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How to Improve Your SEO

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How to Improve Your SEO

Gary Hughes

How to Improve Your SEO

Gary Hughes

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1. How to Improve Your SEO


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How to Improve Your SEO

Okay, nerd wars I call it nerd war is just because I was one of those things you always kind of fighting, you know for it so I'm a big nerd I love star wars and star trek and doctor who and all that stuff. So if you have any star wars related questions, you could put those in the ask and I'll, uh see if I can do star wars trivia for you. So before we start, let me start with a disclaimer about you because it is this it's the unicorn of business right now, everybody wants really good asio they want to turn up in those searches they want to be, like, found but in photography if you are a boutique business and if your prices are like high, like if you're a wedding photographer, reporter, photographer and you're really kind of what you call high end uh seo may not be the best thing in the world for you. You will get more enquiries and you will get more hits on your web site. But you it's not pre qualified it's not like other leads or referrals if anybody khun type in the words seattle phot...

ographers and come and find a website but it doesn't mean that they're exactly your clients, so you will get more hits on your web site and you will get more increase, which will lead to more business but you will get this many more increase and probably this many more booking, so manage your expectations about seo if you are in the high end of your market and so we're going to talk about all kinds of cool stuff so we're going to go right into it because we have a ton of content and I have no time to do it in okay how to improve your search engine rankings the idea behind this class is too I can't make everybody an expert because I'm not an expert at all like I gave a programme once and google had just done a release update to its algorithm called the penguin update and they did that like two days released that before I was to give a program on ceo and it completely changed how as hell works and I had to change my whole program the night before I was to give it I was like on google looking up how it works now and so it changes a lot so you have to keep up with it. If you do stay to the end of the program, I will give you a link where you can sign up for my email list and I will give you a free ceo workbook that you can download and use for yourself such critical so stay till the end don't leave all right, here we go before you talk about getting up on your search engine results, you have to talk about how search engines work and so search engines do. Two things were going mainly focus on google because google has the largest market sheriff search engines, and not only that, but they're searches are pretty much different than all the other ones you got being an aschen, yahoo and google and whoever else is out there, but google is constantly changing stuff to make it so that they're content is the most relevant, and more people use it. So let's do a quick survey, how many people are google people? Are there any being people in the house just way got one? Get out, you know, so all of this stuff will work in principle, but you really do need to tailor to which search engines are gonna go for, because if you're optimizing for google, you may not be coming up on some of the other search engines because they have an algorithm is basically like the mathematical formula that uses to figure out where you end up. And so they all have a different algorithm that googles is the most different, and they're constantly they've got like a room full of nerds just sitting around. Trying to figure out how to make their content better than the other search engines and so we're going mainly focus on that today but I will give some resource is that will also enable you to focus on other search engines are we cool with that moving for it? So how search engines work? They have two jobs it's to collect and collate data so they have little programs called spiders and they go out and they index all the information every word of text every link, every picture and it just gathers it, gobbles it all up and then puts it on a server and kind of organizes and then it's other job is to regurgitate that information in response to a query which is like when you put in a search in the google bar in the google machine so that's pretty much all that google is figure out how to monetize that into making billions of dollars just giving everything away for free and selling advertising stuff but at the heart of it it's collecting data and regurgitating it and making sure that the data that it regurgitates is relevant to what you typed it that's pretty much it that's all they do so if you understand that you start to get a key into how to actually end up where you need to end up okay the biggest thing we talk about today is relevance relevance means this all the artwork on this presentation is original by the way I drew it all with a sharpie just for you guys pretty yeah I know I know I'll be selling a frame prince of my artwork at the end this is eugene he's my fictional character and eugene is using the google machine to find his authentic star trek to wrath of khan starfleet uniforms okay all right we're doing this it's gonna get playfully nerdy so if we could all just go with it all right if he is using google to find that authentic star trek too wrath of khan starfleet uniform and he's not finding what he wants but what's gonna happen he's going to go to a different search engine right? So it's google's job to make sure that the information that it gives you when you put a search is the most relevant toe what you're looking for does that make sense so if it's giving you information have you ever looked for something and you feel like you're just typing in the wrong words like you just don't get it and that's it basically what google is trying to do is make sure that what people are actually typing in what people are looking for that it's giving them the right stuff and so if you like eugene using google to find a star trek to wrath of khan official authentic starfleet uniform then also original artwork, by the way and you're not find to get you're gonna go to bang you're going to go to ask you're going to go somewhere else and so it's their job to make sure that you continue to use them so it's making sure that what people are looking forward they're finding okay so I have just like in my presentation yesterday and I don't think anybody here was in it maybe some of the internet people out there we were there but I had a professor in college it always said tell him what you're going to tell him and then tell them and then tell him what you told him so now is the part where I'm going to tell you what I'm going to tell you okay? So we're gonna talk a little bit about the foundation of seo which is picking the right key words for that you're trying to optimize your website for because there's a lot of bad information out there and if you're in an industry if you're a photographer you're going to search for photography differently than someone who's not photographer would and so if you don't have the information to optimize your sight for the correct key words, you could be number one for a whole bunch of key words that nobody's looking for so we're gonna figure out how to pick the right key words and how to find out what people are actually looking for that makes sense moving on cool there's an arrow. Okay, we're gonna talk about google places listing which has become way more way more relevant in recent days because whenever you search for something that could be a business, doesn't google put like that? Those business listings with the map it's like the first five results or whatever and that's super powerful, and you may be able to put your business on the first page of google like almost instantly just by utilizing that. So we're going to have a little bit about that they won't talk about the sexy part, which is coding yes, oh, yes, talk about coach, you don't have to know coding, you don't have to know how to do it, but I want you to understand why it's there and how it works and how to optimize your website for those keywords that you've chosen. If you leave here and you're tech savvy, you're going to be able to go back to your website and you're going to be able to do all this yourself if you're not tech savvy, you're going to be able to go to someone who does this for you, someone that you pay or service that you use and you're going to have the educated enough to ask for the right things because if you go to someone you say optimized for these key words they'll just do it and they're not going to research it for you and figure out if those of the good keywords for your business that's not their job their job is to do what you tell him so I'm going to equip you to be able to ask for the right things all right and there's another arrow and we're gonna talk about traffic good ways to drive traffic to your website because the number one thing that google considers relevant his popularity so if you're if you're content on the internet if it's popular google's going to assume if a lot of people are going there that it's good that's sort of the litmus test for content they want to talk about destroying your enemies how how to beat the bad guys that beauty okay, alright sharpie vader's awesome don't laugh at him but you are going to be competing with other people in your market over the same key words and phrases and I'll help you get some of the tools where you'll be able to crush them and destroy them and make them go out of business because that's what we want we want our enemies to go down in flames crying doing that I don't want good things to happen to my competitors I want them all to go away all right? We're gonna edit that out later, okay? We're going to talk about money because the whole thing is to make more money, improve your business so we're going all this is just going to lead us to make more money we want a scrooge mcduck money bin that we could just dive into it the end of every day and no, I don't have one of those but ceo for my wife and I for photography business we're out of orlando seo accounts for a good like forty percent of all the stuff that comes in your studio and that's pretty significant well, because we do a lot of corporate work and corporate work is a huge line for weddings are good if you're in the right price range portrait's maybe not as much, but if you're doing like corporate work headshots, architectural stuff all of that stuff is awesome on so you don't