Adobe® InDesign® Creative Cloud® for Beginners



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The Gap Tool, Color Swatch Basics, & Eye Dropper

Class Description

Adobe® InDesign® is the industry's go-to tool making for layouts that combine images and text. Learn the most efficient way to work with this indispensable software in Adobe® InDesign® Creative Cloud® for Beginners with Erica Gamet.

In this beginner-friendly class you’ll learn how to:

  • Navigate the Adobe® InDesign® Creative Cloud® workspace 
  • Work with text, images, and color
  • Export and Print
Erica will show you how to execute layouts that include text, graphic elements, and images. You’ll learn basic design skills you can use to create professional-looking magazine layouts, newsletters, flyers and more.

If you want to take charge of your graphic design, Adobe® InDesign® Creative Cloud® for Beginners with Erica Gamet will get you started.

Level: Beginner, No prior Adobe® InDesign® experience required. 

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Software Used: Adobe InDesign CC 2015.1