logo at the end of the video because I don't need my clients to know that this is where I made it you can leave it on there or you can take it off it's up to you you could also show a call to action but so this is really important if you're making some kind of a a slide show specific to kind of promote your business if you're promote someone else's business a tw that point when you play it you want that call to action button to come up so that when they click on it it takes them to a website takes him to a place to buy something etcetera okay so I'm gonna hit save and now we're ready to preview this video on let's see what it looks like this uh preview is when you look at it's a little gritty and stuff because it's just really fast way much more slow transition notice that there's a lot of white instead of black I think it just works with with polls show betters on then I can I can scan forward if I want to to see what the rest of the end of the song will look like so we're just going to go toe minute fourteen and let it play from there and see see what it looks like it takes takes a little bit of time for it to get two they're still lingering it's still rendering right now so speeding ahead is cheating you're supposed to produce this thing and then do it but you can see that when those little boxes come up the really pretty and they show the photo and then they bring the box I really like that simplistic style it's it's cute watch this I think that's pretty so now that choppiness will disappear once we hit for news so we like it we're gonna hit produce and now it's going to save all those changes that we made and it's starting to produce now look at this it's see this it's finalizing so this is going to this little now bar is going to go up and once it's finished then you have a lot of mohr options the other options that you have are going to be based in upgrading so that instead of just a smaller uh oh it's done you look at that all right so it's all done now I can actually speed through this thing wherever I want it to go so if I wanted tio play now I have the actual this's the actual video ready to go and I can kind of scan through it bring us to a further say now I can just go through no no okay so you can see what that looks like I need to go in and obviously fix mindy's name s o I'm going to go to my videos fixing something that you realize is messed up is just azizi is coming in clicking on this little gearbox come up I could copy it to make a new version of it or I can edit the one that I've already been working on when I edit it it just takes me back into the same view that I was in before on dyken just start editing so I'm going to go down to the bottom and I'm going to double click that right here and change that to a g okay, now, now, that's all set and I can hit preview the video, and as soon as it goes to preview, I don't have to look at the preview and I could just hit skip and produced and it's going to replace that other video and it's going to allow me to then have all the sharing options. So some of the sharing options that you're going to notice when you're inside of this final screen, first off, you can go in and play this any time you like right here, just looking at it this way, you can also email it, you can share it on twitter, you can share it on facebook, you can share it on youtube, you can embed it. So if I click on this in bed, it gives me all the codes I get to choose how big so if I want it to be eight hundred sixty four pixels large, I can tell it the quality that I wanted to be in. Now this is important see how I've only got one quality at six, three hundred sixty pixels our three hundred sixty p the quality is not that great, so that would be good for a small video online, but it's not going to be good for a dvd. So if I want higher quality available, I need to come once this is done producing, I need to come over to the upgrade to hd so down below, these options are really important. I'm going to click on upgrade to hd and I what I do is I literally upgrade all of please, so I just click on upgrade, upgrade, upgrade and then I close out and you can see all the upgrades are happening right now see that so it's changing all of this now I've got a ten eighty p goes seven eighty p I've got a four eighteen p so I've got all of the different qualities that I could possibly use and so once it's done once I've upgraded my ten adp, then I'll be able to in bed and it'll take just a few more minutes to upgrade to the ten adp, but when I do that now, I'm going to have more options. It's and then ten, eighty people come in here is well, if I wanted to actually embedded a ten eighty p, which I don't know that you want to do that, but anyway, I can change the volume here. I can change the label on the button on the culti action, I can do an auto start, I could do a loop, all of these types of things, and then once I've done set all my options, all I do is go in here and simply highlight all of this and copy it, and then I just paste it into my blawg, and then it will be on my blogged as a video, and I don't have to send it somewhere. So this is the fastest way to get your video somewhere else is just copy that, and then pasted onto the blawg, or pasted into whatever service you want to send it into there's also amore button. So this more button takes me to a whole bunch of mme or sharing options, one of which I use, which is smugmug. Smugmug has the ability to then receive this video from an emoto, so I can actually put it into the clients sharing page on on smugmug simply by clicking on smugmug it last me the log in, and then we'll send it over to my smuggling account. Also, I consented to my video account, so I have a venue account, and I will always send it over to video because I share things from vinnie um, so all of these are options for sharing and and sending out your videos ok, so now we have the upgrades are finished and once the upgrades air finished, I also have the ability to download so downloading click on download and I get to choose now what size and what quality I want to download. And so in this case, I would download my hd ten adp click on download and it literally is just going to ask me you know where I want it now, it's saving it and then we'll have the full version. So let me show you then, um let's get out of an emoto there and let's talk about video because sometimes we want to add more than just photos into our slide shows. We also want to add video, so let me show