have that in your business that's cool, you know, do what you do but that's a big line of income for us and so that's a huge way that is good for photographers is getting that type of work because what happens is is just sort of boss comes to middle management guy and says, you know jim, find us a photographer for our convention that we're all going to be in the same place at the same time and so jim's usually like postgraduate about twenty eight years old is in the internet generation so what you do go to the google machine and then he e mailed the first five photographers that he finds and then waits for who gets back to him first. And that guy gets the job typically so that's. Sort of. How are you guys ready before we begin is eugene again again? That's five hundred dollars if you want original eugene print. All right, good search engine placement is not replace good business practices. Okay? You can't just have just that, especially in photography. It's an art it's, a craft it's a business. Um but we still our biggest business for booking weddings and portrait is referrals is networking is all the traditional ways of getting your business out there still are good. Ceo is something to do on top of that, you don't do it instead of all the other stuff. So keep that in mind. We still send, like, handwritten thank you cards with every order. You know, we still talked to our clients on the phone. We still interact with people, and we still do god help us all networking groups and stuff like that. We do a lot of stuff. I mean, yeah, it sucks. We all hate that, you know, like the desperation in somebody's eyes when you meet him in a networking groups like, will you hire me? We'll use my services, you know, we've all been there, but that stuff still works, and so we do that in addition to this, this will add more to your business, it's not going to make your business all on its own. All right, part one key words and strategy they're different strategies, it's not just one way to do it, and as I will tell you, all of the ideas that I have are not because I didn't go to school for this stuff it's like I read books, I went to the library and read for dummies and I every time some person is selling and ceo guide, I buy it for twenty bucks or whatever. So I figure out all the ideas I talked to other photographers and find out what's working for them a good friend of mine boo ray perry in tampa, florida, who actually invented the shamwow and lost the rights to it in a high stakes poker game. True story anyway, moving on so here's the first strategy we call this the death star assault like that artwork han shot first anyway, so the death star assault is basically picking the biggest keywords that everybody's going for and just hammering at it to just beat everybody else is trying for the really competitive keywords, and that is the traditional way to do it that is the way that most people have done it in the past, but recently we've learned that ceo is so much more than that for you don't have to go and compete with everybody attacking the death star you can do what I call the sneaky end or raid how'd you like that? He walked right? Is that doing? I'm telling you I'll sell you the artwork if you want um the sneaking indoor rate is basically looking for key words in strategies that the other people aren't paying that much attention to because yes, there may be a bunch of people looking for this word and the most people might be but all these other words together I might add up to just that and that's what we call a long tail strategy okay, smaller searches add up, but basically if you have a search that is for just the word photographers let's say you're from seattle seattle photographers has one hundred searches a month for just that key work, but let's say you have like seattle headshots or seattle wedding photographers or seattle portrait or whatever the keywords are and those air much smaller but altogether those add up to justus much and they call it a long tail strategy because if you look at the ruined graphic it looks kind of like a tail to go that way I think that's kind of dumb why it's called that but that's called long tail issue is taking the smaller keywords the low hanging fruit so to speak and those adding all up to being larger than the big key words so you're looking for stuff that's less competitive and it's easier to get those keywords does that make sense? Okay, cool so the first thing we're gonna do we're gonna go in a way more detail on that so stick with me we're going to research and create a list of key words that the first thing we're going to do I think of it is seo brainstorming going to take a piece of paper or ever notes or your ipad or whatever the heck he used and we're just going to make a big list of all the keywords we confined because picking the right key words is the foundation of the whole thing all right here's your key word research tools the one that I used the most it's called the google keyword planner it used to be called the google keyword tool and now its called the goalkeeper planets all tied into google adwords and if you haven't adwords account this is free so what it does is that essentially allows you to look at what key words people are looking for you will type in a keyword or phrase like seattle photographers and it will tell you how many searches there are for that and it will also suggest, like hundred other similar ones and give you all the data on them, okay? And we'll go into more detail about that being has won two is called the binky word tool and anything that I mentioned on here product wise please don't like necessarily run out and buy it this is just stuff that I used so do your research before you spend money on anything but I'm just telling you this stuff that I used the binky were tool is cool it's a little more convoluted and less user friendly, I think, but it gives you the same data, but it gives it for being rather than google because google obviously can't give you the data for being right, okay, and then the market samurai it's a it's a little more comprehensive this is a third party program that you can purchase and it uses the data from the google keyword planner so it's the same data, but it gives you a little more a few more tools to do your thing all right also there's this other great expensive uh like ninety nine dollars a month. This software called mas mas dot com I think and we'll talk more about it later but it is super awesome it gives you so much cool stuff, especially when it comes to destroy your enemies, which we'll talk about later a sharpie darth vader alright, so hear my rules of keywords selection this is the net the note taking part okay, first one click think like a client and not like a photographer. This is the biggest mistake that photographers make when they're picking keywords is because they type in stuff that people aren't looking for. So if you go there this is a page from like the google keyword planner this is sort of how it looks when I typed in boston photographers and it gives me all these other suggestions and here's the data that you have, you have the amount of searches and then you have the level of competition for that searches and the way that google measures the level competition is how many people are buying ads for those keywords. That's really the only day that has it can't necessarily tell how many people are optimizing their site for those keywords, but it does know very specifically how many people are buying this key words, but this is the most powerful data that you can get so here's an example boston portrait photographers I just used boston as an example. No idea why let's just go with it. Difficulty level competition is high global monthly searches that means on the whole planet seven hundred and twenty searches a month. Right level competition is high, but if you go to boston photographer medium difficulty competition eighteen thousand searches a month so portrait is a word that photographers use portrait isn't a word that your average person uses. They say pictures, don't they? So? I mean, if you're thinking about what people are actually looking for, what this is a seven hundred and twenty photographers paying for edwards for something, but what he's looking for, you know, like that's such a photographer thing to do? Because we say portrait were even taught to say that to give value to our products are we not don't say, you know, shoots a session, you know, don't say pictures a portrait and it adds value, but that doesn't apply here. What you're looking for is for what people are actually searching for with me, so think like a client don't pick a fight, you can't win if you don't have the requisite knowledge to do this yourself or the financial resource is to pay somebody to do this for you don't go and pick the biggest, baddest keyword because there are people out there that are better it better than this? There are plenty of people out there that are better better than me at this I find myself fighting all the time. Just last week I checked it I got bumped a page to so I had to go like do a bunch of stuff and I got back on but like it's you know it's a constant battle for some of us but that's for the high competition level keywords so we're going for like the easier stuff so don't pick a fight you can't win let's look so if we look at this boston photographers plural high competition twelve thousand searches right so that would be one of the big key words a lot of people are searching for a lot of people are advertising for it but if you look at back here or that would go if you look at boston photographer just without the s medium competition eighteen thousand searches that's something that's a lot more achievable and in this case it happens to be more searches does that make sense look for the low hanging fruit that's what we're going for we want the key words that no one is paying attention to because there's a whole bunch of people out there that are not getting serviced because people are putting in keywords and nobody's really optimizing for them so you could you could be the vendor that they hire for that if you look this is ah screen shot from the old google key were tool before they made the google keyword planner but the date is the same if you look at this orlando newborn photographer this is orlando's where I'm from one hundred seventy searches that's not a lot but the difficulty is low so you could optimize a page on your site for that key phrase and anybody all those hundred seven searches a month I couldn't do one hundred seventy sessions in a month could you probably blow my brains out of seven seconds a month so that's gonna add to your business? You could just scoop that up because nobody is really trying to get that does that make sense? But there are a