How to Build and Market Products That Change People’s Lives

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How to Build and Market Products That Change People’s Lives


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Class Introduction

I am so stoked to be here even though I don't know if people say stoked anymore. (students laugh) I just decided I was gonna share that with you because that's how I roll. I'm Tara, we're here to talk today about how to build a market product that change people's lives. I know, because I know what you're in for, today. I know that you're in the right place. I want you to know how I know that you're in the right place though. You are in the right place if you want to change people's lives for the better. That's really what transformational leadership is. You know that you were born to use your work and use what you do everyday to lift over people up and help improve their lives. If that's you, you're in the right place. You're in the right place if in your work or in your business you're responsible for creating, or marketing, or selling a product to customers. And by customers, I actually mean even customers of b to b business, because they're just individual human beings too. We'll ta...

lk about that a little bit later. Like b to b marketing is actually b to human. And just like b to c is b to human. If you're responsible for creating, or selling a product, whether that product is digital or tangible, or if you're responsible for leading people who are responsible for doing that then you are in the right place. You're in the right place if your business would thrive if you could get customers not just to use your products once, but to use them over and over and over again. If that would be great for you and your business, you're in the right place. And you're also in the right place if you've tried to do that before and found it challenging, let's just use that word. If you know that churn is a problem, you get people in and they go right out. If you know that you like to increase the lifetime value a customer presents to your company over time. And if you know that you would like to increase customer loyalty but you've tried those things, and they've been hard, you're in the right room. Also, in the right room, I mean who in this room thinks that content marketing is important to their business? If you know content marketing is critical but you've published stuff (laughs) and find crickets. It's really hard to get people to pay attention to the content marketing right now, you're in the right room. And you're in the right room if knowing how to get people to read what you publish, watch what you publish, buy what you sell over and over again, if you know having a lifelong love affair with your customers would totally elevate your career and your brand in your life, right room. Because I'm going to talk about all of those things don't let me be cryptic about that (laughs), that's why you're in the right room. So by the end of the class this is sort of what we're going to go through today. You will know what the disengagement dilemma is that I speak of. And you'll know the hazards of not paying attention to it. You'll understand why it's actually really, in my opinion, much more important to pay attention to engagement, even from the beginning of a business then it is to fixate exclusively on growth. You'll know what I mean when I said a lifelong lover affair with customers. I think to some people that sounds crazy. (laughs) That sounds like unethical unicorn of a thing. You'll know what it looks like in real life. You already do but I'll show you what that phrase means. And you'll know what the limiting factor, the number one limiting factor on all businesses of any size, stage, industry, is, and how you can deactivate that limiting factor. Part of the how, is through this framework that I will teach you called the transformational consumer, so you'll understand who and what the transformational consumer is. We will talk through all of the defining characteristics of the transformational consumer but you'll understand this sort of grail quest (laughs) that they're on, which I like to call the personal disruption conundrum. And you'll know how to use that in your business. You'll learn some basics today on like how do you even create behavior change. That by itself for anyone who's ever raised a child or a dog (laughs) seems like a really illusive skill. Many fields have studied this and come out with insight so we'll talk a little bit about how to actually create behavior change. And, we'll talk about the heroes journey of the transformational consumer and the role that you and your brand can play in your consumer as heroes journey. Then we'll just talk a little bit about what transformational consumers really look like in real life. I'm gonna actually hazard a guess that many of you in this room and online are actually transformational consumers by virtue of the fact that you're here. You may find that piece to be particularly resonate. So that's what we're gonna cover in this next 90 minutes by the end of this series, we will have covered how to build and market products that change people's lives using these frameworks. How to rethink the actual thing that you sell and who it is that you actually serve, who your customer really is. We will go through, this afternoon, how to build a customer journey map. And not just any customer journey map, not like a customer journey map that walks people through the lifecycle that someone might have within your brand or with your website. We're gonna talk about building a customer journey map that really drives product and marketing engagement, because it's a map of your customer's real world experience and journey of transformation. And then, at the end of the day we'll talk about how to rethink your content marketing strategy. If those things sound interesting to you, hang out. (laughs) Here's where you can find me. We will be