How to Take Amazing Photos with your DSLR


How to Take Amazing Photos with your DSLR


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Demo: Diffusion Panel

Let's bring in Belinda and we are going to play with modifiers, okay? I'm going to first rip out and show you how hard the light source becomes on her and how the diffusion happens with the soft box. And I know you guys see... I know you guys know it, but I want to show it to you just so you can really fully understand. She's like, "I got my coffee. I'm happy." This is so has-been for her, I must do this to her once a month. Be like, "I need to test something. Sit your bottom down in this chair so I can test something." [inaudible]. She usually has a coffee in her hand. How am I going to have...? I'll switch. You want to trade? Thank you, it's awkward and large. Okay, so, first things first, I love that he just follows me around. It's awesome. It's going to be bright, watch out. Yeah baby, bright and hot. Okay, I'm just going to kind of half do it so we can put it back on easy. Just like that. Perfect? Okay. Whoa, what a difference. See even the shadow on the backdrop? So you can see t...

he shadow of the chair and everything, how hard that is, it's a very hard thing. And if you look at her face we see all kinds of hard shadows. So let me shoot this so you can see it in camera. Poor thing, she's like, "I can't see." "I can't see." Meter, meter, meter. Meter, meter, meter. Okay, I'm shooting, let's lower that, because we've got no diffusion now, the light source is way stronger. Oh, wrong way, wrong way! Have you ever done that? Wrong way! [inaudible]. Okay. There we go. She is a blinker. Keep your eyes open. There we go! First of all, the first thing you notice is that hard shadow on the left side of the background. See that? I mean, that right there is annoying enough as it is, but what you'll also notice is shadows on her neck, the shadow on her nose in particular, see how strong that line is right there, and around her nose there? Super strong line. It's not that flattering, okay? So, this is the exact same thing that happens in full sun, even more so. I mean it's even worse with full sun and then of course your client is like, "I can't look at the sun." You know, and they squint the eyes and it's just not attractive. So, a diffusion panel of some kind will help. You can literally take that Home Depot thing I just made and pop it up here. Sun going through it, it will change your shot, okay? It'll completely change your shot. And this is how it changes it, okay? You are so cute B, you don't want to see this picture, though. Velcro is a beautiful thing, isn't it? I know everyone was dying to see what was inside the light, too, so there you go. Now you know. All right, isn't that prettier? Much, much better. Okay, yeah, me happy now. Me happy now. Okay, what a huge difference from that to that! Oh, diffusion is a lovely thing, right? Now, even here the shadow is much softer, okay, just a gradual transition of line across her face, much more flattering. Diffusion does that. If you're outside and in the sun, you can literally take that diffusion panel, just like this thing, pop it right here, let the sun shine through it, and you'll get gorgeous soft light going on because it scatters the light, okay? So, that's basically diffusion.

Class Description

Julia has a great way of explaining even some of the most technical things so that you can understand them. This is a great class to get your feet wet and then use what you learned to start swimming. - Barry Miller, CreativeLive Student

Understanding how your camera functions is a start, but in order to capture the best images, you need to know more than what buttons to push.  Julia Kelleher will walk you through some likely beginner photographer scenarios to show how to work in multiple situations, compose your image and get the most from your subjects. Whether you purchased your camera to take photos of your children, your friends or even products you are hoping to sell, Julia will show you how to feel comfortable in any environment. In this class Julia will show you: 
  • Taking pictures of children: how to work with energetic subjects, what compositions are safest as well as poses and ideas to keep them engaged 
  • Taking pictures of groups: be it your friends, coworkers or clients- learn the best approaches for group photos so you can capture people looking their best 
  • Products: If you’re starting a business or selling your belongings online, a great picture goes a long way in helping a buyer choose your product 
  • Headshots or banner photos: learn techniques to get professional headshots or captivating banner photos for your social media or website 
  • How to work with natural light and control it in your favor, as well as inexpensive options to help improve your lighting quality 
 If you’re new to working with a professional camera, this class will give you the confidence to capture an image in any scenario with your expensive purchase. Make the most out of every situation by learning to compose, pose, direct and light your subjects.