hundred and seventy searches a month saying that there are people looking for that service with me on that low hanging fruit guy. All right, I told you there's a sexy program alright for casting a wide net this is all part remember of making that key word list of making that long list of keywords? We're not doing anything with those keywords yet, so we work in the entertainment industry a lot nore lino I do a lot of actor headshots, model comp card stuff like that that's a huge part of our business about sixty percent. And so if I'm going to cast a wide net, I know that if somebody is looking, if they're using the internet to find a photographer to do their headshots, do their modeling come cards before they find me they're typically gonna be looking for an agency because when they go into an agency so yeah kid you got moxie you're good looking go get some pictures that's what they tell him go get some pictures so here's a cool keyword that may not be directly photography related but if you know anything about marketing or branding you know that people have to sometimes see you several times before they make that buying decision and all right they do so if they're looking for a modeling agency to go meet with and if I optimized for what that key word for one of my pages they're going to see the name of my studio while they're doing that and then when they go back again to look for photographers they're going to see my studio again and I'll have already kind of been in their brain you know what I mean top of mind marketing is huge you know that's why pepsi and coke advertised it's not like we're going to forget they're there but there's these companies have spent huge amounts of money on making sure that you buy them every time you go to the grocery store what are three things you buy when you go to the grocery store bread no cheese bread, milk, eggs, cheese stuff like that everybody says the same thing could you live the rest your life without I'm in seattle so there's a lot of vegans here so maybe I'm barking up the wrong treatment could you live the rest your life without milk, bread or eggs or cheese? Absolutely you could you could you could have a full lorenzo maybe you couldn't, but you could live the rest your life without it but because they put him on end caps and there in everything and eggs advertises member eggs commercials you know, there's milk commercials and the ads they pay millions of dollars a dairy farmers incredible and have you heard the news about eggs and cholesterol get eggs? They don't tell you what the news is they just say that there's news it'll kill you, you know, whatever but just buy eggs anyway they're delicious but you could live the rest of your life with them so it's top of mine advertising so I want people to see me as many times as possible you want to sew casting that wide net thinking outside the box thinking about the search don't jack search engine terms from someone else I don't buy or optimize for another photographer's business name or stuff that's unethical but this is a little creative and this is within the bounds of what's good and cool you know you can do this and that's five hundred and ninety extra searches a month that if I'm number one I could get that but here's a startling fact eighty percent of search engine traffic dies in the first five links if your number ten you're missing eighty percent of the traffic, is that staggering to think about? Have you ever watched a teenager surf the internet? How long do they stay on a web page, like seven seconds, like their bidding didn't didn't didn't except for probably well, they're not on facebook anymore, instagram or something like that, but think about that eighty percent of traffic is dead after the first five that sucks. So even if you're really good at this stuff but cast a wide net, so those are my rules. So now we have our list of key words we've done the research because if you don't do the research, here's, what could happen to you? I do s yo coaching for photographers, right? I don't do the work, but I help photographers developed strategies for their businesses. And so I was talking to a guy just a couple months ago and he's in utah, and he called me, you know, there's some people that are they basically book a coast coaching session because they want to tell you how smart they are. Yeah, it was like, this is how good my eyes and it was cool, and so I'm like, yeah, man, he's really good he's like, I'm number one for all these phrases. He's been paying a company for two years five hundred dollars a month for his ceo and their optic and he gave them these are the search terms I want to be number one four and they're terrible term nobody's looking for them like less than ten searches a month for all the terms he's been paying five hundred dollars a month for two years because and he's so proud of his ceo and so I said, well how much business you get it from your website he was well known what the heck are you paying for? You know what's the matter with you like bon should had a v eight you know, like I'm telling you because if you write down those keywords and make sure that they're ones that our people are actually looking for and they're going to serve your business because if you don't you could be spending a lot of time and effort getting keywords that are going to do anything for you sucks you know especially if you're spending money does anybody get those calls from like google whether like hey you can weaken optimize your website for you did I get like five of those a week? You know and if they call you they're probably not reputable I just wanna point that out so you find a good local company in your area that does it that are like, licensed and insured and maybe member the chamber of commerce, stuff like that I know people do that anymore, but just make sure and you somebody local use some of that you can actually interact with, not somebody that calls you and solicits services, because good service will do really good for your business and it's worth spending money on. But you can get taken for a ride if you don't know what keywords to look for. Somebody get that cool, alright, why do people do that? I didn't have the internet, okay, so I'm gonna talk about what we do now that we have our key words, so we're all understand that we have that list of keyboards that we've generated. Everybody cool with that, okay, everybody clear on everything we've done so far, right? Because I'm going to leave time for questions at the end, so write those down, put him on your mental chalkboard, ok, the place is listening. This is the first stop once you have this key words because I know a lot of photographers that some maybe some of these guys and gals that are a little older, they've been in the business a long time, so they maybe been in the business twenty, twenty five years, so they were in the business before the internet and stuff like that, and they've had maybe a studio in their downtown of whatever see, they live in for twenty five years and they have no idea that the places listings or such a powerful thing and you don't have to spend any time on it you just have to claim your business listing enlist your business with the correct address and then there's the spaceport keywords and we're gonna go into that so we use are chosen keywords to optimize our google or being places listed so make sure that you go in and you list what services you actually provide because yes, you may have a brick and mortar studio or you may have a home studio, but if you have an address the place is listings prioritize those listings by three factors the first is going to be relevant to the key words that you search for. So if you put in seattle photographers it's goingto list people or businesses that have photographers in there listing in those key words you can put in the next is going to be a distance from the search geographical distance so that would be if you're in the downtown zip code and you put orlando it's going to be three, two, eight o one and out from there and then the third thing is going to be credibility credibility is your basically factors in your google reviews and all that kind of related stuff to see which one is going to be the most the best service provider for that person doing the search does that make sense? So we'll talk about that as we go into it. So here is my parents business the parents have a photography studio in stuart, florida that's where people go to die it's actually really it's a really cool place to spend your your your dwindling years listen where I was where I grew up man I mean I'm not kidding fifty five percent of the people in martin county, florida are over sixty five it's a retirement community to sleep a little beach town awesome place to grow up it's really kind of cool in small town and family oriented and I love going up there not a lot to do except get drunk in the woods but you know, in all seriousness I love where I grew up if you ever are driving down to miami on on any five stop by stuart selfish capital of the world and now I can talk at my check from the stuart tourism commission thank you. All right, so my parents studios called abby of london photography they've been in stuart florida for like thirty years. Okay? They my dad called me one day because if you have a parent who is anywhere between fifty and eighty euro or their tech support are you not my dad who I love who is the best he's my hero but he calls me for tech support sometimes, and so he calls me about his web sites is gary, I'm not getting any business from my website what's going on, so among other things, the first thing to do because they've had a studio in downtown stuart for thirty years and I go well, let's, check out your place is listing because that could be something that you're not utilizing and they hadn't at all claimed their place is listening, which you can go too. If you find yourself on google maps and you pull up your business listing, you can go this is my business click and can claim it in some cases there's like a thing that they have to mail you to the physical address, and then it gives you a code so it might take a few days to claim it, but they were on page one if you typed in photographer stuart f l, which is as a side note, working with photographers all over the country on their ceo, I will tell you that there is not one phrase that works in every geographic region and there's awesome photographer that I coach who is in hawaii in honolulu and she way were looking at her website, and we did the researchers in google, keyword planner, and sometimes you find out the people of typing like photography honolulu or maybe they're tambien photographers honolulu or photography in honolulu, hawaii people typing something different in every geographic region there is a