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How to Capture Landscapes With Your iPhone

Ian Shive

How to Capture Landscapes With Your iPhone

Ian Shive

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Class Description

Learn to take amazing photos of your outdoor experiences and scenic adventures. Award-Winning Outdoor Photographer Ian Shive walks through the simple techniques to make the most of the camera at your finger prints. Learn how to look at light, frame your scenes and exposure for the best picture imaginable. Capture your environment in the way you see it. Ian will through when and how to use your telephoto lens and even how portrait mode can improve your artistic style. 

Ratings and Reviews

Nikola Foster

Too short... I would appreciate to go on more places and make more landscape examples with iPhone ... Ian is certainly very gifted photograher but the price is not worth of 10 minutes module... Pity😢


At a price of FREEEE!, of course this is worthwhile. It's a compact combination of basic composition tips and tips on how to use the controls of iPhone camera. There are also points that are not discussed but you can learn by watching, such as how to hold an iPhone to take steady photos while using the touch screen. This is a class that will tell you that iPhones have a grid mode, but not how to turn it on. (You'll need to look that up yourself because it varies by iPhone.) The phone lenses discussed in the three minute second lesson are no longer made, but info is relatively general and apply to current iPhone lens packages.

Damian Morales

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