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Heroic Public Speaking

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Sorting Your Big Idea

Michael Port, Amy Port

Heroic Public Speaking

Michael Port, Amy Port

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Lesson Info

8. Sorting Your Big Idea

Lesson Info

Sorting Your Big Idea

So were always playing roles all the time in all aspects of our life we play roles you're playing the role of an audience member, but when you go give a speech you're playing the role of the speaker is a different role when you go on a first date, you're playing a particular role the best possible version of you and if you pretend that you're something other than you are eventually it's gonna fall apart when you're a patent when you're with your children and you're a parent, you're playing a particular role if you have a child that's nine and child that's nineteen your role will change a teacher plays a role in a classroom with kids, but then when they're with their friends out having some drinks, they play a different role and the role that they play is related to the other people at that table and the rules those people play but here's the thing ideally they're authentic rolls when they become inauthentic that's when people don't want to be around you and they certainly don't wantto ...

learn from you. So this is I think deep, so just take it in and think about it over time, but when you are presenting here, you're creating a character it's an amplification of the parts of your personality that you want to let out in that speech you're creating a character and that character is able to tell the story of that big idea and deliver on that big promise and you might play slightly different characters in different types of speeches so my character in the think the revolution you know is a slightly different character than when I'm teaching a book yourself solid course still me I don't I don't I don't like have a limp for one of them you know it's not that kind of character role I don't wear a wig and one it's not that but I have found different parts of my personality different ways of expressing myself that fit one character better in one particular presentation then in another so just hold that idea don't worry if you absolutely feel like oh I could do that or I get that just hold the idea and as you're working on your material over the coming weeks and months start to see well what character my playing here and you'll start to see a character develop and then what happens is when you have to do something again and again and again and again you can slip into that character on a moment's notice because now it starts to live in you so when I'm at home I don't talk like this but when I'm in a huge stage I'm very physical I toned it down for a space like this this is toned down but I don't do that at home when I'm having a conversation with my nine year old because I'm playing a different role and that's the way the character that I'm playing moves in that presentation and yet it's still authentically him because you have taken facets of his personality as this capacity to be very dire anaemic and very engaged in and so he pulls and amplifies excuse me those characteristics of his personality still authentic now one of the very freeing things about this is if you are if you are nervous about public performance really going my gosh, I'm going to get up on stage in front of all those people what are they going to think of me? What they're going to think of my ideas? It actually helps to go I'm playing a version of me I'm playing a certain role I'm playing the me that is completely confident and comfortable on stage talking about things that matter to me you see that's character development you've decided that the character who delivers that speech is completely confident when you might not always be completely confident but the character that's giving that speech is confident and it influences the way you deliver so think about some of the best known actors marel will not merrill actually I'm not gonna use merrill here because she's just she's so she's she's she's such chameleon but the example that I wanted to use here was somebody who is so extreme in a particular way as a performer see jim carrey jim carrey think about jim carrey especially his earlier work jim carrey is air is amplifying a particular part of his personality he's bringing out certain tools from his toolbox to play that character now in the world of acting often you get very famous doing one particular thing and then they don't want to let you do something else so then he had to work hard to put that part of his personality away for other roles that he was playing you say so if you look at jack nicholson jack plays jack jack please jack that's what you think but if you sat at a table with jack he's not going to be like the guy in the shining you know, he's amplifying that thing that he does that thing that he does is compelling jason alexander playing george costanza jason alexander is a real character actor he's a great musical uh theatre performer as well heat there's parts of george in his personality there's no doubt and he amplifies it so you are able to do that same thing as a performer here you're with me you're not in your head yeah oh fantastic so what we're going to do now is a sorting hat can you do this sort of all right? So we're going to do the sorting hat the sorting hat is the hot that tells you whether or not you have a big idea and a big promise to deliver. Raise your hand if you're familiar with harry potter oh good, good in having a potter when the kids first get to the school of magical wizard resi, forget with hot wart hog looks when they get too hard words they need to be placed in a house and they are put on a stool like this and that has put on their head and of course the hat is magical and it has a little mouth and it moves around and it decides where everybody's waiting, what house this person should be and then the hat will