phrase that is the most popular, but we found out that honolulu is on the island of oahu and more people are searching for photography allahu ben for honolulu and so we re optimize her sight for oahu and that was that was a really cool strategy, so make sure that you're checking out the different ways typing your geographic region when you look for those keywords. All right, so this is the particular phrase that works best in stuart or it did at the time and so I made a place is listening and then they were on page one so if you have a studio that's in a good geographic region and make sure also that you're using google plus for your business if you're not because it's a really easy way for people to go and leave reviews on your google plate when you review you on google plus it automatically applies it to your place is listening and that can give you ups big time for your places results that's cool because it does factoring that credibility somebody could be closer to the zip code than you, but you could be ahead of them if you have like better stats, semtex and google loves its own products google products are youtube are instagram no that's facebook youtube, google plus stuff like that anything? That's a google product, you should be using it for your business because it can help your google search engine rankings if you're using their products, does that make sense? They really like to tout their own stuff. It's like, you know, you see photographers that they wear their own business t shirt where they get their car like wrapped, you know? Come on, you do that. I'm not saying it's a bad thing. It's actually brilliant marketing when you think about it, you know? But, you know, I just don't look good in polo that's really? Why? I don't do it. Okay, so think about that place is listing that is huge. Okay, so check that out. Make that your first stop and it gives you five or six spots to put in things that your business does. Wedding photography, photography, whatever it is that you do and make sure that you've claimed your place is listening and that when your clients leave your studio or your home studio, you're finishing up a session, get them to do a review right there, not when you sell to them, because then they just spent a bunch of money, and they're kind of a bummer, you know? When you shoot and there have a good time in the energy's up that's, the perfect time to hit him up like you could do it on an ipad on the phone have a computer station set up in the lobby of your studio, your home studio be like, hey, you know, if you had a good time anyway, would you mind just quickly blogging in and doing a google revue for us? It's awesome it's an easy way to help out your ceo so we get places a little bit everybody cool with google places, all right, so the next step was we have to go onto optimizing our site for keywords. Optimization optimization means using your selected keywords and phrases in specific places in the code and content of your website in order to attract the attention of search engine spiders were going. This is what we have all the key words, we have the list and now we're going to put them into our website into a place that is going to make our website ready to receive, because here's, what happens? Your website is here and you optimize it all for those certain keywords. Okay, here's, where people are searching on their computers and here's your website if you don't have those keywords set up, google's, not me would make that connection between the user and you. So you have to put these key words and phrases into your website in order for that connection to take place. Does that make sense? So here's, how we do it? We're going to talk about code so let's get sexy let's, make a quick list, we're going talk about these in specific detail. Optimizing for seo begins with these elements. Okay, here's the first and foremost the earl that's your web address www dot whatever dot com, if you are in orlando and you own orlando photographers dot com that is going to be the hugest thing for you because google's going to assume if you wanna lay no photography dot com, you might be relevant to somebody searching for lino for talking. So look for those keywords and stop by and just see if those girls are available, because if you can buy one, it could really help you out. Who cares what they have to type in to get to your website as long as they get there? And all right, so just most of those most of the good ones somebody already owns, and they're selling him for some ridiculous amount of money that photographer sent kirsten can't afford, you know they want like one hundred thousand dollars for it, but sometimes you can lease them people do that like they won't necessarily let you own it, but they'll let you lease it from them for a certain number of years at a much more reasonable rates. So check that out if you can own or least the earl, that could be a really powerful thing next want, how about the title? And we'll tell you specifically what these are, so just write these down. Don't worry about what they are yet the description, keywords list and then the content of your website these are taking earl. Can I have the equation? These four things for the rest of us who don't own the earl that is the most powerful these four things are going to what makes your sight optimized for those keywords? So let's, how do we do that? We're gonna look at this. This is a screen shot from google chrome this's, the browser that I used. But this is possible in internet explorer, safari, firefox pretty much every browser khun do this. This is what you do if you go to the little menu at the top and you could go to tools and view source and I think an internet exploring safari in the menu bar there's actually a night um called view and then view source what that does, it enables you to see the code. Behind the website what's really cool is you can go to any of your competitors site and view the source and see what keywords there optimizing for that's pretty cool if you haven't done that before so what this is is this basically the title is here the description with descriptions like two sentences that describe what your websites about and then the list of key words but so there's the title there's a description and there's the key works all right, google has actually kind of ceased to really care about the keywords list you ever do that to your site where you have to go into the back end and you list every key word you can think of, like five hundred different keywords don't do that google hates them, but they don't really pay much attention to the keywords list, but the other search engines do so I still do it just in case that's a question something once asked it was probably some really good ceo person watching this broadcast right now just burning up inside because I'm staying all wrong. So this is where the title description key words appear on the user end this is in the code behind your website this isn't actually on the website when you go to it but this is in the source code behind it, so this is where it appears so this is ahh result on google for listening. Look, there I am, uh, organic and places listening. I'm not that good right now. Changes google changes every couple of weeks that reshuffles. But, you know, all right. So here is the title right here, that first line boom so it's in the code. And this is where google presents it on the user. And so this is why it's important? Because it's, how google knows how to display and there's a description right under here. That's what? And that's in the code. And this is the only place that these things will pop up. Okay is when somebody does a google search and this is what google puts in takes that title description from your code. And this is where displace him for the users. You guys kind of get that concept okay? And then there's a key words list also in the key words will be in bold if for the ones that they search for that's like a search orlando photographers. I think so. The search keywords you choose this is critical must be in the title and the description, the key words and the content of your web site. The content is the actual text that's in your website, if you haven't all flash website you you general you genuinely don't have any actual text on your website because google pretty much and all the searches they go to it and it looks just like kind of a hole in the internet like there's nothing kind of in there so if you have no text is really important reinforces those keywords we're going to go and I know some of you were like, what is all this crap? I'm going to show you very specifically how to build a title description keyword right now but you have to take from that list we find the best ones that we want optimize our site for and we're going to put them into the code so that their displayed on google searches that so people knows the way are so here's a good example I'm going to boston as an example again because we looked at it this is a title fictitious that I have invented using the the key word strategy we looked at so this is a title boston for talk magic memories I apologise if your business is called magic memories I just sort of made it up I don't think it's a bad title I just think it's cool you know? Because here in the title it's also really important take that big, bad keyword that you really want to optimize your sight for and put that before the name of your business give it priority in the title make that the first thing before even put the name your business everything in green is going to be the key words that were optimizing this website for so that's how you construct a title boston photographer magic memories photography weddings portrait's newborns that's what we're optimizing for for boston okay, so from that title you build your description and in the description you don't want it to be exactly the same as the title but you do want it to contain those key words again description would be magic memories photography boom boom is a boston boom boom based studio founded by wedding portrait and newborn photographer jane smith I apologize to jane smith of magic memories photography if you actually exist in boston which would be amazing yeah, well, you might be getting a bunch of hits on your website right now. Okay do you see how the keywords are in both places? This is super important. Those key words have to be in the title and in the description this is optimizing your sight and if you were using anybody used ah template like big folio anybody like that or you know there's a lot of great companies out there that and they enable you to optimized for seo the new one I just heard about really cool is a good gallery dot com if you're not into those guys, they're really cool and they give you lots of seo options