you this little, uh, picnic that I took pictures of called the salty picnic andi in it we were on the utah salt flats bonneville salt flats taking photos, which is a pretty fun place. Tio do a family photo and you can see that we did some, uh, pretty fun. Uh, photos here. This is one of my particular favorites here. Um I love that shot uh, also, as the sun was going down, we had some, you know, fun playing in this in the sunset. This is one of my particular favorites here and so we've got a lot of photos, but we also have some video, so the video footage of this is also pretty fun so we if I go to my setting here and I video we had some behind the scenes video going on and so you can see right here, for instance, this is like a little extra piece of video that we shot while we were shooting because this this one was broken so this little scooter was broken and so this was a funny little bit of video e so all right, so we've got this little piece of video that we want to throw in, and so if you upload video, let me go back to an emoto and let me show you a if I go to my videos, let me show you a a job that has video in it, so here is the salty picnic, and if I double click on this hit play and you could see actually let's, just I don't want o I'm going to actually show you the video itself. Hold on, let me go back to my videos. I'm gonna edit this video so that you can see what we're doing here, so I'm going to click on edit, and when I edit this video, you'll see that there's video embedded into those little squares so you have most of these are just photos but when you get down to the end, there is a video see this video if I double click on that video I have some controls on the video I can choose where to start and stop the video so it's not I just uploaded the entire segment but the entire segment you see that I'm scant I'm scrubbing through it so I wanted to start about right there where he's entering in and then I want it to end see right before I walk in and add some lights I'm gonna end it right there so I get to choose I also can choose whether or not I want sound, so I want the sound, but I could also turn off the sound and then I'm gonna hit save once I hit save, I have successfully clipped and cut down that video, so I've got my video all set up. I have one other video I think in there as well, maybe somewhere yeah, there it is. So there's another video here where I'm shooting one of my favorite shots and so I wanted to show the behind the scenes of that and I just need to again I'm clipping just that part see about half that video is gone now some of the styles will accept on ly small bits of video and other styles will accept unlimited sized videos the documentary style accepts unlimited sized videos so you can have a five second video you could have a fifteen second video although be careful because adding a twenty minute video doesn't make any sense s o u you want him to be small we want those videos to be riel small and very useful so when you're making a hybrid video make sure are a hybrid slide show make sure that you're you're really being brief about the videos that you're putting in so they don't start to bore people so I'm going to show you what that video looks like and will actually watch the video in its entirety because it's a pretty fun little video and here we go I went to see the doctor I'd come down with she said that I can't carry you but here's something new boom take a piece of paper and go sit down for a while and job pretty picture of something that makes you so I know it makes me happy I didn't think for long but when he tried to draw it it always came out a box of twelve, forty eight and sixty four but no where could I find that one shade I was looking for? I guess I really should come as no surprise that doesn't make comes there is no way possibly be described really doesn't make job everybody turn around going directly at the sun I think neither doctor I can t so I ran back and I walked in I knew but use of the deep schools would be a compromise bill doesn't make your it does make a good job spring spring brings much you see green is far too pale cornflowers way to mel I'll try again there's no way I could capture the way you make me feel one look from you is directions blue green deal no go qualify that grounds tell eyes grills doesn't make color so sure I got you ok so that is the video that was created very quickly an animal it doesn't take very long to create something that's a it's an interesting style it's beautiful includes video it includes audio you notice that when I started when sound started coming in it ducked the the music a little bit so that we could hear the audio going so that was really good to the other thing that you'll notice is that some of those frames held on a little bit longer than other frames and so you can see that here the first frame held on quite a while this frame held on quite a while you can see those little yellow key lines around them tell you an indicate that their hero images those air images that we want to spotlight so in order to do that I simply click on an image that if I wanted to spotlight this image I would simply click on this image and then I would go over to the left hand side and spotlight that image and now it's gonna hang on a little bit longer, depending on the style it's interesting because depending on the style that you choose, the spotlight will do different things to it will hang on to it longer. It'll do something different in the way that it shows it, sometimes it'll resume it. You know, each style has its own unique way of handling a spotlight, and so you kind of get to know the styles after you worked on him for a while. So my advice to anybody that's working inside of an emoto is to go into an emoto, choose a style and really play with all the all the options and just just go in and preview don't even build the video you just preview and see what those options do for you and then do it again. And if you just choose like four, five images to do that, you really get a quick view of what all of these options will do you no spotlight a couple on don't spotlight some, put some text on some and then just run it through its it's paces and see what that style does and get to know your favorite styles don't try and use every single style and moto because half of them are not going to be what you want but the other half will be very, very useful to you. And so my advice is to go through and choose, you know, try the