announce the house, the video and then the people who are in griffin door stand up and cheer their so excited because they now have a new member, you are going to put on the sorting hat and you're going to come up into this chair and you're going to say my big idea is this and it will deliver this big promise and the sorting hat will tell you if your idea needs to be bigger or if your promise needs to be more specific or if it's big enough already and specific enough already the sorting hat is not always right so he had does make mistakes from time to time, but the sorting hat has always has your best interests at heart so what we're gonna do is going to give you two minutes two minutes to write down your big idea and the big promise that your big idea delivers we want you to do this at home once you write down your big idea and the big promise that your big idea delivers put it in the chat room and it doesn't matter if you're doing an idea speech or curriculum based speech because they both need a big idea and a big promise any questions before you start uh please grab him I could stand up quickly she needs mike who has who has mike you on the floor like falling down falling down here we go I just like teo get some clarification on the big promise I think I didn't like it was instinct for me sure. So if I am going to give a speech on book yourself solid the big promises you're going to get booked solid you're gonna get clients okay yes please or in my case I feel like my promise makes sense to go first then the big idea is that fine sure absolutely break that rule remember what we do as directors is teachers is to try to create a structure that allows you to be creative but it's not rigid it's not constrained we care about what works not what's right? Yes please stand up yes do you tell people what the big promises because I've seen in presentations when you leave here tonight, I promise you three things you do sometimes and you don't other times it's not rigid, you do sometimes and you don't other times, so they always tell you, tell him we're going to tell him, then tell him, then tell him what you told but that's not always necessary in that exact way. Yes, do they need repetition so that they get in here again? What you have said? Yes, of course they will need that from time to time, but the big idea? Maybe so clear the promise maybe so clear when I started book yourself salad speech, I don't go out there say you are going to know how to get booked solid by the end of this speech. Why? Because in the program, it says, book yourself solid with michael port in this session, you will blah, blah, blah, so I'm just repeating what they already know, but if I could find a way to start that gets people to pay attention er or to connect right away, well, that's probably a better way to start. This is one of those things where it depends on your particular presentation of defense on your audience depends on what they know about you, what they don't know about you whether they've chosen to be there, whether they haven't chosen to be there so it's going to be different in many different presentations okay, please stand up you need you have to make s o the promises you're going to book yourself solid what's the big idea big idea in that particular presentation is that marketing doesn't get clients that's what most people think paul doesn't create awareness what you do once something becomes aware of you is what actually books you the business and then I teach that whole process I teach what to do once something becomes aware of you all the way up until you book the business you've seen me do it over the mike good who wants like any other questions, any other questions from home time to mention two people that if you are doing this at home, one of our bonus materials is actually gonna help people with this rite we have are developing your big idea a self guided worksheet and that pdf comes when you purchase any time access to this course so that could help people if they're home and they're following along absolutely and that process in that worksheet actually goes further than just getting to your big idea it helps it then the whole speech development as well, very useful, good so this is a little calmer at the beginning of this session we're sitting we're talking um fleshing out some ideas and now you can just sit you can write this out another minute or so and then we'll start bringing you up on stage and make sure chris that the people at home yes, I know that they're going to share with us their big idea have some already coming in people our people are on it great and I will do the same for them okay, I will tell them well, not me it's not me it's not me it's the sorting hat sorting hat will tell them if if if if it thinks that their ideas big enough that their promises clear enough. Great. So what we'll do is you'll come up to this chair and you'll be that person and you'll put the hat on, okay, okay, sure. Right. Good spot for you. Okay, you take that up to them and they'll need a mike anybody know that they're ready with their big idea. Thank you so much. Do you know what it is? You can take the scene. Oh, come on, rick on. We'll keep going take a little time, but you'll just get settled here. We'll set you up. Oh, my girls at home, we're gonna have a field day with us wearing a cat hat sporting thirty big hairy but you already haven't like so I just go you know yeah, I think so many another minute to write or another a few seconds to write could just get me on camera longer with this hat on must have fun you shouldn't have that one with the hat become a sorting hat is now I just go you're ready all right? So my big idea is that nonprofits need to act more entrepreneurial well more like a startup and if they do that they'll have a bigger impact on the world more donations, more volunteers and definitely more impact oh any more big ideas and big promises please run on out brought up please I need something big I need tonight I feel like mcgonigal so the big idea I have