there's a bunch of them out there, okay? And on your end on the user and you can log in and there's always a place for stuff, and you'll see a spot for a title, you'll see a spot for a description and see a spot for keywords list. This is where you go to put it in, okay, and if you have a custom design website, call up your web designer and say, I want these keywords in my title description and keywords list because if you don't put them in your sight, no one's going to find you, does that make sense? Like they have to kind of be in there all right and here's. The key words list from these aiken extrapolated the following keywords okay? Boston photographer boston photography, boston wedding photography, boston portrait photography boston newborn photography you don't wanna overload with key words, I would say you're keywords list should be like four or five tops listed. If you put too many in the search engines generally don't like that, they think that you're trying to cheat, you get what I mean, so you just really want to have four five really, but what we're really going for this is the one we like twelve thousand searches this is like the one that we want to go for everything else are the secondary one so take that key word list that we made and then put ah put the big ones in one list and make a secondary list of the other ones the low hanging fruit one's okay and we'll come back to that later but so when you take these key words and you put in the title description and key word of your website and then create actual content because although we are photographers and pictures of the biggest part of our website, you need text on the actual page that people actually see that contain these key words again to reinforce them. So with those four things in place, your website is now optimized does that make sense? We're there we're ready to receive the signal that's how we do it all right limit the keywords in four to six for your home page and there are some strategy I've heard people who are experts say only one and that's pretty limited but that's focused you know, because google again is looking for the most relevant content so what do I do with all the other key words? That's what? We have this big list of these awesome keyword right? The answer. You can optimize every page of your website for different keywords and you should so you have a home page on about paige gallery pages and f ake you page a contact page you wanna optimize each page of your sight differently so if one of those low hanging fruits would be like orlando newborn photographers and you have a gallery of newborn photography optimized that page for that low hanging fruit because what we're doing is you've gone from being able to optimize your home page for like four things if you have a fifteen page website, you can now optimize your website for a ton more because if somebody lands on your about paige, does it matter if they land on your about paige? No, it matters that there on your website and that they found you so use that entire keyword list that you made and make each page optimized for different keywords you cool with that? That makes sense it's casting the widest net possible so again we're using that terrible slide this long tail strategy you're taking all those smaller searches that adds up because if you want a thousand hits a month on your website, you can go for one keyword that does a thousand hits or you could get ten key words that have a hundred piece and it doesn't matter but research does suggest that you were going to reach a wider audience and that you were going to have more productive interactions with your clients when you use this long tail strategy that sneaky indoor raid okay next, we're gonna talk about his links. Links are typically, they have been like the most powerful thing anybody remember link farms we used to be on the internet. Whoever had the most links to their website wins the fight that's kind of how it used to be and it's not that way anymore, but links are still super powerful. You ever been to a website like you've done a search years ago? And then you get to a page and it's nothing but links anybody ever seen those those link farms? You know, that's cheating and google has sort of changed its algorithm in order to make that kind of a no, no, so if you do that, they'll actually push you down, but links are still super powerful. Links are probably the most powerful factor that determines surge indian placement when they are relevant, they're even more powerful. So we talk about relevance. How does a link to your website become relevant? Here we go, we'll talk about a relevant link click. A relevant link is a hyperlink that uses our key words and phrases tow link to our site. Now I want you to know this. Our website was on page twenty two of google when I learned about make relevant content and using relevant links we went for page twenty two to page two in a couple of weeks just by changing some of the links that I had out there to relevant and here's how you do that here's a link magic moments not calm you know it's a link because it's underlined somebody must have magic moments not come out there right like it's gotta be a real website here is a hyperlink click here to go to my site we've all seen those and e mails and stuff you understand the concept of a lot of body of text being converted into a link so that the link itself doesn't actually have to say the name of the website that's called a hyperlink so here's a relevant link boston wedding photographer magic moments if you click on those words and they take you to your website that's optimized for those keywords that's extremely powerful that can really help your search engine rankings. Do you understand the concept of how that works? It puts afterburners on your ceo having those links be relevant and if the links aren't relevant they still help but this really helps because it used to be the most links win but now it's the most relevant content wins and if you are linked from a site that has a good relevant link and the content on that site is relevant to you that's gonna increase your search engine clout with google they're going they're going to assume those robots so spiders are going to assume that your sight is relevant to the term boston wedding photographer and they're going to jack you up in the in the rankings does that make sense? We are talking here about links on other sites to yours for clarifying yes we're talking about links from other websites to you inbound links are called links from other places the higher traffic and the more relevant sites those links are on the better that is for your so you say hey carrie that's really cool that's great how do we get those good question top of getting relevant links first thing to do is re visit any links out there that you may have a lot of us have had our website long enough where we've gotten kind of into the link training thing a little bit or maybe you're listed on a few different websites your business is listed revisit any links that you know about and see if it's possible to turn those links to relevant links if you could do that sometimes I felt people used to get their first couple if you're going for the out long tail strategy and you're using low hanging fruit you don't need like five hundred links to get on the first page might need like two or three in some cases or maybe even just one you know, so it's not going to take you the rest of your life you don't have to sit around every day building a bunch of links but start by revisiting any that you already know about then trade links with people that you know, this is one thing that I do ah lot is eye contact friends I know anybody who has a business um and maybe has a blogger block is the perfect place to make relevant links and so like for example, I have a buddy of mine who has a a food website and he reviews restaurants in the orlando areas orlando food scene dot coms really cool, he does a lot of food related stuff, so before I've gone and I've done a review on a restaurant for him and I took pictures with my phone and in the review is like photography by hughes few ready or whatever is in the name of my business and then I put a relevant link at the end of the post so that's another site a high traffic sight that I've just made a review for because I know the guy my friend kathleen she's a baker she's gotta blawg it's called yummy crumble and she bakes on a sunday she'll bake like ten things and then she takes pictures of it and all week long shall post pictures of these delicious pastries and so what if I were to go over on a sunday and I want to take some pictures over food for her just hang out with their kids and eat dinner, but just and then photos provided by me and then I get a link from her pie traffic website to mind, you know, it doesn't take a lot of these things, but leverage relationships not doesn't have to even be a photography related, but every website, every blawg needs photography, so you could do your photography thing for somebody in exchange to get a link from them. Tio does that make sense? It's a pretty easy way to leverage those relationships to get links, but also don't be the guy that's like always busting people about links, you know, you know, those guys are like in other business cards at gas stations and stuff don't be that guy, you know, but it is cool to go to start with people that, you know, we write blawg articles featuring other vendors if you go to my blood right now, there's one on there with a local acting school, we work with a lot of actors and models, so I will don't ask for something from somebody without doing something for them first, so I wrote this cool article about their acting school and the people that run in are friends of mine and we work with him professionally a lot, and I asked them I messenger and I said, hey, what google terms are you optimizing your sight for? I'll give you relevant links to your website when I write this article about you guys and she was like, that's amazing, absolutely. So what do you do then? And then I write an article about us working with them for her to post because I do the work for her, but it includes a relevant link back to my website. Does that make sense? Like I take the work out of their hands? Cause if usually if you rely on somebody to do something, you can almost half the time count on them not doing it, so don't leave that in their hands. I pre write the article, I say here, would you mind posting this and then give me a link back? And if you've already done something for them, they're gonna be pretty much totally happy to do with him. All right? And this is an awesome way to do it because we're not trying to build up ah, thousand links from other websites to ours, maybe half a dozen picked those keywords and