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Class Introduction

Lesson 1 from: How to Photograph and Flatter Skin Tones

Lindsay Adler

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1. Class Introduction

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Lesson Info

Class Introduction

(applause) Alright guys, thank you for joining me. And so, this presentation is everything about skin in an hour and a half. So, what that means is, I am a fashion and beauty photographer from New York meaning I may talk slightly quickly. Okay? I've actually have a three day class on skin. And this is kind of a highlights of some of that. But, if you wanna go more in depth I'd recommend go for a full three days. But, this is going to be a nice fast overview. So, I already said that I'm a fashion photographer but really a lot of what I do is fashion style portraits. So, I shoot a lot of portraits. And, I also shoot a lot of beauty photography. And so, a lot of times my job it's essential that the skin looks good. I mean, for beauty photography that's what you're looking at. But, I understand that a lota people here don't shoot professional models. Maybe, you're photographing anniversary parties, or engagement sessions, or families, or whatever it may be. And so, not every subject is g...

oing to have flawless skin. And so, what I'm going to talk about is all of the considerations you have to make skin look beautiful. And so, this is why this class is about 10 ways to flatter skin. So, we're gonna go through these. And, I've got a pretty extensive list but some of these things are things you may not have considered. Usually, the obvious ones people think of is, well, what modifier am I using, and where am I placing it. But, there are actually several important things that often get overlooked, and they're actually the things that messed me up most often when I first started out. So, I'm hoping to save you guys all that time. So, here are the 10 things. And, I'm just going to jump right into it.

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Ratings and Reviews

Amy Vaughn

The topic is too big to cover all the solutions in depth in such a short amount of time, but this seems like a great overview for beginners to understand the range of problems with making skin look good in photos. Lindsay does a great job of making her class topics easy to understand.

Frank Gutierrez

I just love Lindsay's work! It's so impressive; especially the sampling photos captured of the elderly gentleman. It brought all she taught throughout the video together seamlessly! I'm so going to watch this over and over again!


Great primer on skin tones, lighting, and considerations for different types of skin. One of the few teachers that discusses dark skin tones!

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