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How To Set Up Your Pricing Structure

Tomayia Colvin

How To Set Up Your Pricing Structure

Tomayia Colvin

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Class Description

Are you afraid to raise your prices but you’re not making ends meet? Are you worried that you’ll lose clients because they’ll think you’re overpriced? Join photographer and educator Tomayia Colvin as she talks you through the process of identifying what your photography skills are worth and how to charge for them.

In this class Tomayia will instruct you on:

  • How to conquer your fears of charging what you’re worth
  • Figuring out what your business costs are and what you need to make a profit
  • Creating a price list that covers your skills as well as the products that you offer
  • How to market your services to new and existing clients

It’s scary to charge more and worry about whether you’ll lose clients. But Tomayia’s experiences in this area will help you gain the confidence you need to acknowledge your value and still attract new clientele.

Ratings and Reviews


Great information. Simple, clear and interesting presentation. Thank you for sharing your knowledge.

Robin Spencer

Tomayia Colvin is delightful, a great storyteller and easy to listen to. A very simple explanation of basic accounting for photographers and a real eye opener for many.

Student Work