just kind of do it the best way to do it, so that doesn't take over your life let's say every wednesday morning from eight a m to nine a m you were going to, like, send emails out to people that are potential businesses. You could do link trading an article trading with that makes sense if that content is relevant to you and that link is relevant. It's going so good for your ceo but let's say one hour a week, you sent out a few emails and see who comes back and that's it that's you don't spend your whole life doing this, but set aside some time to do it to make sure that your website stays on top because every couple of weeks google's going to reshuffle or google's going to come out with a new release and it's going to kind of change the way they do things, so make sure that you stay on top of it a little bit, but once you get all these cool, relevant, inbound links in place over the course of a year, if you build like thirty or forty links it's going to be amazing, you're going to see your web. Your ceo is going to be the bulletproof. Does that make sense? Cool? All right, the long tail strategy just needs less links it's not like it used to be, so it doesn't you don't have to go out there and build five hundred, so keep that in mind just put it into your workflow if you're doing it yourself if you're not doing it yourself, pay somebody to do the scrap for you, which is awesome because I'm all about paying other people to do the stuff that I don't like to do, so this will pay you back anybody anybody grew up in church, I grew up in church, you know, my family's church family and well, whenever the pastor gives the annual tithing presentation, this is why you should give money put money in the plate, you know, and our past always said you can't out give god, you know what I mean? And that was always there, you know? The more you give, the more you get and seo is that way you can't out give like you can put time into this and it will on ly pay you back if you're doing it right, so the more time in the more effort you put into it, the better it will be. But for those of us who are like late night, people who are a lot of us are right brain creative types are desk looks like a bomb went off doesn't like anybody have it really need an orderly desk now I don't think so um for those who've just put it into your workflow and try to make it your goal to get like one or two of these a week from now until forever until something significant changes. And that makes it easy because seo organic results take time. It's not gonna happen tomorrow, but over the course of a couple of months, you can really improve your rankings just by doing these few simple things. So we use word press for a block. And if you have a wordpress blog's gonna give some really cool strategies. A lot of people use this. This is called a joost. Uh, ceo by yost. And this is what the website looks like. Quick, you can download that's a plug in for wordpress, and what it enables you to do is it enables you to optimize every page of your wordpress blogger website and also every individual post. And you can even give every individual post a unique girl, which is really cool member, how powerful those girls are those web addresses so you could make the block post b you know, whatever magic moments dot com slash orlando photographers, that could be that the web page address for that post and those girls are really powerful, not as powerful as it was the actual www, but it does contribute a lot toe where that adds up, because what do you adding to your website when you're doing a block post? Adding more content, and the more content you add, the more relevant that you become to that particular topic. So yost enables you to optimize each and every page of your blogged and each and every post, individually so and it's free, which is really cool. And I think a lot of people use it. It's a very popular there are some other ones out there. I use this one, other people use other ones, but to your research, this is just for you guys, here's another one. This is a company, I think out of england, and they're called squirrely. They're not free, although they do have, I think, a free trial. It is another word press plug in, but this is one of the coolest ceo things for non techy people. When you're blogging, what it does is it gives you a little menu on the side and there's a whole list of things to do to optimize your post for ceo, and as you do them, they light up green bling so you could do the whole list and they'll tell you, make sure you name the images with your key words. The title of the block post makes for the blood post contains those phrases in the first sentence it's got this whole list of stuff. That you don't have to remember to do because it literally tells you to do it in the light of green is like a stupid good job hey, stupid, good job, good job! So keep that I mean it's a really, really I don't think it's very expensive I can't call you it's really very, very affordable, especially for the power that it gives you to be able to do that, because that makes us write those down. Keep that in mind, click you go also blogged for that loan fruit remember that all those extra key words on your list if you don't fit him in, create content on your blob optimized and with joost, and with squirrely and other plug ins that are like it you khun every new block post is technically you're adding a page to your website if you think about it and so every time you add a page, you're adding another pages you could optimize for so you can increase your search engine rankings. We have a block post that we did like years ago. That was like how to dress for your headshots session or something like that or what to wear if your headshot session and I think they were probably like ten, twenty searches a month globally for that, and maybe they're not even in my area, but probably like once or twice a year we book a session because somebody will put that into google and our website will come up our block post on that will come up you know so and that's just because I made that block post several years ago and that seo is a powerful factor and every time you add content to your website you're making another way for people to find you does that make sense cool we'll have some time for questions which is great sharpie vader I'm so proud of that you know what I did is I I actually had the use computer paper and I drew it with a sharpie and I took a picture with my iphone emailed it to myself pulled it up in photo shop pulled out the background and then made a png that I put into my slide show so I'm sure that there's somebody out there cringing because there's a way more somebody is like you's illustrator you idiot you know something like that but there's just something organic about sharpie vader that I really like everybody good so far no brain explosions to get some good stuff cool all right we're coming back to this mas dot com this is an expensive piece of software it's a cloud based aa program and it's ninety nine dollars a month last time I checked but there is a free thirty day trial which is cool again these people do not pay me. This is stuff that I use. Ok? Nobody is paying me to mention their stuff on here. I'm just giving you guys useful tools. Here's, what mas does? You can put in your website into ma's and over the course of a month, a couple of weeks, usually about thirty days, you need to get an accurate picture of what's going on in your website. It will collect all the data from your website that you need. It'll tell you everything to do with your stuff that you need to do to tighten it up, line by line to do list that says, this is how you can prove you're seo your key wording needs this. Your title needs this your you know, your description is too long blank, blank, blank, blank, blank, and it will keep track of that, and the longer you use it, the more david it gives you. But here's, the cool thing you can put in your competitors websites that are beating you in those key terms, and it will tell you what they're doing and why they're beating you and how to beat them now that's sexy? Is that not cool? And try the thirty? I'm not going to say, do the thirty a free trial, get all the data you need and then cancel it I'm not going to say that because that's wrong because there's a great software, the great service you could do that, but I'm not gonna tell you to do that but use it because the longer you you got it all right the longer you use it, the more data it's going to give you and the more in depth it's going to gather and what happens on your web site over a month if you're in your slow season, that could be irrelevant data to you, so over the course of a year you can get a lot more accurate picture what's going on your website and the cool thing is if nine nine dollars is a lot for you that schools a lot for a lot of us, you can actually optimize more than one business in it so you could split the cost with somebody else let's say you're a wedding photographer and you got a friend who's, a newborn and maternity photographer, and you guys aren't competing for the same clients or the same key works, right? So split split the cost and that's a really cool way to do that, so keep that in mind destroy your enemies, crushed them, stamp them into the mud, watch them bleed to death under your toe it's business I always say, if you're better than me, I deserve to lose that's america murder if you could beat me, come get me. And if I get beat, I deserve to get beat as long as you fight fair and they can do this stuff too. There's a lot of people out there there's people. Probably in my market going. I'm gonna kick your butt now, dude. But if you can beat me, then beat me and I deserve to get beat. So think about that. The business is competitive. Competition makes life more interesting, does it not? You know, I think it's pretty cool for those of you that are competitive sociopaths like ah, okay, all right. We're good making sure it's all working. How do we know? And as the collective internet groans and rolls their eyes and I say google analytics because everybody knows that's like there's new geico commercials that's, like everybody knows that you say fifteen percent if you use google, this is absolutely free. It's just a little line of code that you can plug into the amp plug into your website. If you're using different template websites, most of them now have a place to put your google analytics code into, and it'll gather all that data for you, so over the course of a month, two months a year, it will tell you how many people are visiting your sight? How long they stay there, what pages they see, what resolution was their monitor, what operating system they're using or is it on a mobile device? You know, um as an aside speaking about mobile