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How to Capture Landscapes With Your iPhone

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Zeiss Lenses

Ian Shive

How to Capture Landscapes With Your iPhone

Ian Shive

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2. Zeiss Lenses


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Zeiss Lenses

If you really wanna take your iPhone photography to the absolute next level, external lenses are the way to go. I'm pretty lucky. I got a great set of Zeiss lenses, which, Zeiss is one of the best lens manufacturers out there, for my iPhone, and I have three of them, macro, telephoto, and wide angle. Now before I even attach these, one thing I wanna point out about improving your iPhone photography is don't just clean your screen to see what you're getting. Make sure that the lens is also clean. It's real easy when you're actually holding this thing with your fingers to get it smudged up and then you'll get foggy or pictures that are just less desirable. So make sure it's clean, and then all you gotta do is throw on an adapter for it. It slides right on over the lens. And then all you gotta do is screw on the lens that you wanna use. So I'm gonna start with a wide angle. And this is great 'cause it takes the standard iPhone lens and basically gives you an ultra-wide view to create comp...

ositions. And with a little lens hood, I'm ready to go. This wide angle view allows me to get different layers and capture different elements of the lake, such as people in the boat, the house, the little road in the distance, the top of the mountain, all in a single frame. The telephoto lens allows me to remove elements from the scene and focus in on all the special things that might be catching your eye, especially if you can't get closer. So this lake is a great example of that because I've got a bunch of people floating by in boats and canoes on this beautiful summer day, and I wanna be able to zoom in on that a little bit more, but I don't wanna just zoom in using the phone, because that could also reduce the quality. The lens itself magnifies the shot and allows you to get a different composition than the wide angle. So the telephoto brings you closer and essentially works as a zoom, but it keeps the quality of your photos going really well. The last one, and it's really one of the most fun ones you can have, and whether you're hanging out at home or taking pictures on your desk at work or getting out into a national park, it really changes the way you see the world, and that's the macro lens. Macro photography brings you really, really close to something. So if I wanted to go and focus on the little tiny details of this leaf, and I tap the screen to make sure it focuses, I can do that. And this lens really lets you get up close and personal and change the perspective of the world you're showing. So that's how external lenses can really improve your photography. I recommend a set if you wanna take your iPhone creative vision to the next level.

Class Description

Learn to take amazing photos of your outdoor experiences and scenic adventures. Award-Winning Outdoor Photographer Ian Shive walks through the simple techniques to make the most of the camera at your finger prints. Learn how to look at light, frame your scenes and exposure for the best picture imaginable. Capture your environment in the way you see it. Ian will through when and how to use your telephoto lens and even how portrait mode can improve your artistic style. 


Nikola Foster

Too short... I would appreciate to go on more places and make more landscape examples with iPhone ... Ian is certainly very gifted photograher but the price is not worth of 10 minutes module... Pity😢


At a price of FREEEE!, of course this is worthwhile. It's a compact combination of basic composition tips and tips on how to use the controls of iPhone camera. There are also points that are not discussed but you can learn by watching, such as how to hold an iPhone to take steady photos while using the touch screen. This is a class that will tell you that iPhones have a grid mode, but not how to turn it on. (You'll need to look that up yourself because it varies by iPhone.) The phone lenses discussed in the three minute second lesson are no longer made, but info is relatively general and apply to current iPhone lens packages.

Damian Morales