documentary style trial, the minimalist, minimalist style. Try the the the style that goes through the contact sheets, you know, I mean, just play around with them to see what all of them do and see what the spotlights due to him. See what, how text ads to them so that you get a feel for everything on day. Remember, that video will be treated a little different in each one as well. But in this case, I think that video turned out really well. So if you want, if you want a nzpa taillight this, you just simply click on it and a nzpa. Delighted. By the way, if you happen to be uploading images that you haven't done anything to, and they happen to be rotated wrong, you can click on this and rotate the other thing that's really useful is to duplicate. So for instance, if I wanted to add another photo let's, say, I wanted to add this photo here, which is the photo of our little a little guy, you know, driving his bike if I wanted to make a point and add that at the very end, I can then duplicate that slide and then simply grab that and drag it to the end so that he's the last thing that we see s oh there's a lot of options there as well if you have no idea what you want to do, you could you could highlight everything like this and then you can click on the shuffle button and it will shuffle it and then you don't have to make any decisions it will do it for you and you'll have no idea what's coming up next so that's an option as well, so there's there's so much you can do inside of an emoto, but but the really key toe an emoto and the way that it's functioning and what it's doing for you is that it gives you a quick entry into a video even though there's a lot of power and a lot of options chief for me is the work flow workflow to me is absolutely paramount because I have way too much to be doing to spend in premier or an eye movie or wherever tryingto fuss with a slide show and make it just perfect and extend this out and do this or do that it's so important to me to get something done really quickly and so with an emoto it's easy to go straight from light room used the plug in upload the images once they're uploaded an emotive takes over from there just simply chooses style make a couple decisions on that style and hit go and then within five minutes I have fully hd slide shows that I can then share it's very easy to share from their simply go in and and sheriff video shared to smugmug or download it and put it on a disk for the client and I'm ready to go so that that is and a moto in a nutshell does a fantastic job there's a lot of options in it, so really you can't you can't ruin anything, so just go explore and have fun and so we have a few questions that came in from you folks at home that we'd love to go through pretty quickly before we move on to our next segment. So first one for jenise e and then we also had amy west ask questions a little bit about output janice wants to know can the downloaded slideshow be saved to dvd? Di amy wants to know can you upload in an emoto video to youtube on then I'd love to hear just a little bit about how you actually use your side trips are they for marketing sell them something that okay, so first off sharing if you want to put him on a dvd, the most important thing that you can do is download them and so you do that in the first you have to upgrade to hd, which is one of the options in the option area on dh then you also want to download that upgraded versions so you would download the full hd ten adp version once you've got that then it's just a matter of plopping it on the dvd through you can use a lot of different programs like I dvd pro you can use adobe has their version of it's it's, their disk maker it's I don't even remember what it's called but you can use adobes version there's hundreds of them out there just need to put it on there you're going to use a dvd authoring software to make a dvd out of it what when it comes to youtube it's just a button you literally just click on the youtube button and it's going to send it to your youtube channel. So that's easy saying with demio on dso sharing is important I don't sell I don't sell any slide these are not these are not something that you include is part of your packages or anything there included okay but they're not sold you cannot buy a slide show I force it upon you I want people to have a slide show because for me that's marketing for them it makes them happy that they have you know they get a share it they're gonna put on their ipad that get put on their iphone and so they're really excited to have these slide shows and they want to show them to people. So it's it's good for everybody all round. So really it's it's it's an advantage toe working with me that you get a slide show, and the advantage for me is that everybody gets to see it now I park it on vendio so any time I finish a slideshow on an emoto, I then send it to video because that's, where all of my content is, and so once it's in video that I can share from their people. I have a lot of followers on my video, which, by the way, is jared platt. So it's video forward slash jared platt and you'll find me there and there's lots and lots of content there and lots of slide shows, so gives people a channel to go to just fantastic it's another question about output as well. Wendy d c m is wondering about whether you can add these two sticky albums, which is something that we use on mobile, so I'd also like you to talk about and a moto and mobile devices perfect so there's also right next to the youtube button there's the embedded button and we showed that, but if you simply copy the embed code here inside of your embed video area, and then just go to your sticky album and paste the embed code into the sticky album now you've got your video inside of your sticky album but also vinnie army an emoto has their own app and it's on uh it's on ipads iphones it's on the rise android yeah, all those and so literally it is beautiful I mean that's what it looks like that's I think that's a fantastic it's nice you can scroll through the videos you can play him from there and so I love the an emoto option plus you can kind of create the videos from there, so if I had a bunch of photos that I'd put on my on my ipad, I could actually create a video from my ipad to so I don't necessarily have to be on the computer to do it super cool um we had a couple questions about kind of timing one from barney allen and three other people also want to know the answer I find that slide