devices six or seven years ago, about twelve percent of the people visiting my website one a mobile device now it's, like, seventy, so make sure that your website is looks really good on mobile devices. Make sure that it's very, very fast loading and friendly, because if it's not, you could miss out again. Let's say you're a wedding photographer, right? People get married, I think the u s the bureau of labor and statistics says that most women get married for the first time before their thirtieth birthday, so we're talking about people born from like nineteen, eighty four toe like nineteen, ninety four are getting married, so these are people that grew up with computers. I got a seven year old nephew when he was three we have a big screen tv in his mom's house, there's fingerprints all the way across it because he'd walk up and try to change the channel by swiping, you know what I mean? So people are into the mobile, it is, it is the world is moving in different directions desktops for your average person are going away for us photographers we like that big monster don't weigh like just do it comforts us to have that big humming machine sitting on our death but for most people desktops are going away so make sure that your your website it looks awesome on a mobile device but you could find out how many people are visiting your website on the mobile device by using google analytics barren mind once you plug it in and you're going to take about a month before it collects any really relevant data for you so keep that in mind but over the course of you know over the course of a couple of years you can really get an idea or a year of six months you couldn't really get a good idea off who's visiting your site where they're from and you can also find out if your website sucks which is really cool you know websites like a baby that was going to tell you your baby's ugly aren't they? Because people look at your website if you're a creative person and we have this sort of innate knowledge that your work is personal to you do you know what I mean and so people aren't necessarily just going to start giving you negative criticism right off the bat and your website is kind of connected to that nobody's going to say your website sucks colli photographers who's websites truly suck who have coached to talk to and, you know, people tell me all the time how great my website is. I said, yeah, everybody tells people their babies cute too, but they're not, you know, have you ever told anybody the baby's ugly? I haven't you wanted to write on, they look like an alien like, you know, slimy and weird looking. My wife and I are expecting our first child, so I'm gonna be cursed with an ugly baby just for all the times that I've used that analogy, you know, now, she's going to be beautiful, she's going to be perfect, so google analytics use that. So now is the point, or I'm going to tell you what I told you way learned quick how to pick the right keywords to research and create a list click we learned about google places and how that super duper important we learned about sexy, sexy coding, right had optimize your website how to drive traffic to your website, using your blawg and leveraging relationships with other people, how to crush your enemies and then and hopefully to make more money. All right, so I think, russ, we're good to open up for questions if you're good to go, we're so good to go on to come up and join you up there sounds like fun, so first of all, I just want to let you know taylor made photo pro photo says this is by far the best ceo workshop I have ever listened tio thank you nice show ahead and start off we've got a few here that are very popular a lot of questions, araceli but botello on nine other people wondered how often should you blogged for that's a good question? I know lots of photographers that have blog's that totally don't use him right? Because they became this really cool thing to have a few years ago and then so everybody's got one and they don't update it if you were to go to my block and look, you'd see it's fairly infrequent, but I would say if you're really on top of your game, you can't block too much really can't once a week at minimum every day if you've got the time but once a week because even if you're not a photographer that's so busy you're shooting new stuff every day you can come up with an article do you know what a list ical is? Never seen those things like the top ten best dresses at the oscars and those come up on your facebook feed those air called lis tickles ok and who's who told me that was my buddy jeff stoner who's a great videographer in orlando I think he told you call ballistic als people love those, so I love doing articles on my block like top five things to remember when getting your head shots done or stuff like that not everything on your blood has to be, um, new work of yours. It can be interesting art creating interesting content that they're going to make people want to stay there. The more content was on your web site, the longer people going to stay there, the more they're gonna interact and the increases, the likelihood that they're going to end up being a client that makes sense makes perfect sense. Let's go with lk m three b and there were a couple of variations on this question, so I know that it was a big one good eye, longwinded answer, so I'll cover it all as I like to hear, how can we use the places listing if we don't want to publicize our home address? Excellent, we actually owe boxes do we need? Like if we're in a rural area and there's a major metropolitan area nearby, and we want the place of listening to be there recently, the geographic location is so important to the places list search I've known photographers actually make up in a dress that's like the street between two buildings like two twenty a orange avenue, and they make that their address on google here's the problem you can actually just have the city as your address I think if you go to mind I have a brick and mortar studio that's a little further outside of downtown so I just have orlando, florida as the address on my way place is listening I don't have the specific street address if you have the wrong address here's what happens all the time when I left our bubble places listing for like three years that had our old studio address on it at least twice a month I had somebody called me like I'm standing outside your studio you know and you're like, where are you? Oh, I'm downtown on pine street and be like, oh, that was our address three years ago you actually to come to the other side of town now, you know, so make sure that it's accurate and if it's you khun make it just the city a ce faras I know because that's how minus so make it just the city and then we're lie on the credibility of your listing rather than the geographic location. And how about for those people who do? I don't actually have a studio location who just worked in various places and or go to clients, homes or anything like that? Sure don't have a brick and mortar yeah, just you city perfect use the city you could do that ourselves, but hello again, and seven other people do you have to pay for google to rank you on the first page? No, absolutely not. Google does reserve certain spots for sponsored links and sponsored ads, and those air usually like the first two on the listing. So but here's, the thing about the internet generation, right? Have you ever clicked on one of those? I think I have, but only when it was also in the first rank. Anyway, I've clicked twice and I got that one closer for my but exactly so I think we just sort of mentally we just skip the first two because they're kind of highlighted, you know? So yes, they're good and people do use them and yes, they work and I would highly recommend doing a google ad campaign if you have the money to put towards it, can it can yield you good results, but organic is much more relevant for people when they're searching. If I do a search for like orlando, I have a competitor with an ad. I like to click on it a bunch of times and I know it's costing a money. Yeah, I'm not really that would be unethical course everyone, I think there's a dollar, okay, stole your dollar. Let's, let's, go with if I did that, I feel probably feel really bad and mail them a dollar from like an unmarked envelope, and they just get a dollar in the mail like hell that's because you're a good guy. Yeah, well, all right, malik kabbalah says, how should you label and title your images on your site? For best optimization rate question, labeling your images can definitely support your key words, and I didn't really cover that because we had seo is so broad there's thousands of thing that covers, but when you label your images, use keywords that you're optimizing for, especially in a block post. Make sure that if you're not using one of those aa blawg that has something that turns it into a slide show because that renames and re samples all the images so you lose that power. But when you label an image, pick a keyword that would be useful in an image search that also reinforces your block pose and use hyphens to separate the words not underscores hyphens that makes sure that google can separate the words in a search that's super awesome love that thank you uh, shaka hut dar are there any specific words or tags you khun due to use google ads? They told me that my bloc needs at least one hundred hits and ten followers total before accounted for it another place that I needed ten follow backs to review things none of my few followers are related to food and I'm not sure if all about count it's tactics amusing so are having attracted much traffic read the first part question are there any specific words or tags you khun due to use google ads to use google ads specific words or tags you just have to use that same thing that your research for your organic keyword results and find what people are looking for because that's what people are searching for so if when you're using ads by the same ones if you will pierre twice on the page that's good for you so it doesn't matter you know but if there's if there's one of those terms that's kind of like out of reach that a lot of people are trying to get by an ad for it and then you'll definitely appear at the top it doesn't have quite the penetration but use the same key word you're optimizing your sight for you can also use it as experimentation look if you've got to really similar keywords and you can find out what best working in your market spent fifty bucks over a month and throw out a google at and see if it's working for you but use the same key words great so really that figuring out those few hours is kind of the essential it is the foundation of the whole process. Robbie and duggan, what kind of activity do you recommend on google plus to