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Guerrilla Recording

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Single Mic Demonstration

Beau Burchell

Guerrilla Recording

Beau Burchell

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4. Single Mic Demonstration


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Lesson Info

Single Mic Demonstration

I actually did a uh a demonstration on the drum kit that we'll talk about later but I actually show the sonic differences between you know, some of the usb mike's versus like a more traditional like if you will but I think we don't have since we're using the quartet we didn't really have time and especially now we don't have time to kind of switch over the plate beijing to use the u s be mike so I think we're going to do just a regular mike um and too quickly uh talk aboutthe difference between us being like I guess I can talk about that as we're setting up do you want tio go for tracking that song now okay, we'll get our this one yeah yeah ok okay sit on this little street is he okay? Come over here. Yeah okay. Yeah, sure. Um thanks ever so the difference between um the usb and regular mike's is just get I can't really say that one's going to be better or not because it's all just what your preferences they're just going to sound different um and what's funny is here's a perfect examp...

le of like a loose mike stand you know, so it's like um but okay, this one strip so you put it down um so because this might actually I mean, this is actually probably pretty good we're totally working with like yankee home studio mike stand right now and no I don't want replaced so I think what we're gonna do is we're gonna be recording this like both it wants right no, just one replace it later yeah ok so he's going to singing and playing guitar and then we'll replace it yeah, okay misty like a part of something I think so I think it will do is I'm just gonna tap out the tempo okay? I'm gonna have you play the song and then uh type of temple real quick and I'm gonna have you play tio click ok? And I'm gonna have you overdid the guitar and then over to the local perfect so we are going tio within your deal so I guess I'll talk a little bit about tracking with the click track um effectively this would be like the scratch right? You put him down according with one mike get the tempo sad um and then after the break we'll come back and actually do individual cuts of like vocals and then guitar yes, it was awesome and, you know, maybe for since I'm kind of already over let me just map out the tempo and and then yeah and then I'll kind of set up a little bit more during the break sweet okay? So pro tools has this cool feature tow where I don't know if you can see here in this window but as I hit the tee button it taps out the tempo and it changes the bp m's right there so it s oh yeah play a little bit of that song okay? And this is actually a brand new click track for me because I'm just using pro tools ten eleven see what this does for without death there it is okay, now give me your gun so I'm just kind of adjusting the game mike cramped here and do you all right? I'm gonna turn down these speakers here so you're because I think we're sharing the same mix so are you getting your guitar in your headphones? E m d play that same probably there it is. Okay, now are you getting both of these? Of course spotlight for the click track it's loud it's good. All right so you can come in whenever you want men you radio um wholesome through our are we tracking the entire song or just like a verse in a chorus type of thing maybe his first worth okay, okay if I started no I will toy screwed up we started the intro and just go up through the first chorus okay? Right way too fast sorry I was all amped up beginning that is the line of you are yeah awesome ok with kids right so feels empty, ok sorry, that was super fast. How about this lleyton see yeah it's hard it's actually teach your headphones out of the sea where the samples if you're just going to take up a click but if I'm adding it in later will be hard yeah it's got echo okay um you want to get a camera and I'm gonna I'm gonna ditch uh ditch your guitar coming back into your other phone I could do about it and then I'll fix this over the break all right wait so I'm going to play this and then we get the gist of that um I don't mind how the guitar sounds it could just be these monitors that I'm totally unfamiliar with um but I don't mind like the overall character of that guitar um I really I mean granted if it was for something also definitely want to change the strings and possibly explore other guitars but I think for what it is it is fine on guy like where the mike is like how the guitar sounds but you can hear how the voice is not being picked up very well at all um so what I want to do now is have you go through and do you need tio here your scratch track at all or you want to track anyone would just get our great that's what that's never talk about that again okay, so here we go way had eight clicks uh is your let's make sure that your level is good now with our mixture so that the click versus your guitar okay e I think there's quit coming through the ok I could have a little bit more click click I wanted to pick up the mic okay so a click some will start sure you can see that every time I drive hit record uh it's the worst wait so something that I also kind of want to do real quick um have you double that guitar thiss might uh three played in the same place or different yeah yeah toys same place and then I want to just kind of do something kind of stupid right now just to kind of show um what could uh what could potentially happen as far as ifyou're tracking at home you