shows have so much more impact when transitions match the music. Is there any way to tie transitions to beats in the music in an emoto on dh then brenda j is wondering whether you can move where the caption lays, for instance, can be at the bottom we talk a little bit about those customization options yes so depending on the style that you choose and a moto will do different things with your images, so some of the styles are actually very dependent on the beat of the music and they go nuts with it and they like so they're looking at the beat of music, others not so much like the ones that we detailed I don't really follow the beat of the music special specifically because I was determining the time and the slowness of the transitions, but other ones do so that that depends. But in speaking of that, the question the real question is you know what music you're choosing because you notice when we first pulled up the photos of little girls, it was playing some, you know, rocker songwriter and I was like, that's not gonna work and work for that doesn't work. I wanted something slow and beautiful, most weddings or that way you need something sloan beautiful on dh speaking of music choices, as you know, triple scoop is literally embedded inside of an emotive, which is fantastic because stephen v in the chat room wanted to know, did I correctly here that triple scoop is now included with an emoto, which, yes, there's over a thousand triple scoop songs and so that's like sixty thousand dollars of music at your disposal for making slide shows that you don't even have a license because they're already licensed for you now again, if you if you're missing something, you know you can go find those songs on triple scoop as well. But, you know, like, for instance, when we went in here and we're looking for a song inside of this, uh, inside of this little video, when I click on, you know, there's, the triple scoop library and that's everything I mean, that's, a lot of music that's available, but I think they even got selections for real estate. Yes, I think you like this is the best song for real estate, but but when you go into the future full music library and you search for a particular artist like, for instance, mindy and I, there are people in the chat room that love mindy gledhill on this they ought to because she's fantastic, but I mean, they're looking that's all mindy glad to help right there that's a lot of him, and she has even more on triple scoop, you know, just on its own, but there's just fantastic. So the selection of music, I think, is one of the most critical things to a slide show, and if you're just using the same song on every single slide show and I guarantee you that your regular comers to your block are bored out of their mind they're like, oh, hey here in the song over and they may love the song but they're gonna hate hearing it over and over so having that many songs think they have, like over two thousand total songs in there having that many songs your disposal I think is critical great. So a couple more just very quick final questions tomas mcdonnell and about five other people want to know is an emoto a one time payment or do you subscribe? Ah it's a subscription and you can do it either monthly or yearly I prefer nearly so I don't keep getting that charge every single month, but either way is fine he's remember and then one more from thomas as well and it is a great I think I'm a final question to wrap this up what's the difference between a light room slide jo ann ann emoto slide show their different many different ways to use it. So what are the benefits to this versus other methods? Okay, so they're three methods I use the first method is straight out of light room and that's usually used at the actual wedding because I've got the images going in I'm throwing in some j pegs at the wedding and I just want to show thirty images and recycle them over and over again at the bar you know, so that people can see what's been happening knowing that day that's what light room is excellent for and lion can export one of those slide shows but it's just it literally is a transit the same transition it's the same amount of time for every slide there's no way to like spotlight something there's no way that like you just can't really trick it out writes very simplistic and that's great it's great for what it's good for and that's first showing the images now but then once I want to create something a little better, I'm going to go to an emoto because an emotive gives me the ability to choose different styles I can increase or decrease the amount of speed of the transitions I could cut aiken swipe again slide I can you know all those kind of things are available and then if I really really, really need to do something that I'm telling an amazing story then I'm going to go for something like premier and when I do that I don't even do it I have my video guy do it because premier is such a challenging thing to work in absolutely but but it's critical in certain times where you need different types of fades and across in a cut and then over here you need space and whatever and there was one other question that I remember being asked and that is how does one extend a slide show the music in a slide show so that its crosses over it lags a little longer passed everything so that you have kind of silence at the end or whatever the way I would do that as I would create black frings so just just going to photo shop and make a j peg a full sized j peg that's black and a full size j peg that's white so that depending on which you know style using it work and then just simply upload those photos into an emoto and that you can put them in between any slide and that will give you like a dead space it will give you the ability to put, say, three white frames at the end so the music will keep going but the images have stopped it gives it a moment to breathe just just breathe so that's very useful when you're trying to do something with a fairly automated system but you wantto act like you're in premiere that's how you would do that and there's there's nothing that beats premiere but nobody knows how to use it and nobody has time to use it and that's why we have an emoto because we want to get closer to premiere we want to get closer to great video editing without having to destroy our lives to just so if you don't want to destroy your life as we have another animal it's perfect

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