help boost google search rankings? What you actually do with google? Plus, once you're on that again, just like your blawg create relevant content people it's so funny with facebook and google plus, like my wife and I, we will post our work on there and pictures of clients and stuff, and we'll tag a minute and we'll get, like, a penetration of, like one hundred fifty when he pulls a stupid selfie of us on vacation there's like a thousand people like it, you know, it's weird, what people are into social media is so often about giving people a little bit insight into who you are, and I really believe that if people like you, well, they're more likely to book you for something I don't believe it becoming best friends with your clients, but I do believe in being friendly with them and our social media, our whole facebook instagram, all of it is to give a sort of small insight into who we are so that people get to know us, so we have people come into our studio and they're like, oh, man, how was your cruise like you're a stalker way but we don't put anything personal in there and never post politics I never post angry rants I don't use bad language like all this stuff because it's all geared towards business so if you're using google plus just like on your block create relevant content use those listed cools link back to your blog's so you don't have to duplicate content put up interesting photos people on social media really like your work I'm sure but they like you or stuff about you more you know we're doing a really interesting project right now with my wife and she's five months pregnant and so we started doing this siri's and if you go to our facebook pages, look up hughes fioretti photography on facebook and there's a serious where we take a picture of her every week to kind of show her progress we're making a really fun and poppy and goofy it's not like you know there's a flowing thing behind her and it's just huh doing goofy things and showing how much her belly has grown and people love it we get huge penetration every time we put one up because yes it's our work but it's also something kind of personal that we're sharing with everybody and people really love that so be authentic be relevant and be fun and people be interested in and don't be a facebook ranter or a google plus rancher don't be a bummer you know, no one likes about anybody on follow anybody because they post too much crap. Like people who post rescue dog pictures all the time and, like, say, this dog you like, follow you know I love you, mom. A lot like, actually, cool the next class here on how to channel has been sasso teaching how to define your style and brand, right? So if you need help with that, making sure that you are a interesting follow ble brand and write something that people are going unfollowed cause depressing, right? Don't be objective that a whole internet generation we are immune toe advertising for those of us who were like grown ups before the internet came along, you could go know that feeling when you have to buy a car and you pull up to a dealership and you get out and you see that guy site you from across the parking lot, and then you just stomach just goes okay, this crap again. You know, that's how, ah, whole generations feel about any kind of advertising marketing his change is a great book. It's called who moved my cheese or I think that's the title of it is that it's okay, that talks about marketing? Our holds and there's another great book recommended to me by jeffrey shaw who's an amazing marketing in business and life coach and photographer out in new york, it's called he didn't write it, he just told me about is called jab, jab, jab, right hook and it's about internet marketing two younger generation. And so the idea is it's more of like bread crumb marketing instead of going like car ads sunday, sunday, sunday only, you know, it's bread from marketing where you're like, we have to feel like it's id our idea, so you're like leading people to you like, this is a fun thing about me, like, I like to go to the beach drinking starbucks, you know, all this stuff, and then you go now I'm having this particular sail, like if somebody's already invested in you, you're breaking through the layers of force field that they put up against advertising. And so that's, what that's kind of about so think of that in your internet, marketing it all kinds like jab, jab, jab right hook, great book, check it out, testing one from snappy gourmet is there a way to see what google doesn't like about your sight or what they're ding you for if you're still low in the ranking? Absolutely use mas dot com that's what I recommend it is expensive but it's worth it considering if you book one job a month because your ceo is better it's worth paying for, innit fantastic and one more final question from lizette marquez I have that's all the questions well that's our question that way get to you guys in the room oh my god I'm a terrible person I am a terrible host you know I do want to ask other let's go right over here. Go ahead, grab the mic for you when it comes to bloch posts is there a formula for the earl and the title? Absolutely. I recommend squirrely because it will tell you exactly what that is. I don't even have that stuff memorized because I use corley it literally will tell you line by line your girl for the block post needs to have this in the title you need to use this in boulder in h one on h to tag like it's that specific that's what I used so definitely it's again there is a trial, so check it out get comfortable with it and here's a novel like there's something for people that aren't on wordpress right google I'm sorry that obnoxious answer I know, but like I told you about my dad earlier like he used to call me for tech support almost every day and then I taught him how to use the google machine said dad if you have a question for me tied that question into google and if you don't find the answer in the first couple of links then give me a call you know it's like anybody watch the crowd where he was like have you tried turning it off and turn it back on like that if if google has a really cool like f for ceo and there's a lot of great seo blog's out there and if you type in like howto optimize my block post for ya you're gonna get like a hundred results going tell you very specifically and up to date to the minute how to do that and so it could have changed since we walked into this room so you get I could tell you but it could be totally different so make sure that just used google as a resource I use it for everything all the time I even like I learned how to fix my own a c unit in my bedroom with google because google is cool like that you know what I mean like you could do a lot of stuff okay, that is your questions absolutely thank you beautiful any others? We got one over in the corner here from the wonderful vanessa we'll get to someone I just have today this is so much fun for me just too good I love marketing it's my thing obviously, but seo is so difficult because like you said, it changes so much so thank you so much but welcome to my particular question you were talking about relevant links and then going back to her people have linked to so one of the things I talk about with marketing is getting published on other wedding blog's things like that and it's great, but they're not using relevant links there just linking me another ways how effective is it or how far back should I go and all of those publications and ask them you know, to change them if the relationship with them all of those would be amazing in a perfect world changed all of them? I mean six months back a year back to the fighters go back and the internet continue and especially when something changes like the link. But the cool thing is that not just the link has to be relevant like the content in the article as long as that's relevant and there's like it's still pretty powerful so you may not need to go back and do all that I would say as an sio coach and self styled ceo person yes changed them all, but I don't think if you've got that much publication at logs and stuff and they're linking to you anyway with all this great content using the key words and stuff like that stopped probably pretty powerful on its own, so it would help you. But I don't know that it would like a change your life, you know. But if you've got a good relationship, just say when you get published from now on hey, would you mind doing this? The only reason a lot of places don't, because they they do it for you. They have to do it for everybody. It's, like, if I give you a potato chip, I have to give all of you. And so a lot of times, they just do standard links because of that. So just if you have a good relationship with him, ask him, you know, and see if they'll do it for you. He might. Seymour obliged to change the old ones because nobody's probably reading them as much. And it may not make their other contributors angry, right? Thank you, but, for example, so the text on the link is the most powerful. So the actual link or the actual text that his tag, I think is the most powerful. But if its said, for example, you know creative live host russ andes. And russ sandys was the link. But creative life host is what I'm optimizing for it's, still pretty good, absolutely especially that link is powerful it's, even more powerful when supported by the content that's on that page also, so if that is using russ and he's, creative lives, host and it's, an article about us is the creative life host, then that's going to even reinforce that cool. Even more google indexes text, and it is bright down to the ground. It's still about texas indexes, crazies and repetitions of those phrases. And when those fraser used in the right place is in the right amount of times, that really is the most helpful thing.

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SEO, or search engine optimization, is one of the most effective tools for identifying and connecting with new clients — but it only works if you know how to do it. Gary Hughes will share his experience and years in IT and photography to bring it all together for you. In this class, you’ll learn how to build an SEO strategy by choosing the right keywords, optimizing your website and building relevant links to drive traffic to your site.


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Great Great SEO video from a super funny and great guy. I've been wanting to take Gary's SEO class as long as I've known him, but never got the chance. The information in this video is priceless. Talk about the lightbulb going off on how to approach creating and managing your SEO strategy. Great information, highly entertaining with some very awesome custom artwork to boot.

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