doing some live tweeting and engagement on these channels during this class and forever more. (laughs) So, feel free to follow me here. And, know that the course today is actually based on my book, the book is called, The Transformational Consumer, Fuel a Lifelong Love Affair with Your Customers by Helping Them Get Healthier, Wealthier, Wiser. And no you cannot go home now. (laughs) No, this subtitle did not just teach the whole class even though my publisher told me it kind of did. (laughs) The book was, I'm very proud of the book having five stars on Amazon at this stage in the game, 'cause as you know, you know what we're gonna talk about today, is how hard it is to get people to engage with content and to love it once they do. So, that is sort of a proof point for the framework working. You are invited to come to and download a bunch of resource materials, some of which we'll actually reference and work through today in the course. We will be talking through four of the five rethinks that I share in the book for how to actually reach and engage transformational consumers. I have an expert of the fifth one, how to rethink your customer, that's available to you for free in the bonus materials. You can find a sample customer journey map there and a fillable template for your own customer journey map there. Those things we actually will use in the course. Before we jump into the material, I wanna give you a little bit of context about who I am and why should you care (laughs) what I have to say on these subjects today. I think I just wanna start with a statement about what I do. I am a creator. That is what I am on this planet to do. What that looks like is, in every role that I take, I create content and experiences that change people's lives so that they can then go and change way way more people's lives than I could ever touch personally. Currently I'm the founder and CEO of two companies that do that. The first is TCI, Transformational Consumer Insights and I also run a company called Soul Tour, which is a personal growth school. Let's see, before that I was an entrepreneur and residence with Let's Be Inventor Partners the original investors in Snapchat. Before that I was the chief marketer at MyFitnessPal, the world's largest health and fitness app. And before that, I ran consumer content, marketing and PR at, the real estate search engine. Throughout my career I've also done a number of stints either leading, or running, or owning marketing consulting firms for consumer technology. And way before that, I was an attorney but I don't like to talk about that part as much. (laughs) You know you live in the Bay Area when being an attorney is a thing that you wanna keep kinda secret. (laughs) I am a career marketer, that's just how I identify. Yes, I'm a marketer turned entrepreneur but I am a career marketer. I have had the great fortune to work on some of the most transformational brands in media, and wellness, and real estate. I worked with HGTV for years, and consumer technology. I've worked mostly in digital, so I like to joke that I'm a long form woman living in a short form world. I've worked in digital but I've also written three books. I have a deeply devout daily writing practice. I've written something everyday for the last six years, about. And something that happens when you write something everyday, I'm actually collaborating with Creative Live here soon on a writing challenge. Something that happens when you write everyday is you get access to this emotional windshield wiper that sort of clears your slate everyday. You also start connecting dots and understanding your purpose at a level of clarity you might not have before. In the process of writing something every day for six years, I've gotten really clear about my purpose and what I'm here on the planet to do. I'm an uplifter, and writing helped me realize that. I am a being of upliftment. My purpose on this planet is to awaken the possibilities in the people I meet, and speak with, and touch. And, I am hazarding a guess today that you are too because you're here. (laughs) Because, the sorts of people who show up to courses like this generally are also people who wanna know how to use their work to lift people up and to make the world better. Or, even like one person on your own team better. To make your customer's lives better. We talk a lot in this course about transformational leadership. I say that the secret, yes, the book, the frameworks are all about how to reach and engage customers, but their secret deep down message is about how to be a transformational leader and how to use your work to lift people up.

Class Description

Who are transformational consumers? They are the 50 percent of customers who view life as a never-ending series of behavior change projects. They’re constantly looking for products and services to help them get healthier, wealthier and wiser.

Why should you care about transformational consumers? Because these people spend more than $4 trillion a year in their quest for betterment. Not only that, they’re ready and willing to embark on a wild love affair with your brand.

Tara-Nicholle Nelson, author of “The Transformational Consumer,” will share actionable strategies, marketing insights and product advice to help you better understand the human journey of the most valuable, least understood customers of our time.

In this class, you’ll learn how to:

  • Identify who transformational consumers are, including their defining characteristics, how they feel and what motivates their actions.
  • Make a business case for serving transformational consumers.
  • View customers through the lens of transformation rather than demographics, big data and product feedback.
  • Figure out which digital features, products and content will reach and engage these consumers.
  • Overcome challenges such as poor revenue growth, marketplace threats, underperforming content and customer disengagement by focusing more on transformational consumers.