know and you have like neighbors or anything happening making noise in the in the mikes so I'm just going to like way have that going on right there and then this is pretend like that's like your neighbor blasting their music and you're trying to record okay so let me know if you weigh should be good okay so obviously that sucks pretty bad so and this is obviously a very like simple trick and I'm sure you guys probably know it um but I'm gonna throw up an extra mike stand around here I don't know if these particular blankets are going to be able tio yeah, I don't know if he's gonna work but waken hope um so packing blankets are really good thing to have if you're at your home or um when you can get him at the u haul or any sort of like moving place free we're harbor free hard five bucks for some big one there you go I'm afraid um get yourself a couple of them because you'll need him I would recommend getting like five of them um you can make a kind of a cool makeshift vocal booth out of them if you're getting lots of kind of like wild reflections within your room um we didn't really go over. We kind of skipped over the room treatment stuff but all that's there in the uh in the keynotes better right? Yeah, yeah, the more massive have yeah, the more mass the more sound yeah. So it's it's like a shield you know? So if you have and you know, if if I if I had more of these I could make kind of like a cartoon you know it around your your source and your microphone and block out a ton of, um, of what's going on in your background so I'm going to save that take just so we can play it back um and hear the difference that it makes um and now I'm gonna have you played the same exact thing on beacon stopped at the same spot yeah, I'll just give you a little nod e um okay, so I mean, even the headphones I had a pretty big difference but let's, just check it out to see if we're crazy or not so here here is playing back with no blanket so there is no blanket and then with blanket, so to me that's a huge difference. Um if you're if you're tracking guitar, it's happened to me trying to track, you know, vocals or acoustic guitar stuff at home and say, you have like, a crazy neighbor or, you know, your neighbor likes to practice like jazz flute during the day and you're trying to sing a simple thing like this is going to make your recording so much more pro, because then another thing you may not think about somebody you may not hear big difference right now, but within pro tools on just kind of opening up a a compressor plug in and it was going to kind of do some extreme compression just to make a point. This track is like, totally like compressed early here, the background noise at all and now here is the one with no no blanket um so good little trick to having their sleeve I know it's totally obvious stuff, and you're probably thinking well yet but sometimes I guess the point is to be prepared so if you are going into your tracking session you're going to start sit down start tracking guitars that's another one's things try to have an extra mike stand in the packing blankets there ready to go um ok so now let's move on to tracking the vocal okay that yeah he's really so and because we don't do you like to stand up or sit down doesn't matter okay what do you prefer uh I guess I normally did standing up okay but if you're gonna have that there are just so that it doesn't matter I'm done I'm done with the noise in the room because having a pop filter on this and was gonna have you kind of chilled back a little bit like that not doing loud part anyway so this is uh this is a make that has multiple uh multiple pickup positions on it so right now we're using the cardio position which is just picking up what's coming at him you know if you look on the back here you can see what they look like just kind of kind of cool I guess okay so me so what I'm gonna do is I'm gonna play the track have you sing a little bit and then start yelling at me as faras I need more vocal, less click or all that contemplating but the more everything around the found a way can and again and again and again your patterns like snow thanks glutes um um good all right ready go shop sure it's pretty pretty river being like that better than dry yeah it's actually kind of nice oh come on found can I get your dad a lot patterns like snow coming allover that sort of stuff okay, but the peas yeah it's so you heard it too and that's because we don't have a pop filter on um we're going super get it with this one um are you okay to punch in for those sure okay, so yeah or you can even just turn to the side yeah, I can't go there but it's hard to do when you're just all the cameras on you like this wet right and it's like sixty degrees in here I mean it's like ninety degrees in here I'm just wearing a jacket because I like being hot um okay. So I'll give you from around here all right? So let me make sure okay? Ready? Yeah. You got a lot of snow staton black coming way alot sorry. Ok. Yeah way better and then I think that was one thing beginning tio another p contemplate okay let's just jump in for that and I know this might sound like stupid things they were doing it's kind of boring but it's even though we're just doing like this super crappy demo right now for no reason these are the types of attention to detail that is going to make like those peas in that track would make mixing this song an absolute nightmare because no matter what you d'oh you're gonna have to queue and do were ducking compression things are weird phasing toe automation and it's just so much easier just to rescind it it's like another cake during intimate yeah, totally yeah. Ok, so let's get that first line eight clicks than urine all right, so way might be