the big idea is recognizing what's going on in the background of your mind at work is important to being a good leader as what you actually say what's the problem the promises you'll become a more effective leader if you pay attention to the unspoken human dynamics behind the scenes at work ah what do I actually get from the talk or from earth from that so there's a result right specific result that they can get from doing that thing that you just took a you say yes so the specific result is that you will become a confident, effective leader who can lead high performing teams and inspire them to great results that's much bigger way have a line of people ready to share their big ideas so good. Come on up. But I need a little more energy in the room, so I want you to stand up and give her a big round of applause. Ah, every person on the planet was designed to hell without the use of drugs and surgery. No pills, no potions, no lotions. That is a big idea. Wait, what's the problem. Okay? You could obtain health rid your body of sickness by restoring your nervous system functioned through specific car practice can wait here's the thing you may or may not agree see, with a big idea or the big promise I'm there may not connect with it. It doesn't matter because if you are big idea doesn't connect with a vauxhall. Well, maybe he's, not somebody you're trying to reach that's. Okay, as long as it is something that is big to you and is clear and has a clear promise. Well, then it's got potential, then there's an opportunity. Good. Okay, so my big idea is to take the social media overwhelm away from everyone and I promise that you will fall in love sharing your passion and your content online. Tell me again which one but I believe that most people are completely overwhelmed when it comes to social media they just feel like it's a job and they don't have the time to do it so I want to promise you all that if you share what you're passionate about if you share what you love to do and you put it online it will not feel like work it will actually be something fun that will help your business grow great so if we were going to make it a really clear promise we'd say what would say that doing social media can be incredibly fun and really effective wood that is that what you're saying is fun and effective fun defective fund effective that's simple here's the thing it doesn't necessarily need to be profound it doesn't have to be profound it doesn't have to be particularly original toe having backed don't make up something that never existed before in the history of the world you with me on that so yes if you are now one thing I want to touch one thing here one thing that you just did very beautifully was talk about the way the world is that there is overwhelmed you touched on that that's that's what gave her the capacity to then articulate the way the world could look like so that's part of the process is knowing where that what the world looks like to you on what it can yeah good work come on mister big idea is that for chiropractors in spite of their prejudice ninety percent of the population is actually very receptive to the idea and philosophy of chiropractic that is a big guy and if they actually understood what the ninety percent of actually looking for they could effectively market two and serve the population the promises is that not reinventing the wheel here I make marketing your practice really fun and can fill your practice with the right patients for you that is a promise the sorting hat is starting to get a little demoralized because there isn't enough energy in the room for the sorting hat there isn't enough applause there is enough care for the person so my big idea is that everyone can wake up every day and love what they do for a living so my promises you get yourself promoted by reconnecting with your true self and and bring back the joy that you had a kid every day when you go to work that it is a big big idea is a good boy okay? My all right? My big idea is that you already know how to write a book and my promise is that I'm going to show you howto knowhow to know how you write a book, how to love how you write a book and how to support how you write a book so you can finish that book as someone who's written five books that is a big guy come on, I gotta do this I think I'm going to hold it right here for you here's your bike. Okay, so my big idea is that wealth is sexy and it is our mandate to be wealthy. The big promise is that as woman, we can build the confidence and skill to invest to build generational wealth. Ladies and gentlemen, a round of applause because that chris chris, chris, chris, chris. Chris, welcome to the could we have you next with a few big ideas? So you will come up and you will say hi. My name is amy and this's. My big idea. And this is my problem. Okay, all right. My big idea is that everyone needs a state planning not just rich people, and that a will is not enough. My promise is that you will know how to effectively plan for your family and loved ones so that you can give what you have to who you want when you want and in the way that you want that is a big promise. I see that the idea expect. All right, why? Why? I see the big idea? The big idea has gotta have some kind of why in it meaning everybody's entitled to it great. Everyone needs a state planning so that you can avoid having your personal financial information known by the public and by the government that's a great start. I think you should sit down and think about it some more because I think you have a bigger idea in there. No, no, your chair. But that was really nicely this is fun o have a c uh would come all right, hat we've got a lot of them coming in here uh, good. Like all right, I'm daniel v from georgia and my big idea is giving a little makes a lot of difference and my big promise child sponsorship provides quality education and has resulted in developing world leaders through our program. That is a big idea. I'm not as clear big promises I'd like to be. Yeah, I'm gonna