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How to Transform a Photoshoot for $10 or Less

Brooke Shaden

How to Transform a Photoshoot for $10 or Less

Brooke Shaden

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Class Description

Learn how you can use image compositing and smart set design to create stunning images at an impressively low cost. In this class, Brooke Shaden will take you through a dozen different setups shot with props that cost $10 or less. She’ll share how she created unique images shooting in the same space with the the same model while producing drastically different results.

Brooke will inspire you to create unforgettable images on a modest budget.

Ratings and Reviews

a Creativelive Student

I thought this was well worth the money for the ideas -- she's a very creative and imaginative photographer, and she basically gives you inspiration and permission to experiment. Can't wait to try these ideas on some of my senior models. And yes, she was charming and adorable and was using a manual focus lens and she was joking she might need glasses because she had trouble finding focus. But the point of this class was not technical expertise (although I know she has it, even if her vision was failing her here) -- it was creative inspiration. Recommended, esp. if you are in a rut.

Rebecca Potter

Brooke is an awesome teacher, I love that she makes it feel achievable without having to have a professional budget. Love her classes!

Joanna Whitehead

I have purchased all but one video, which I will in the next week ..... With that said, I love her work, inspiration, ideas, and of coarse, now, her knowledge. She is an awesome artist with such talent!

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