done as faras meeting that's where did we go on this? Okay, so what I want to just kind of like show you is you know again probably you know a lot of this, but here is the track playing guitar at the same time as when you're singing and if if if it were for riel um probably spend a lot more time getting the right balance and moving that microphone to where it was and that's the thing it's a compromise of having a decent sounding guitar with a decent vocal, but you're never gonna have the best guitar with the best vocal because you're just compromising on getting a blend of the two and if you were to mess up like, for instance with those peas on the vocals if they were to be there on the track that we did with the guitar you would have to replay the guitar all the way through you know so you're gonna be there all night um so here is and then here it is tracks individually everything that's great about doing things separately is it gives you a lot of time toe kind of noodle around with the tracks especially if you're working in a home studio where you're not really confined by having to get in and out of your paying money to be it someone studio so as you tracked as he tracked these separately you're able to actually listen back to the guitar sound you know and really take a listen to it and maybe even if this were me back when I was starting out I would definitely at this point ok how can I make this guitar some more lively you know? Can I can I change the strings? Can I move it around the room and that's something that I would really suggest doing is you know right here I mean like as we were singing those the vote was you could hear how the room was affecting, you know, an adding kind of a cool sound so if you move into the center room it's going to sound totally different than this corner and that corner will probably sound different than that corner so those are all things tio really consider when you're tracking at your house because if you look at it, those same things there are obstacles that you look at like manna room is like so while the neck only or it's so dead you know you can use those to your advantage you know, I think of it like you have all these cool space is just like a like a real studio they normally have, like the stone room the wood room like the the crazy live room or like the seventies like dead room so you have all these different things that you can kind of make shift at your house and you have to utilize them and think about things more creatively rather than what it actually is. Another thing that's great about the multi tracking is, you know, for some of these guitar parts it could easily go in and spend a couple of minutes and at the crap out of him, you know, like replace things certain things. Then all of a sudden you sound with this awesome guitar player and then go through and, like, you know, fix any sort of vocal things if you were timing tio um I think, um uh, I think there's another class, I think chris chronic teaches it on my flawless vocals and he goes into that quite a bit so I won't really touch on that that much, um but I mean, the things you can do with editing, you know, I mean, you've heard britney spears records it's like you can make people sound great even if they can't sing er so not saying that she can't but, um or people like that okay, so I think that kind of covers this segment, right? Yeah. Drums. Okay. All right. Is there any questions on you guys have any questions about anything and did our question about what sort of a string of fifty seven? Fifty eight? Okay, as far as I understand it, a fifty seven and fifty eight, if you take off the grill of the fifty eight, they should be the same. Yeah, yeah, um, and funny story about that. Fifty two and fifty seven and fifty eight all share the same capsule as far as I remember, but there's just an extra components within the fifty two in the shape of it that give it that tonal quality basically the same thing. Um I like fifty cent. I feel like fifty years just look ugly, you know, like that's. Why? I mean, and I don't know, maybe there's a mental thing to it as far as putting it on a guitar cabinet, you know, they're just kind of seems weird, yeah, but yeah, so does that answer questions

Class Description

Find out exactly what you need to get a great recording on a super tight budget in Guerrilla Recording with Beau Burchell.

Beau is a vocalist, guitarist, producer, and founding member of Saosin – his discography includes credits on songs from The Bronx, From First to Last, and The Bled. In Guerrilla Recording, Beau will show you how to walk into any recording situation and make the most of it.

Whether you are making do with with 1 mic, 3 mics, or a fully staffed studio – Beau will help you focus in on the details that will really make a difference on your track. You’ll learn best practices for recording vocals, guitars, drums, and bass on the cheap. Beau will also talk about workflow and how to listen to your track to make sure you captured the best sound.

You don’t need a big budget and high dollar equipment to get a quality recording. Learn the gear and techniques you need to get the sound you want.

Featuring a live studio tracking session with Beau and Seattle band Lo, There Do I See My Brother


a Creativelive Student

A lot of great info here! Awesome getting to see Beau's workflow and hear his thoughts on the methods he uses. Would love to see him do a class on micing guitars, bass and show his methods in more detail/time. He gets some of the best raw tones in the game. Feel like this was more of a great overview and would like more time for details seeing as he is a very knowledgeable dude. Thanks Beau for the great class and for sharing this info with us.