have to check in with the because the big promise needs a specific delivery ble that they could walk away with but it is a big hole. Big promise will be easy, easy to articulate hopefully they are listening right now adding that into the chat room so keep them coming in. All right, let's, try another one. My name is e fierce in the chat room. Come on, come on, let me see your fear. Your ears? Yes, seekers the big idea is women trying to be like men in the workplace doesn't work and the big promise is how to keep your femininity in the male dominated business world I love you all right, let's do another one. This one is I am wow za in the chattering on my big idea is put on your marketing hat when you're writing and the big promise is you'll make a more compelling case for your business and you will close mohr lead waas a big idea for a round of applause all right, some of these only have big ideas don't always have the big promises and some of them are coming in piecemeal. We can try this one here see? Place lover my name is place lover my big idea is the places we love are vanishing the big promise you can change this ah, they want to know how to change that you have a a budding big idea yeah, we have the potential in there. We just need to spend a little more time with this one. Yes. Okay, this one comes from elisa this one they have the promise down says the promise you can create an extraordinary marriage and the big idea is equipping you with tools and strategies so you can have the relationship that you desire. I think they may be back for a little backwards on that one. Yeah, but they're pretty darn good just backwards one more okay, we've got one more here I am, sir mph and my big idea is catholic education is a lifelong process and the big promises the st augustine institutes four year program we'll get you started and give you the tools to educate yourself. We want a bigger promise than education, bigger promise and education. All right, let's see if we have any others here they have a bigger promise on this one. What is the education get you that's? The question? Yeah. I mean, I guess it's a lifelong process, so maybe the edges occassion did to lifelong success or something to build on that, but a lifelong spiritually connection. Yeah, absolutely. Yeah, but I think we had a lot of good ones in here. So thank you to everybody who who shared them with a round of applause for the home audience around e and I need a little more energy from this crew. Please give a round of applause. What is your big idea? My big idea is focused creativity. I will give you the formula to get your creativity a jump start when you are stuck in the mud up. I think the big idea needs some expansion, but I love the promise of getting unstuck, so I think you've got something nicely don't give her a round of all things. Omar so my promises first um so my promise is you'll know howto build a business that cannot be ignored because I found that most business owners that's their biggest fear is is building this thing and being ignored on my promise about my idea is how to differentiate your business in an authentic way that works often doesn't work and the idea is to differentiate in a way that utilizes your strengths and your personality. So the big idea is that your strengths your personality is what differentiates yourself from the competition that is correct hand the promise is that if they do that they will have a successful business filled with clients and customers is that correct? Yeah exactly okay good, thank you very much. You could get a round of applause so my big idea and my promise is that if you you can learn how to notice the present moment through mindfulness practice and when you do that you're goingto have less stress and anxiety in your life you're going to have more creativity in productivity you are going to be able to focus more and very importantly you're going to have much more easier relationships at work and at home with great so there's a whole bunch of promises in here, which is fine it's great, I want to I want to only use this is a cz an example because one might hear this and think, well that's not particularly unique there's a original didn't get me going woo you know it wasn't one of those things that's fine it's what she brings to it it's what she brings how she writes a speech how she crafted how she performs it, how honest she is when she delivers it and when we work on contrast in another one of our segments you'll see how you can do that it's just so important to remember that you don't need to create something that has never been fought over before and I said this at the beginning of the segment and I'm saying again because it's so important it bears repeating it's so important to remember this please don't think that you've got to say something or do something that's never been said before you agreed to that hey haven't seen you in a couple more uh two more please you're easy okay so the big idea is doing what you hate steals power from your strength and robs the joy from your life that is a true statement on the big promises you'll multiply your impact and double your joy in half the time by outsourcing your weaknesses I got ah last big thinker hey mike turner no I'm not um my big my big idea is life is too short for women to continue just existing in lives that were never meant to be there's working and nine to five just to stay alive my big promise is to remind her of who she always wanted to be and how to finally achieve her for gotten dreams boldly and fearlessly that's it

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This course is GREAT! From the basics of using your body and voice, giving you a foundation for your speaking, to getting your big idea, creating a framework for your speech, structuring the speech, to delivery, you'll get an amazing amount of learning that will help you become a great public speaker. My kudos to Michael Port and Amy Mead for teaching an excellent course, and my thanks to Creative Live for presenting it!