How to Give Impactful Feedback


How to Give Impactful Feedback


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Hopefully you understand a little more why feedback was important. You got some foundational pieces of the mindset of successful feedback. You figured out where to do it and where not to do it, just as a reminder, to make people feel good about it. We gave you a structure especially to use if things are challenging or it's hard feedback that we got to work through. We challenged you to set up a structure for yourself where you have to get into feedback situations, to not just wait for a good time or when you feel like it. But actually design a lifestyle or design a workflow of feedback. And lastly, we got a little sugar by doing some recognition. So that's what we did today, and again, I just want to remind you, great work. This is a fantastic contribution, for paying attention online the whole time and staying engaged. And just to bring us to close on some of the biggest ideas we had today is make it important. More than anything else, to not let this one fall to the back burner will ...

really help you, just knowing it is important. I care about feedback, feedback is critical. Don't go it alone. You don't need to over-prepare or over-tool, but resource yourself so you have something to go on beyond just yourself. There is a whole world of resources, hopefully you got some today. And last is dive in. The more feedback we're giving and receiving, the more we're growing and contributing, which is when we feel really good, those are needs of being a human and you will feel so much more fulfilled and satisfied when we're really in that space of feedback and giving.

Class Description

As a manager, one of the most important things you do is give feedback to your team members. It’s hands-down the best way to ensure they can learn, grow and thrive in their professional career.

But giving good feedback is no easy task. It can be uncomfortable when there’s an issue of concern, and it’s difficult to strike the right balance between positive encouragement and constructive critique.

This course will guide you through the difficult terrain of giving and getting feedback so you can build a positive team culture that emphasizes improvement, learning and progress.

In this class, you’ll learn how to:

  • Get over your fear of not knowing how to do feedback right.
  • Be comfortable giving and getting feedback.
  • Avoid burying your feedback under a mountain of compliments, kindness and sugar and instead let your message come out loud and clear.
  • Refrain from being too blunt and emotionally disconnected, and avoid doing unnecessary harm to the receiver.